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Whether you're new to selling on Amazon or a seasoned pro, having the best data and metrics when sourcing products is crucial for growth. SellerApp, an all-in-one e-commerce software, claims to provide just that for Amazon online arbitrage sellers. In this article, we'll check out SellerApp reviews to find out more about its main features and see if it's the right fit for your business. Keep reading to find out if SellerApp can help boost your success on Amazon!

What is SellerApp?

SellerApp is a helpful software designed for online arbitrage sellers to increase sales and do better on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. 

It comes with a suite of tools that help sellers handle inventory, monitor competitors, and analyze sales data. SellerApp also helps sellers find profitable products and keep up with market trends through features like product research and product tracking. 

In a nutshell, SellerApp is like a handy assistant for online sellers looking to improve and succeed in the e-commerce world.

SellerApp Pricing 

SellerApp offers two different pricing plans for sellers. It also has a freemium plan for sellers just getting started. However, this plan is limited and lacks some of the more useful features. Here are SellerApp’s pricing plans: 

Plan Price
PRO LITE (for sellers selling multiple products and growing revenue) $49 per month 
PROFESSIONAL (for sellers looking to scale the business) $99 per month 

Pros & Cons of SellerApp 

Like any other sourcing software, SellerApp has some advantages and challenges. According to SellerApp reviews, here are its pros and cons:

Seller App Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Tool Suite: SellerApp provides a wide range of tools to assist sellers in various aspects of their e-commerce business.
  • Free Plan Availability: A notable advantage is the availability of a free plan, allowing users to explore the basic features without incurring costs.
  • Compatibility with Multiple Platforms: SellerApp supports multiple e-commerce platforms, ensuring flexibility for users selling on different platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and others.
  • Customer Service Management Tools: The inclusion of tools for managing customer service enhances the overall seller experience.
  • Mobile App Accessibility: SellerApp offers the convenience of a mobile app, allowing users to manage their e-commerce activities on the go.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Some users may find the software challenging to learn, potentially posing a hurdle for those not familiar with advanced e-commerce tools.
  • Cost Barrier for Premium Plans: The pricing of SellerApp’s Premium plans might be prohibitive for small or new sellers with budget constraints.
  • Slow Performance: Some users have reported a lag in the speed of the SellerApp extension, noting that it takes a bit of time to load. 

SellerApp Features

According to SellerApp reviews, this is a helpful online tool and mobile app for Amazon sellers. It comes with various features to make your journey on Amazon easier:

  • Product Research: SellerApp helps you study different products on Amazon, giving you a dashboard with details like revenue estimates, competition, reviews, and sales rank.
  • Product Ideas: It not only helps you improve your existing products but also suggests new ideas based on current profits and sales.
  • Seller Watch: Keep an eye on your competition by monitoring over 20 million sellers on Amazon.
  • Profit Dashboard: A dashboard that quickly shows your daily sales, performance, and revenue on Amazon.
  • Product Source: Quickly find out which products on Amazon are making the most profits by gathering data from different sources.
  • Product Alerts: Stay ahead in the Amazon marketplace by getting alerts about market trends and competitor strategies.

Best Alternatives of SellerApp

Exploring options beyond SellerApp opens up a variety of tools tailored to the diverse needs of Amazon sellers. Here are some noteworthy alternatives that users have mentioned in SellerApp reviews: 

1. Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides a comprehensive toolset for Amazon sellers, aiding in market research, product discovery, and other tasks. Notable for its detailed market analysis and effective product launch capabilities, Viral Launch is favored for introducing new products successfully.

2. AMZScout

AMZScout is a popular choice for product research, offering extensive data on sales estimates, competition levels, and potential profitability. Its user-friendly interface and accurate sales estimates make it a valuable tool for sellers seeking profitable niches.

3. ZonGuru

ZonGuru supports Amazon sellers across various business stages, from research and sourcing to customer engagement. With features like email automation and integrated product research with Alibaba, ZonGuru stands out as an all-in-one solution emphasizing brand building and customer loyalty. You can learn more about this tool by reading our ZonGuru reviews

4. Feedvisor

Designed for larger sellers and brands on Amazon, Feedvisor is an “AI-first” platform offering algorithmic repricing, inventory management, and other useful features. Leveraging machine learning and AI for real-time pricing analysis sets Feedvisor apart, making it ideal for sellers in competitive markets or with extensive inventories.

5. Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is a handy tool that helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. It stands out for its ability to scan various online stores, analyze product information, and highlight items with good profit potential. With user-friendly features focused on optimizing your product search and boosting profits, Tactical Arbitrage is a smart choice for sellers aiming to improve their Amazon business strategy. Check out our Tactical Arbitrage reviews to learn more about this tool’s features!

Efficient Sourcing by Using SellerApp and OABeans 

OABeas sourcing leads

After reading SellerApp reviews, the final decision of whether this tool is fit for your business is up to you. But even if you use tools like SellerApp, the sourcing process will be time-consuming and require a lot of energy. However, with an already-researched and handpicked list of OA leads, you will only need a small amount of time to check the leads with SellerApp and ensure profitability! 

By purchasing OABeans’ sourcing lists, you will receive 4-10 online arbitrage leads every day. These leads are thoroughly analyzed by experts and checked against various criteria. However, to ensure profitability, you can check them using SellerApp and free up your time to take care of other important tasks and grow your business! 


In general, reading SellerApp reviews proves that it is a valuable tool for sellers aiming to simplify their processes and boost their earnings. It provides functionalities like product research and product tracking, aiding sellers in recognizing profitable products and market trends.

Moreover, SellerApp offers a free plan, particularly beneficial for new sellers where every penny counts during the early stages of establishing an e-commerce business.

Through analytics, tracking features, and SellerApp’s AI algorithms, your business can be closely monitored, enabling prompt and efficient addressing of any challenges that may arise. This ensures the seamless operation of your business.


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  1. Retail arbitrage on Amazon encourages resourcefulness and creativity, as you search for unique product opportunities in physical retail stores.

  2. With Amazon’s global reach, online arbitrage allows you to source products from international markets and expand your business internationally.

  3. Amazon’s FBA program complements retail arbitrage, as it takes care of inventory storage, packaging, and shipping, saving you time and effort.

  4. With Amazon’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, retail arbitrage sellers can track their sales performance, monitor profitability, and make data-driven decisions.

  5. The supportive community of resellers on Amazon offers valuable resources, tips, and strategies to help you succeed in this exciting business model.

  6. The scalability of retail arbitrage on Amazon allows you to start small and gradually grow your business, reinvesting profits to expand your inventory and sales volume.

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