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Amazon product bundle guide
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Millions of people buy mobile phones, home goods, clothes, or even daily grocery needs from online marketplaces. There are ways for shop owners to encourage buyers to buy faster and more: Discounts, offers, free shipping, and, of course, bundles. Making bundles of products can raise sales on any platform, including Amazon. Amazon Bundles attract more customers and will encourage them to buy more items. The competition (even in bundle listings) is tough, but making profits is possible.

Amazon bundles are packages that allow sellers and buyers to buy more items at reasonable prices. This guide will tell you about Amazon Product Bundle Listing and how it can help you grow your business on Amazon.

What is an Amazon Product Bundle?

A Bundle on Amazon is a pre-packaged kit made of complementary products that make a listing together. The products can vary, but they create a bundle or package “together.” Imagine a nail grooming kit (usually consisting of nail polish, nail oil, brushes, etc.). All the items in this package are meant for one purpose: caring for your nails. All of them together in the form of Amazon bundles give you “value” and “convenience,” two things that attract customers to any online purchase.

Cosmetic product bundle on Amazon market place

Giving the buyers the option to save time and money (buying a package instead of 4 single items) can boost your sales and help you grow the business quickly. Customers will remember you as the shop with boxes and return them to you for later purchases.

Pros & Cons of Selling Bundle Products

Bundling on Amazon helps your sales, but you should do it realistically. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of selling products in a bundle:


  • More control over pricing: the price of the items you pack in a kit is almost entirely up to you. You can make more profits (even small ones) by having a say in price setting.
  • Easier sourcing: since bundled products are small and affordable, you have more sourcing options.
  • Standing out: Bundle Listing on Amazon helps you stand out from the rest of the competitors. Many sellers may sell the same items, but making a unique kit can be your job.


  • More time-consuming: making a package requires a little more time than regular reselling (or even selling). You must find complementary products, create a package, buy UPC, etc. There is no guarantee that the customers will see the final kit as attractive.
  • New listings: making a Bundle Listing on Amazon means making everything from scratch. You’ll have to earn reviews on a brand-new package with no history or previous reviews.
  • Approval and requirements: some brands require you to be approved as a seller to resell their products in a bundle. This can take time and energy, which is challenging for beginners.

How to Find & Create Bundle Listing on Amazon?

Man is looking for a new bundle listing on Amazon.

The first thing you need to do when searching for bundle products is get to know the customer’s perspective. What are customers craving nowadays? What products are trendy?

Bundles work best when you combine items that are often purchased together (like bath salts and soaps). Customers buy products that complement each other and can meet a need. You can find the products for your bundle in physical stores, online shops, or even Amazon itself.

As we said, each bundle on Amazon is a new listing, meaning you can only combine one listing to make it. In Amazon’s eyes, the entire bundle is a single item and needs a unique ASIN/UPC. To fix this issue and list your bundle on Amazon, simply follow these steps: 

  • Submit a GTIN exemption in your seller central to create a listing without a new UPC. You can do this through Seller Central in the “inventory” section. The requests are approved pretty fast. 
  • In your Seller Central, click on “create a new listing.” Now you can do everything you would typically do in a listing.

How to Create Your Custom Bundle on Amazon?

Amazon Bundles can be anything, from self-care soap and shampoo boxes to books and notebooks. You can make a bundle with your chosen products and then list it on Amazon. Here are the steps

  1. Select the products: add the products you want to the bundle and create a package. The items are usually less than ten and go well together.
  2. Name the bundle: create a title defining the primary purpose of your package. If it consists of healthy snacks for school-age kids, “Maria’s healthy snacks” can be a good option.
  3. Package the bundle: customers expect a bundle to be more than a few items shoved in a cardboard box. Get creative in your packing and add shredded paper, bubble wrap, a personal thank you note, etc.
  4. Price the bundle: this can be tricky since you must balance affordability and profitability. Set a good price for the customer and helps you make money. For example, if the packaging and shipping cost 20 $ for you, 41 $ is a reasonable starting price.
  5. Create the listing: this is the final and most crucial step. Ensure the images are good, the description is detailed and complete, and the listing is complete. A complete product page will help you get better reviews and increase your Amazon rank.

Examples of Amazon Bundles

Here are a few examples of Bundle Listings on Amazon that can give you an idea for your business:

  • Fuji film Instax Bundle: This bundle comprises a polaroid camera, a film pack, and a photo holder. The items complement each other and are helpful for photography lovers.
Fujifilm camera Amazon bundle
  • Kura skincare pack: this box is made from a few items essential for skin care. The packaging is simple, and you can find a small printed guide.
Rose war panty power Amazon bundle
  • Rose War Panty Power: this is a care box for that special time of the month. It comprises sanitary pads, healthy snacks, essential oils, and massage tools.
Cosmetic product brands bundle on Amazon.

Selling Wholesale Bundles on Amazon

This unique approach to selling wholesale products is easier than creating, sourcing products to sell on amazon, and launching them as a new bundle. Also, if you are already a wholesale seller, creating bundles can be an excellent way to stand out from competitors. Let’s first find out what wholesale is. Selling wholesale is identifying a brand already selling well on Amazon and then reselling its products on Amazon. If, for example, you wanted to sell a single box of Nivea creams, you’d have to sell it under one listing, competing with a bunch of other sellers. However, by bundling complementary products, you will have a specific listing that “only you” are selling. This means zero competition.

now that you know the definition, learn how to sell wholesale on amazon.

How to Create a Bundle Price?

Like other listings on Amazon, a bundle product can be priced by you as the seller. In pricing, you can use the help of analytics tools and customer data. These help you benefit from the data from previous sales, customer behavior, and price history. You should also consider your profit margin and balance it in a way that is both good for you and affordable for the customer; after all, you want to save money! Imagine you have put together a headphone and charger package with these costs:

  • Products: 40$
  • Packaging: 5$
  • Shipping: 11$

The total is 56$, and the final price should be higher to profit. You can set the bundle price anywhere between 70$ and 90$.

Armed with info from your previous sales and new ideas for pricing, you will be able to present buyers with their desired items and gather data about what they’ll likely want to buy down the line.

What is Amazon Virtual Bundle?

Amazon virtual bundle is a tool that lets brand owners combine their FBA ASINs into a single listing “virtually.” Instead of having to physically package the items into bundles and reship them to FBA warehouses, you can combine their ASINs through seller central. It’s fast (takes a few minutes) and doesn’t require as much knowledge. These virtual bundles are more convenient for the buyers and sellers to increase their average order value too. 

Monitor your sales and notice the products that are frequently bought together. Virtually bundling them together makes the purchase easier for customers, and they will likely buy them from you (as opposed to buying them one by one from other sellers).

How to Make Money from Online Arbitrage Via Bundle Products?

You can add bundles to your online arbitrage business and make more money.  Bundling items on Amazon works for all types of sellers, including online arbitragers. Look for items you can buy from other online marketplaces or those already bundled; before accepting them, it’s best to test the waters. Like your normal online arbitrage process, you should gather data and study trends before buying anything.

You can buy the items, package them yourself, and then resell them on Amazon for a higher price. Also, some bundles are available in many online marketplaces that can be resold on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Many consider bundles unique gifts, employee welcome boxes, or even time-saving personal purchases. They are searching online marketplaces for packages that can save them time and money. If you are considering entering the bundle business, gather as much data as possible and study what people want. Packaging small and fun products can be engaging and enjoyable, but it’s essential to what customers care about. Selling bundles makes the buyers think, “this is exactly what I needed, and I didn’t even know it.”


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