Decoding the Lead Generation Process: How Does OABeans Find the Leads?

Lead generation process of OABeans company.
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In the ever-expanding and dynamic world of Amazon online arbitrage, sellers need innovative and efficient product-sourcing methods to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success. One of these methods is purchasing the sourcing lists compiled and handpicked by companies such as OABeans. Despite the growing popularity of OA sourcing lists and pre-prepared leads, finding and assessing the leads is unclear to some sellers. Therefore, they may assume these lists are unreliable or risky and not worth purchasing. As one of the OA sourcing list providers, we have decided to delve deep into the lead generation process. By the end of this article, you will know why OABeans' leads are reliable and what sets them apart from similar companies, so keep reading to find out more!

Overcoming Sourcing Struggles in Amazon Reselling

Sourcing is one of the primary struggles Amazon OA sellers – both beginner and expert – face. But why is sourcing so crucial in online arbitrage? First, the quality and competition of the sourced products can significantly impact sellers’ profit margins. High competition is one of the main challenges of leads generated using popular sourcing software and prominent retailers like Walmart or Target. These leads are accessed and used by countless sellers, which dramatically increases competition, potentially reducing the profit margin for everyone.

In addition, some companies focus on the quantity of the leads, not analyzing and evaluating them enough to ensure quality. After years of experience in the field and helping thousands of sellers, OABeans recognizes these challenges and has taken a unique approach to lead generation that aims to resolve them.

Dispelling Misconceptions About Lead Generation

Since the lead generation process is unclear to most sellers, several misconceptions surround it. Many Amazon sellers believe that lead generation companies rely only on popular sourcing software or conventional virtual assistants (VAs) to generate leads. However, this is not entirely accurate.
While some companies may use this method, OABeans has developed an innovative and unique approach. At OABeans, the lead generation process is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and human expertise. It is designed to address the prevalent misconceptions in the industry and try to solve them. This is what sets OABeans’ leads apart from other companies.
Although OABeans uses some specific software for sourcing leads, this makes up for a tiny part of the lead generation process – about 10% of it.

OABeans’ Unique Lead Generation: Machine Learning Meets Expertise

OABeans leads are generated by machine learning.

The lead generation process at OABeans comes from years of experience, careful design, and innovation. Here at OABeans, we have developed our own machine-learning software that scans various marketplaces to generate high-quality leads, sifting through the noise and competition that sellers face when sourcing manually. This software is a result of years of feedback gathered from customers, and this is a continuous process, meaning that the software keeps getting refined and improving in quality.

But this is not all – instead of using conventional VAs, OABeans has an expert team of full-time employees working with this advanced software, further refining the leads and ensuring quality. The team managers are also seasoned professionals in online arbitrage lead selection and analysis. They train and manage the team members and oversee the lead generation process, providing an extra level of quality assurance. This seamless integration of technology and human expertise forms the core of OABeans’ lead generation process.

OABeans’ Secret Sauce: Sourcing from Less Commonly Used Vendors

One of the main features that sets OABeans apart from similar service providers is our unique approach to sourcing. Instead of depending on widely used sources like Walmart or Target, we provide leads from less popular but equally reputable vendors. Since OABeans’ sources are not scanned and used by any sourcing software, the competition is reduced because the leads are available to a limited number of sellers.
Additionally, sourcing from lesser-known vendors provides a broader range of products, extending opportunities and increasing the possibilities for profit. This unique approach, coupled with the seamless integration of advanced software and human expertise, makes OABeans’ leads high-quality and reliable.

OABeans’ Quality Assurance: Our Lead Selection Process

At OABeans, quality isn’t just a word; it’s a promise that must be delivered. Therefore, we have designed and implemented a rigorous lead selection process to ensure the leads meet our and the sellers’ quality standards.
Our expert team utilizes various tools like Keepa for checking price history and others for verifying rank, IP complaints, etc. After careful analysis and checking against multiple criteria, they handpick and curate the leads lists using these tools, meaning that software does not generate the leads. Moreover, this means that a significant portion of the sourcing is done for you, making the whole process easier and adding additional value to the services provided while maintaining a human touch.
These experts are led and guided by team managers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in OA lead generation and analysis. With the combined use of advanced tools and expert oversight, we ensure that the leads we deliver are of the highest quality and can help Amazon sellers succeed.

Final Thoughts

Online arbitrage leads are the secret sauce that can help sellers unlock the full potential of the Amazon marketplace. By leveraging these leads, sellers can uncover hidden gems they might have missed. Furthermore, it eliminates the time-consuming sourcing process, allowing sellers to focus on the more critical aspects of their businesses.
The combination of advanced technology and human expertise sets OABeans apart from other sourcing list providers. At OABeans, each lead is carefully analyzed and handpicked to ensure quality. You can sign up for our trial period to test our leads and see for yourself – all without losing any money in the process!

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