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Amazon FBA Inspection is all proceedings before packing and sending the shipment from the manufacturing place to Amazon. In the following, we will explain FBA Inspection thoroughly and introduce the best companies serving in this field. So follow us for the rest of this article.

What is Amazon FBA Inspection?

Amazon provides a service to third-party sellers to ship and fulfill their orders called fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA business.

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Generally, sellers send their inventory to the Amazon fulfillment center, but they are constantly facing a risk of rejection. To avoid this risk, sellers ask the Amazon FBA Inspection to check their standards and make sure that they comply with the Amazon requirements.

What Does Amazon FBA Inspection Include?

It would be best if you clear all your product expectations as an Amazon FBA seller. After then, Amazon FBA requirements will be checked by Amazon FBA Inspection.

Man Doing FBA Inspections Before Sending Product to Amazon

Below, we mention some of these requirements:

  • Check if the quality matches the specifications asked by the Amazon FBA seller.

It is very crucial that you provide the products as you describe on Amazon. Your Amazon listing depends on the reviews written by customers based on the product they receive.

  • Confirm that quantity is the same as per order
  • Check the product for any defect
  • Carton weight and dimensions must be in compliance with Amazon’s FBA requirements
  • Ensure both internal and external packaging conform to Amazon’s FBA requirements
  • Ensure that labeling has complied with Amazon’s FBA requirements
  • Checking the tests performed on the product
  • Measurement of individual products

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Finally, when it is inspected as above steps, the Amazon FBA Inspection will send you a report that includes a photo and overall analysis. All aspects of your order will show in the photographic evidence of the inspection report.

Pros & Cons of FBA Inspections?

All kinds of FBA Inspections have their own significance. They can ensure you that the customers will only receive good products.

Woman is doing Amazon fba inspection

There are various pros and cons regarding FBA Inspections. Here we are going to list some of them.


  • Fewer returns from Customers

One-third of online shopping consist of product defects, damages, and poor product quality. This risk can be mitigated by Amazon FBA Inspection.

  • Avoid suspension from Amazon FBA.

Your account can be suspended or banned by too many customer complaints. However, an Amazon FBA Inspection checks the quality of your products conforms to the customers’ expectations to decrease this risk.

  • More sales as a result of better customer review

One of the most potent tools to attract customers is reviews. When the customers are satisfied with the quality of your products, they lead the better reviews, which cause more sales. So an Amazon FBA Inspection allows you to be in control of the quality you deliver.

  • Meet all labeling requirements

US customs and border control has severe penalties for wrongly labeling items, and you, as an FBA seller, are responsible for it. Amazon FBA Inspection will look over all of these requirements.


  • You don’t communicate expectations clearly

For having good products, good communication is critical that sometimes would miss.

  • You only require a pre-shipment inspection

The Inspection doesn’t have to wait until your product is ready to ship. To identify problems, you can perform “During Progress Inspection.”

  • Cost of Amazon FBA Inspection

How to Perform FBA Inspection?

Man performing Amazon fba inspection

For pre-shipment FBA Inspection, the following step should be performed:

  • Design a quality checklist for your product requirements
  • Book your Inspection online on your mobile
  • Verify your products before leaving the factory
  • Get the detailed Inspection report with a full picture
  • Now, accept or reject your product for shipping

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Best Amazon FBA Inspection Services

Amazon FBA Inspection Services are the organizations that provide several services to Amazon FBA sellers.

Man  is giving Amazon fba inspection service

Below you can find some of them:

  • NBN
  • FBA Inspection
  • QC-I (Quality Control & Inspection)
  • InTouch
  • V-Trust Inspection
  • Effition Inspection
  • McKenzieservices
  • FBAshipuk
  • Primezeroprep
  • FBAinandout
  • FBAexpress
  • FBA Ops
  • QIMA

Final Thought

All performed steps before packing and sending the goods from supplier to Amazon is known as Amazon FBA Inspection. It includes products requirements according to Amazon FBA sellers’ demands. As is explained above, Amazon FBA Inspection has its own Pros and Cons. In addition, there is a specific guideline for Amazon FBA Inspection fulfillment. To help you, here we introduce some of the well-known Amazon FBA Inspection Services. If you wanna know more about this topic, follow OABeans blog.

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