Frequently Asked Questions

OABeans Questions

OABeans is an online arbitrage deals service provider. Our team is a combination of professional experts in different fields, from experienced sellers to code programmers, all are trying to meet the sellers’ expectations and provide the best deals for online arbitrage.

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OABeans offers 100% ungated leads that are designed for newbies in Fayot list. If you are a professional seller and look for more competitive categories and items, OABeans’ Pinto, Toys & Pet, Adzuki, Beanstalk, Lima or Navy lists includes both gated and ungated items.

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Depends on the list, OABeans sends 100-200 Amazon FBA arbitrage leads per month, which on average, have 65%-75% ROI and $10-$14 net profit.

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OABeans’ Adzuki list groups are sent to maximum 10 sellers. Fayot, Pinto and Toys list groups are sent to 25 people. Lima list groups have 20 and Navy list have 5 seats.

General FBA Questions

You can track your order if you have Amazon shipping and tracking numbers that have TBA from the below link:

  • the “x” is the tracking number

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Sometimes it means that you are not allowed to sell this item. However, it could be because of an internal issue.

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For listing your items on Amazon, you will need UPC unless you are a registered brand on Amazon. You also need FNSKU labels if you want to use the FBA service.

If you need UPCs, you can buy them on the bay.

Legit GS1 registered barcodes are sold Leading Edge Bar Codes in lots. No issue is reported by the sellers who used them.

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When United Parcel Service, UPS, collaborates with United States Postal Service, USPS, to deliver your package, it is called UPS Mail Innovation (UPSM). UPS picks up the parcel in real or virtually, then transfers it to USPS for delivery.

Amazon Account Health Questions

Various sources provide negative experiences for Amazon, as product reviews, customers’ feedbacks, and comments with FBA return. It seems that Amazon compiles the complaints from sending messages from the customers too.

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It means that Amazon temporarily deactivates your account and removes your listing.

While we work with you to address this issue, the fund will not be transferred to your account, but it will be held there. To avoid further impact on your account, you must ship any open orders.

            Why is this happening?

This will happen if you manipulate your sales and violate one or more of the below policies:

  • Misuse of Search and Browse
  • Misuse of Ratings, Feedback, or Reviews
  • Misuse of Sales Rank

How do I reactivate my account?

Here, we explain to you how to reactivate your account by following these steps:

  • Describe the main cause(s) of Search and Browse & Sales Rank violation
  • Describe how you want to resolve the policies violation
  • Describe how you want to avoid repeating this violation in future

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If you sell in large volume, bots treat you differently. Actually, if you check the feedbacks on September and before, it is mostly 4-5 stars, and it has a few negative feedbacks. But from then, suddenly all feedbacks become negative, that most of them are repetitive with bad typos and are written in broken English by different buyers. It seems that a competitor or a bot is trying to remove this account. Accordingly, the account owner is discussing with Amazon to fix this problem.

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The fishing expedition may produce this email. It’s weird how someone might have known that you have a seller metric account and wants to deactivate it.

It is disappointing that Amazon doesn’t have a PHONE NUMBER that third-party sellers can consult them about these kinds of problems that could affect their business.

Order Management & Shipping Questions

That means that the package left the Post Office (PO) of the destination, and it is moving around somewhere between there and the buyer’s mailing address.

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In a secure neighborhood, the postman leaves the package. A slip is left most of the time asking to come to Post Office to pick the package. If the apartment has a larger mailbox in front of the building, and the postman can find his key in the small mailbox, he can put the package there.

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It means the USPO finds out where the package is expected to be delivered, and they will forward it there.

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It is not possible to un-cancel an order, but you can send a message to the buyer. Check the canceled order, the name of the buyer is greyed out, but you can still click on it and send a message. At first, apologize, and then ask the buyer to place his order again after you have confirmed that you have successfully relisted the item.

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It means the postman was at the buyer’s door, but nobody was there to sign for the package. The buyer can find a note by his door from the postman, which is described that it will be another delivery attempted.

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The Post Office will not help you. Unlike postal carriers that the postman would say he delivered them to the wrong address, in this case, he doesn’t even remember the package because every day, thousands of packages are delivered. Obviously, the post office claims they did their job well and gave them to the correct address.

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You cannot modify the order price once the order is submitted. It is a compulsory agreement between you and the buyer. If the buyer wishes to receive the product earlier, S/he should choose the below option:

  • Select to cancel the order at the buyers’ request/approval. Then it is possible to order a faster shipping service, with different cost.

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In fact, “Pending Orders” are not shown on the “Your Order” page. At the top of “Seller Central,” click on “Orders.” As the page loads, look for the “Advanced Search” link in the top blue bar and click. There is a box next to the “Include Pending Orders,” check this box. After that, click on “Search.” “Pending” orders must be visible now.

If you click on the checkbox next to the ‘Make this my default order view’ placed above the left, you will always see pending orders.

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