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Online arbitrage is legal in most of the countries,
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Before starting this business, you may be asking yourself, "is online arbitrage legal on Amazon"? Fortunately, the answer to this question is "Yes", but like other businesses, the online arbitrage legality can be affected by a few problems. Generally, online arbitrage is more hassle-free than retail arbitrage, and if you consider several simple steps, it's less likely to face serious problems. In this article, we outline the ways you need to avoid not get recognized as an illegal seller.

What is Online Arbitrage?

Online Arbitrage, or in the short term OA, is purchasing products from online retailers at a low price and reselling them in another marketplace, such as Amazon, at a higher price. This difference in prices lets resellers make a good profit. In this product sourcing method, sellers don’t have direct dealing with suppliers.

The cost and the return on investment (ROI) affect the profit margin, so it is crucial. Typically, sellers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Lowe’s, use online platforms to source their products. This method is trendy as you don’t need to leave your home’s comfort.


Is Online Arbitrage Legit?

Many people are making money through Online Arbitrage; for example, over 2 million third-party sellers worldwide are working on Amazon, and most plan to expand their business. So, this business is legit and well-known across the world. But there are some grey areas.


Ways to Avoid Trouble When Selling Online Arbitrage On Amazon

Buying and selling goods for a profit is legal in the US and encouraged because it causes market efficiency. But there are some grey areas. In this article, we focus on the legal problems that you may face and suggest ways to protect your business. We have a handful of guides on our blog if you want to start an online arbitrage business or need more information about online arbitrage.

As long as you buy a product legally, you can sell it again without changing the product’s condition. If you want to resell a “NEW” product, you must resell it as new, unused.


Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit Products on Amazon

Amazon will ask you to submit your invoices for the random products to assure you are a valid seller. So, getting the receipt when you purchase the items is advisable. Because if you cannot submit the required proofs, you can’t make Amazon sure that your purchase was legal and get suspended. Sourcing counterfeit products is a huge danger for your business and can lead to losing your Amazon account or other worse legal consequences. Don’t forget to avoid any counterfeit products.

But online arbitrage legality doesn’t guarantee easy, headache-free selling.


Restricted Brands, Categories, or ASINs

Products that are prohibited on Amazon.

Selling some brands, categories, or ASINs is only possible for authorized sellers. For example, you’re not allowed to sell in the book category. If you sell the books in another category, like home, it’s considered illegal and may lead to getting suspended. Don’t try to circumvent the laws.

If you need to sell banned products, you need to go through an approval process to be authorized. Also, read the list of ungated brands on amazon to get fully informed on what’s allowed and what’s not.


IP Complaint

Another warning that you might receive is an Amazon IP complaint. For you to receive an ip complaint amazon must have seen suspicious activity on your account, such as violationg the trademark. This is when the brand owner can contact Amazon and file a complaint against you for ignoring their intellectual property. The best way to avoid IP complaints is not to sell brands known to issue IP Claims, even if you are approved to sell them.

Notice that every platform has its terms and conditions. Also, selling some products to some territories/countries can be illegal. Before selling your goods to other countries, check the rules.

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OABeanshelps you get through one of the most critical parts of online arbitrage: product sourcing. When you start an Amazon business, you must constantly review the items in online discount shops and find good deals. OABeans lists include daily, updated deals with purchase links. You can choose from different subscriptions (based on your needs) and start your business with as little as $99 per month. 

Final Thought

Buying and reselling products is legal as long as you purchase the products legally and avoid counterfeiting. Although online arbitrage and retail arbitrage are legal, selling the items can have the headaches like banned brands or IP complaints. To stay away from this grey area, it’s enough to consider several simple steps. If you wanna know more about online arbitrage sourcing lists & deals, follow OABeans website’s blog.



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