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Keepa Reviews
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Starting your online arbitrage adventure on Amazon can feel overwhelming, especially when trying to find profitable items. Whether you're searching for toys or seasonal goodies like Christmas presents, it can be a real challenge. That's where Keepa comes in handy. In this Keepa reviews article, we'll show you how this tool can make your selling experience easier. If you're tired of spending too much time searching for profitable items, Keepa might be just what you need.
Keepa helps you keep track of prices and inventory levels, making it a must-have tool for anyone in the game. Join us as we break down Keepa, explaining what it does, its features, and how it can help you succeed on Amazon.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a valuable subscription service designed to assist Amazon sellers by providing access to crucial product sales data. This tool offers insightful analysis that helps users make informed decisions before purchasing items. With Keepa, users can easily assess a product’s sales rank history, enabling them to identify potential deals from retailers and determine profitability within seconds.

One of Keepa’s standout features according to Keepa reviews is its browser extension, which seamlessly integrates with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This extension serves as a powerful tool for Amazon sellers, offering access to information not readily available on the Amazon platform. Users can access valuable data such as historical sales ranks and average sales ranks, essential for online arbitrage.

Keepa doesn’t stop at sales rank data; it also provides a comprehensive price history for every item listed on Amazon. This feature empowers sellers to track price fluctuations and identify trends, helping them make strategic decisions about their inventory.

Is Keepa Free?

While some of Keepa’s premium features are no longer accessible in the free plan, users can still enjoy certain basic functionalities free of charge. Keepa offers an introductory plan that provides limited features and allows tracking of up to 5000 ASINs per user at no cost. 

If users find the service satisfactory and wish to access more advanced features, they have two payment options available: a monthly subscription priced at $19 or an annual subscription billed at $228. Keepa reviews mention that this is very affordable compared to other tools and software. 

Keepa Features

Keepa Features

Keepa’s features are organized into three main sections: Deals, Data, and Track. Additionally, the company offers a browser add-on for easy product lookup while browsing Amazon. Let’s delve into each area to understand its primary functions.

Keepa Deals

Deals serve as a database for researching products currently on sale on Amazon. Users can input search queries and receive a list of matching products along with their average price, current price, and discount percentage. 

Clicking on a product provides access to historical sales data, showcasing price fluctuations over time. The interface offers various filters for sorting by price range, drop range, minimum rating, category, and deal type. 

Keepa Data

Keepa Data functions as a dashboard for Amazon product research, offering several key features that were mentioned in Keepa reviews:

  • Product Viewer: Allows users to upload a list of Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN) to access sales rank, price decrease rating, and other product data. Clicking on a product provides access to the Keepa Chart, displaying price changes over time.
  • Product Best Sellers: Displays Amazon’s top-selling products by category, providing valuable insights for product research.
  • Top Seller List: Offers a list of Amazon’s top sellers, allowing users to analyze seller ratings, total reviews, verified listings, and major product categories.
  • Category Tree: Provides a comprehensive list of Amazon product categories and subcategories, facilitating efficient product investigation. 

Check out our article on how to use Keepa for smart OA purchases to use this tool more efficiently! 

Keepa Track

Keepa Track enables users to monitor price changes on Amazon and set up price alerts for specific items of interest. Users can receive email notifications when the price of a tracked item changes. To set up alerts, users can either find the product in the Deals database or upload it to the Product Viewer. Additionally, users with the Keepa Firefox or Chrome extension can set up alerts directly on Amazon.

Keepa Chrome Extension

Keepa Chrome Extension

The Keepa Chrome Extension is a browser plug-in compatible with popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This extension enhances the Amazon shopping experience by displaying price history graphs directly on Amazon product pages. If you don’t know how to check price history in online arbitrage, make sure to read up on this subject. 

Users can track pricing by copying and pasting the product link into the Keepa dashboard, where they can view price trends over weeks, months, and years. The extension also allows users to set up price drop notifications for added convenience. 

Pros & Cons of Keepa 

Although Keepa is considered one of the most essential tools in Keepa reviews, it also has some challenges. We’ll find out more about Keepa’s pros and cons below: 


  • Increased Chance of Finding Deals: Keepa’s advanced filtering options streamline your product search, increasing your chances of finding relevant discounts tailored to your Amazon business needs. By focusing on specific criteria, you save time and ensure that pursued offers align with your requirements.
  • Access to Relevant Data: Keepa provides essential data such as buy box price, price drops, and sales rank, helping you filter out products that don’t meet your criteria. The availability of data simplifies deal analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Graphical Insights: Keepa’s graph feature offers valuable insights into past data, aiding in decision-making by providing a visual representation of product price history. This feature allows for quick assessment of potential deals, enhancing efficiency in deal evaluation.


  • Additional Costs: While the Chrome extension is free, accessing the full range of Keepa’s features requires a paid subscription. Investing in a subscription allows you to utilize Keepa’s full potential, enhancing decision-making and maximizing success as an Amazon seller.
  • Data Overload: For beginners, the abundance of data presented by Keepa may initially feel overwhelming. However, users mention in Keepa reviews that investing time in learning and familiarizing yourself with Keepa’s features can help overcome this challenge. Use resources like tutorials and informative articles to enhance your understanding and make the most of Keepa.

Best Free & Paid Alternatives to Keepa

Alternatives for Keepa

Looking into Keepa alternatives can provide Amazon sellers with various perspectives, features, or pricing structures that may better match their specific requirements. Below are five notable alternatives to Keepa, according to Keepa reviews: 

1. CamelCamelCamel (Free) 

Known for its comprehensive price tracking and history charts, CamelCamelCamel is a user-friendly tool for monitoring price changes on Amazon products. It provides price drop alerts and history graphs, ideal for those who focus on price history for purchasing decisions. You can check out our CamelCamelCamel reviews to learn more about this tool. 

2. AMZScout (Paid)

Offers a suite of tools including a product database, keyword tracker, and sales estimator. The AMZScout Chrome extension provides real-time data on sales estimates, competitive analysis, and profitability calculations, suitable for sellers needing comprehensive research and market insights. If you want to learn more about this tool and its features, you can check out our AMZScout reviews

3. Viral Launch (Paid)

Provides market intelligence, product discovery, and keyword research tools. Viral Launch offers insights into market trends, sales estimates, and product performance metrics, ideal for sellers launching new products.

4. AMZBase (Free)

A free tool for obtaining ASIN numbers and descriptions quickly. AMZBase also allows comparison shopping and assessing potential profitability, perfect for sellers conducting preliminary research efficiently, especially those with limited budgets.

5. BuyBotPro (Paid)

A comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers offering features such as product analysis, profit calculations, and inventory management. BuyBotPro helps sellers make informed decisions by providing insights into product profitability and market trends, making it suitable for optimizing product listings and maximizing profitability on Amazon. Reading BuyBotPro reviews is a great way to learn more about how this tool works. 

OABeans’ Sourcing Lists; a Great Addition to Keepa! 

Keepa is a must-have tool for online arbitrage sellers because it provides crucial data that helps sellers make informed decisions. However, there is one more tool that can help sellers reduce the time required for sourcing products significantly: OABeans’ online arbitrage sourcing lists!

By purchasing these lists, you will receive 4-10 online arbitrage leads every day. Although the leads are already checked against various criteria and tested by experts, you can use Keepa to check them yourself and ensure profitability. This is a winning combination for budget-conscious sellers who want to spend less time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks like sourcing products. 

Top of Form

Final Thoughts 

By reading Keepa reviews, we find out Keepa is an essential tool for anyone selling on Amazon. It provides valuable insights into pricing, sales history, and competitor activity, helping sellers make smarter decisions. Whether you’re just starting or have been selling for a while, integrating Keepa into your strategy can lead to increased sales and success on the platform. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage this powerful tool for your Amazon business!

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  1. With over a decade of e-commerce experience, Keepa significantly boosted my Amazon business within just five days, leading to thousands in sales. I highly recommend it for new sellers.

  2. As a shopper, you can use it without cost to monitor numerous products and receive notifications when your target price is met. As a vendor, you gain access to extensive data and beyond, to manage a thriving business. Keepa allows you to track all crucial information and your competitors (pun intended).

  3. With Amazon’s seamless payment and secure transaction system, you can feel confident conducting online arbitrage transactions without worrying about scams or fraud.

  4. Retail arbitrage on Amazon offers a low barrier to entry, allowing sellers to start their business with minimal upfront investment and gradually reinvest profits for growth.

  5. The data-driven insights provided by Amazon help you identify profitable products, optimize pricing strategies, and capitalize on market trends.

  6. Amazon’s sponsored advertising programs, such as Sponsored Products, can help boost the visibility of your listings and drive targeted traffic to your products.

  7. The Amazon marketplace offers a seamless shopping experience for buyers, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases from resellers.

  8. The seller tools and analytics provided by Amazon make it easier for resellers to track sales, monitor performance, and optimize their strategies.

  9. Online arbitrage on Amazon provides a flexible business model, allowing you to work at your own pace and scale your operations as desired.

  10. Amazon retail arbitrage offers a unique blend of entrepreneurship and treasure hunting. With dedication and persistence, it can be a lucrative and fulfilling business venture.

  11. Amazon’s seller forums and communities provide a supportive network of resellers, where you can share knowledge, seek advice, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

  12. The Amazon FBA business model offers a low barrier to entry, making it accessible to entrepreneurs and individuals looking to start their own e-commerce ventures.

  13. Selling on Amazon provides resellers with a level playing field, where success is determined by product quality and customer satisfaction.

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