What Every Amazon Seller Needs to Know about Amazon IP Complaints? +Action Plan

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Since 2017, Amazon sellers have noticed a new claim on their accounts: Amazon intellectual property complaints. If you received such an alert, you would rather read this article than refer to the Amazon sellers-related forums! Because the forums can make you scared a lot! So, in this guidance in the first step, we explain what an IP complaint is and how to avoid getting Amazon intellectual property complaints. Then we discuss how you can handle them if you have received such claims
IP Complaint infringement on Amazon

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What Is Amazon IP Complaint?

If you violate any intellectual right, the brand owner can contact Amazon and file a complaint against you for ignoring their intellectual property.

Intellectual property is broken down into 3 types:

  1. Trademarks: it is used to protect the name, symbol, or design of a brand that is used to identify goods or services.

  2. Copyrights: it is the legal protection of authorship

  3. Patents: it is used to protects inventions.

It is more likely you have violated the first two rights if you received an Amazon intellectual property complaint as an arbitrager.

For the brand owners, it is very easy to file an IP complaint on an ASIN that is usually abused. These claims are not always valid. Sometimes brand owners or other competitors use this dirty trick to shut down your account and decrease the competition and keep the prices high.

Regardless of the problems of the system, we have to handle this issue and protect our business against such claims.

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Valid vs Invalid IP Claim

You can find valid Amazon intellectual property complaints in two places:

  1. In an email from Amazon. The subject of this email may include this sentence: “Notice: Policy Warning”
  2. In your Performance Notifications in Seller Central.

You don’t need to answer any claim that is sent by the buyers or any other email adresses but Amazon. You can report such messages to Amazon as well.

Does IP Claim Have a Bad Effect On My Account Health?

The most stressful point about receiving IP complaints is getting suspended. If it is the first time that you receive such a claim, Amazon won’t suspend your account entirely. But it might suspend you from selling that specific ASIN.

If receiving IP complaints is repeated several times, the risk of suspension will be high. So, make sure that you respond to the legitimate claims properly.

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How to Respond to Intellectual Property Claims Properly? [Action Plan]

Amazon needs to see you take the claims seriously. So, in the first-place contact with the right owners. Their contact details should be in the IP claim. Try to understand the basis of their complaint. Sometimes the complaint is mistaken or not accurate.

Once you understood how you violated their intellectual property, you can assure them you are not going to violate rights or even you will remove your listings of the affected ASINs. We hope that they accept it and issue a retraction with Amazon.

Sometimes no one responds to your email. It’s better to send another email within 24-48 hours. In this way, you can show Amazon that you took the complaint seriously but the brand owner wasn’t available. You need to show Amazon you are trying to do the right thing.

If the right owner won’t issue a retraction, you can contact Amazon directly and explain the current condition. It’s better to try to remove an IP claim from your account.

Don’t forget to attach your invoices to your email. Also, you can remove those ASINs and let Amazon know. It helps them remove the claim from your account faster.

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How to Avoid IP Claims?

Complaint on Amazon

The first and the best way of prevention is to not sell brands that are known to issue IP Claims even if you are approved to sell them.

If I want to be clear I should say there is no official list of the brands that file an IP claim against you if you sell their products. It was better if these brands were registered as restricted brands and didn’t put the seller’s business at risk by false IP claims. But it is what it is today!

If you want to know about these brands, you can ask other sellers in Facebook groups. I’m sure you can find generous sellers who share their knowledge.

Some extensions can help you and send an alert about these troublesome brands.

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Final Thoughts

Even a little knowledge about IP claims can help you to protect your account a lot. If you are in a condition that you want to prevent future IP claims so these points will help you a lot.

But if you have received an IP complaint, don’t be scared. Just follow the steps mentioned above and don’t forget to take the valid claims seriously. Not responding to legitimate complaints can have very bad consequences for your business.

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The article was good, thank you
I had ip restrictions many times and I did not know the reason. By reading this article, I realized the reasons for my being banned

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