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Amazon chrome extensions help sellers to increase amount of sale.
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Amazon Sellers Chrome Extensions are a real game-changer for Amazon FBA sellers. If you want to run this type of business, you need to be both efficient and proficient in many selling areas. When you choose any item to sell on Amazon, you should calculate sales velocity and revenues and research to source products. There is a professional way for this, although it seems daunting. To become more effective and efficient, Google Chrome and its Chrome Extensions pack are very helpful.

Top Amazon Chrome Extensions in 2022

You can dig deep into the data of your competition with keyword volume and product research. However, by adding these tested and tried Chrome extensions, you may work smarter, not harder. Here, an in-depth look, as well as brief extension descriptions, are provided. Plus, their most popular features are explained.

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Some of the most essential Google Chrome extensions are listed below:

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

One of the extremely popular Amazon Sellers Chrome Extension is Jungle Scout. This tool is available in both extension format and web-app. What makes it quick and easy to use is its convenient extension interface to find the data you are looking for. Apart from the United States and Canada, Jungle Scout is compatible with Amazon’s marketplace in eight countries.

With their Chrome extension, users can conduct:

  • real-time sales data
  • product rank
  • Amazon keyword research
  • Revenue
  • and many more details

RevSeller Extension

Another favorite Amazon Sellers Chrome Extensions is RevSeller. When you want to find a potential following product idea, you can just open this extension within Amazon product pages. This user-friendly interface gives you all data needed to make quick decisions.

Revseller is one of the best extensions for Amazon sellers.

With a built-in Amazon FBA calculator, it is possible to break down below factors for your FBA business:

  • Price
  • referral fees
  • shipping costs
  • profit margin
  • ROI

In addition, a real-time calculation of the profitability of the listing is possible. Besides, sales rank, product dimensions, UPCs, and ASIN are shown in RevSeller. Its yearly charge is $99.99.

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AMZScout Pro Extension

Although product research is a tedious task, AMZScout makes it easy and pleasant as an Amazon Sellers Chrome Extension. Using this extension gives you access to FBA fee calculations to compare this cost vs. a Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) provider. With this trusted extension, you can see the tool’s priority score for each ASIN.

AMZScout returns the below information by typing your product idea:   

  • demand forecasts
  • profit estimates
  • stock levels
  • competitor analysis

Seller App Chrome Extension

The next Amazon Sellers Chrome Extension is Seller App, which you can increase Amazon sales with this tool. It is available in two versions, a web app and a Chrome extension. For conducting live research on future products, you can use this Chrome extension as you browse the online marketplace. The subscription fee is $ 149 per month, and you can use it for free for seven days.

Seller App chrome extension help you to increase sale.

Some of the fantastic features of this extension that help you have a successful business are:

  • Listing quantity alerts
  • Listing quality scores
  • Pricing, keyword tracking
  • FBA fee estimates
  • Buy box statics

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

This Amazon Sellers Chrome Extension is the answer to all of your needs, including searching for the best keywords for your products on Amazon. Using this extension makes you aware of how much stock your competitors hold and how they fulfill their orders. Downloading, analyzing, filtering of these data are provided by Helium 10. It is available free of charge.

This all-in-one extension is capable of

  • Analyzing demand
  • Finding suppliers for ASINs
  • Calculating profitability 

Keepa Chrome Extensions

One of the well-known Amazon price trackers is Keepa. Millions and millions of Amazon listings are monitored in the background by this Amazon seller chrome extension providing

  • Pricing data
  • Sales rank
with Keepa extension, sellers can track price of products.

In case any price drops on Amazon, it alerts you. Keepa is the best choice to predict future trends if you want access to detailed pricing history charts. They are beneficial for online arbitrage deals. You can try a free trial and pay for complete data $18 monthly.

Camelizer Chrome Extension

An excellent analytical Amazon Sellers Chrome Extension is The Camelizer. Amazon FBA sellers can be notified by email and Twitter about

  • Price fluctuation of their competitors
  • Extensive history for listing price data

For growing the FBA businesses, this extension is free and is highly recommended.

AMZ Base Extension for Keyword Research

AMZ Base is a vital Amazon seller chrome extension for product searching. The listing information on Amazon against other online marketplaces is checked quickly by this tool.

AMZ Base chrome extension is the best tool for product searching in Amazon.

It can cross-reference products on Amazon and eBay as well. This Chrome extension has many features, such as

  • Product sourcing information
  • ASIN number display
  • FBA calculator

All of these essential data help you improve efficiency for an online arbitrage sourcing list.

DS Amazon Quick View Extension for Competitor Analysis

With free-to-use DS Amazon Chrome extension, you get quick access to:

  • Number of FBA sellers
  • ASIN
  • Product’s sales rank
  • BSR
  • Search ranking

These data appear as you hover over the listing. It has two versions, free and extended; the latter costs $19.99. If you upgrade to an extended version, you will have additional access to better sorting and filtering abilities and interactive Keepa graphs.

AmazeOwl Chrome Extension for FBA Research

You should never limit your product research to Amazon so that AmazeOwl could be very handy for you. Even without leaving Amazon, you can have powerful product research that is very critical for your FBA business.

AmazeOwl is one of the best tools for Amazon product research.

What is making AmazeOwl incredibly user-friendly is

  • Hover information
  • Easy-to-understand color coding
  • One-click functionality

There is a “Market Analysis” button that gives you more detailed information. For highlighting data that matches your product criteria, this button generates a table. Apart from Canada, the US, UK, eight other marketplaces are compatible with Amaze Owl.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

Viral Launch Amazon Seller Chrome Extension could be attractive for you if you are looking for in-depth Amazon analytical data. This market intelligence tool is designed in such a way that it helps you to find available lucrative products on Amazon. Other attributes that are accessible to users:

  • Past sales
  • Pricing history
  • Revenue data
  • Many other data

Amazon Assistant for Chrome

A legitimate Amazon Seller Chrome Extension is Amazon Assistant that provides the best offers from Amazon.

Amazon assistant is useful tool between Amazon sellers.

Technically, this tool is to improve the shopping experience. In addition to chrome, this extension is also available for Firefox, Edge, Opera browsers. The main purposes of the Amazon Assistant extension are

  • Price comparison
  • Alert you if the price change on Amazon

Honey Chrome Extension

One of the fan-favorite Amazon Seller Chrome Extension is Honey. However, it is not designed specifically for Amazon sellers, and it is widely known for both personal use and business. It is always noteworthy to find unexpected deals and discounts on your inventory, which help you to increase your margins. Before applying the most beneficial codes, Honey performs real-time testing below factors which is very valuable for sourcing:

  • All promo codes
  • Available coupons

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

For those who want to become Amazon FBA sellers, there is no doubt that this is one of the greatest tools. Generally, buyers find their products on the Amazon marketplace through keyword searching.

Amazon FBA keyword tool is the Amazon's official extension for sellers.

By using Amazon FBA Keyword Tool for each keyword, it is possible to

  • Find relevant keywords
  • Estimate search volumes

Unicorn Smasher

If you are looking for a free all-in-one Amazon Seller Chrome Extension, Unicorn Smasher is available for you. It is convenient for new FBA sellers for product searching. With its integrated dashboard, it collects

  • Sales ranks
  • Reviews
  • Competitors’ prices
  • Ratings
  • Projected sales velocities

Besides, one of the hassle-free methods to source your products is purchasing online arbitrage leads.

AMZ Seller Browser Extension

The last entry on our Amazon Seller Chrome Extension list is AMZ Seller. Without using the special tools, product searching on Amazon can be extremely time-consuming. One of the Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions explicitly designed for product research is the AMZ Seller Browser extension.

AMZ seller browser extension is designed to product research for Amazon sellers

It helps Amazon sellers to find profitable products to sell. The attributes which are available with this extension are

  • Price history
  • Keyword ranking

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Final Thought

The most cost-effective tools which are available at an Amazon seller’s disposal are Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions. Most of them are free. They help you to optimize your product research. You can perform fee structuring, sales forecasting, keyword analysis, and competitor research with different Chrome extensions. With the help of these value-packed tools, growing your Amazon business has never been easier.

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