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Amazon FBA
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Amazon FBA Profit Calculator

How our Calculator Works?

Approximately 40% of newbie Amazon sellers lose money and fail, because they don’t know about the hidden costs and their true profit.

By use of OABeans Free FBA Revenue Calculator, both the newbie and professional Amazon sellers could have information about FBA cost, Amazon referral fees, Storage fees, Landed cost, Total profit and Total profit margin.


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What does Amazon FBA Calculator do?

If you want to start your professional Amazon FBA business, you need to know about the types of expenses you will pay and the profit you will receive at the end.

But don’t worry. FBA Calculator is supposed to help you accurately update the cost of the products you want to sell and calculate your profit.

Nothing is missed! Fulfillment Cost, Referral Fees, Storage Fees and Cost of Goods are all designed to help you extract costs and benefits step by step!

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