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BuyBotPro VS. SellerAmp
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Considering how competitive it is to have an online arbitrage business on Amazon, success depends on using technology for smart business decisions. This is especially important in online arbitrage, where finding and taking advantage of profitable opportunities is key. In this article, we'll compare two top tools for Amazon sellers: SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro. Both have special features to make product sourcing, analyzing profitability, and market research easier. Whether you're experienced or just starting on Amazon, knowing how these tools help your business is vital. Keep reading to find out more!

What is BuyBotPro?

BuyBotPro is a specialized tool for Amazon online arbitrage sellers. It serves as an automated analysis and decision-making software that aids sellers in evaluating the profitability and potential success of products they are considering for resale on the Amazon platform. 

What is BuyBotPro?

BuyBotPro offers various key features, including a fully automated FBA calculator, and an online arbitrage/wholesale analysis tool. These features collectively empower sellers with comprehensive data for making informed decisions about the products they choose to invest in.

This tool is particularly well-suited for Amazon sellers engaged in online arbitrage, where the quick and informed selection of products for resale plays a pivotal role in achieving success in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape. To find out more about this tool, you can read the complete BuyBotPro reviews

What is Seller Amp?

SellerAmp is a versatile software tool designed to support Amazon sellers engaged in online arbitrage, wholesale, or private label selling. Similar to BuyBotPro, it focuses on enhancing the decision-making process for sellers by providing essential data and analytics tailored to various selling models. SellerAmp’s key features include product research capabilities, profit analysis tools, and inventory management features. 

What is SellerAmp?

Ideal users for SellerAmp include Amazon sellers engaged in different selling models such as online arbitrage, wholesale, and private label, seeking a robust tool for market analysis, product research, and profitability calculations. 

You can check out SellerAmp reviews to gain a better understanding of this tool and its features. 

BuyBotPro Features

When comparing SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro, it’s important to know the features and capabilities of each tool. Here are BuyBotPro’s features: 

Sales History Analyzer

BuyBotPro’s Sales History Analyzer provides a comprehensive look at the Best Seller Rank (BSR) by analyzing sales velocity and pricing history. Leveraging Keepa information, this tool offers insights into the product’s performance over time, aiding sellers in making informed decisions based on historical data.

ROI & Profit Calculator

The ROI & Profit Calculator automates the calculation of Return on Investment (ROI) and profit, considering often overlooked costs such as referral fees, closing fees, storage fees, FBA fulfillment fees, VAT (UK), and more. 

Competition Checker

BuyBotPro’s Competition Checker delivers a precise analysis of the competitive landscape by determining the number of sellers on a listing, including FBA/FBM and Vendor/Retail sellers, along with their respective stock levels. This insight is crucial for assessing market saturation and making strategic decisions.

Eligibility & Brand Restrictions Checker

For swift market entry, BuyBotPro includes an Eligibility & Brand Restrictions Checker, allowing sellers to quickly determine if they are eligible or gated for a specific category, brand, or ASIN.

Hazmat Detector

The Hazmat Detector provides an instant check to ascertain whether the listed ASIN is on the Hazmat list, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and preventing potential issues.

Amazon BuyBox & Listing Verifier

This tool checks if Amazon is actively selling a product on the listing and whether they hold the Buy Box, providing critical insights into the competition and Amazon’s role in the marketplace.

Oversize Alerter

The Oversize Alerter is designed to quickly assess whether a product is oversized or heavy, helping sellers determine its eligibility for FBA/Prime and ensuring efficient inventory management.

Best Seller Rank (BSR) Predictor

Using a sophisticated algorithm, BuyBotPro’s BSR Predictor forecasts the future Best Seller rank for a given product, aiding sellers in predicting the potential success of the product.

Other Features

  • Prep Center Bundle Fee Bumper: Ensures the inclusion of prep center bundle fees in deal analysis, avoiding oversight of hidden costs.
  • Speed Of Sales Estimator: Analyzes current BSR percentage to offer insights on product sales velocity.
  • Private Label Alert: Issues timely warnings to prevent sellers from purchasing Private Label products, averting potential future issues and suspensions.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: Recommends an ideal purchase quantity based on comprehensive deal analysis, optimizing inventory management, and preventing overstock situations.
  • One-Click Buy Sheet Export: Facilitates quick export of entire data with a single click for easy use in Excel or other spreadsheet applications.
  • BuyBotPro Score: Assigns a score using a traffic light system for each deal, streamlining decision-making based on extensive data points.
  • Fully Customizable Buy Criteria: Allows sellers to tailor BuyBotPro to their preferences and strategies by customizing key data elements.
  • Full Variation Feature: Provides comprehensive data on product variations, aiding informed decision-making for products with multiple options.
  • IP Radar: Checks for potential Intellectual Property violations, ensuring compliance and protecting against legal issues.

Seller Amp Features 

To get a better idea about the best choice between SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro, let’s familiarize ourselves with SellerAmp’s features: 

Quick Info

SellerAmp offers fast access to crucial data, including maximum cost, profit, and return on investment (ROI), aiding sellers in making informed buying decisions efficiently. 

Profit Calculator

This feature breaks down costs, fees, taxes, profit, and ROI, allowing sellers to modify cost and sale prices to understand their impact on profits.


Provides a list of other sellers, including stock levels and prices, helping users assess the potential impact on their Buy Box quota when matching prices.


Sellers can easily check if they are ungated and approved, and receive alerts for Hazmat, Dangerous Goods, Intellectual Property (IP), or Private Label (PL) issues.

Storefront Search

Enables a product analysis of any seller’s Amazon storefront, sortable by brand and category.

Keepa Charts

Interactive charts driven by Keepa data allow sellers to visualize pricing and sales history for better decision-making.

Ranks & Prices

Offers easy access to current and historic views of product Best Seller Rank (BSR), Buy Box, sale prices, and estimated sales.

Google Sheets Integration

Allows sellers to export analysis data to a Google Sheet, supporting multiple sheets and custom formulas for easy sharing and collaboration.

Notes & Tags

Enables sellers to add notes and tags to products for easy filtering and retrieval, facilitating organization and searchability.

Mobile Share & Split Screen

The SellerAmp mobile app enables sellers to share and view products in split-screen mode for quick access and analysis on mobile devices.

Set Your own Objectives

Users can set personalized goals such as a percentage margin, specific revenue, or ROI, allowing SellerAmp to notify them if a product aligns with their targets.

Access Your Analysis History

SellerAmp provides a comprehensive and searchable history of all analyzed products, regardless of the tool used, facilitating easy reference and tracking. 

BuyBotPro & SellerAmp Pricing Plans (February 2024 Update) 

Now, let’s find out which option is more affordable between SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro:

  Monthly Plans Annual Plans
BuyBotPro Basic: $39.95Pro: $54.95 Enterprise: $129.95 Basic: $399.50Pro: $549.50 Enterprise: $1,299.50
SellerAmp Getting Started: $19.95 Getting Serious: $27.95 Getting Started: $199.50 Getting Serious: $279.50

BuyBotPro & Seller Amp Customer Support

When comparing SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro from a customer support aspect, we find out these tools offer customer support with a similar quality. 

Most users were happy with the customer support provided by both companies. The customer ratings for customer service are: 

  • BuyBotPro: 4.7/5
  • SellerAmp: 5/5

Pros & Cons of BuyBotPro

When considering the value BuyBotPro offers, knowing its pros and cons can be very helpful. You can check out the pros and cons of BuyBotPro in the table below: 

Pros Cons
14 Day Trial More Expensive Than Competitors
5 Devices on Basic Plan BuyBotGo Not Included in Membership
Unlimited ASIN Scans  

Pros & Cons of Seller Amp

Like any other Seller Amp best alternatives, this tool has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To get a better idea of SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro, we’ll check out the pros and cons of SellerAmp in the table below: 

Pros Cons
Fast and reliable info Supports a limited number of Amazon marketplaces: USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Canada
Very affordable Chrome extension limitation: Only available for Amazon sellers, not working for Walmart, eBay, or other marketplaces
Various alerts  
Storefront Search feature  
Ranks & Prices feature  

BuyBotPro & Seller Amp Coupon Codes

One of the features that makes sourcing tools and software more attractive for sellers is coupon codes. 

Although currently there is no coupon code for BuyBotPro, you can get 50% off the first month of your monthly subscription to SellerAmp using the OABEANS_SAS discount code. You can also use OABEANS_SAS_ANNUAL for 5% off the first year of the annual subscription.

This way, you can check out the features and capabilities of SellerAmp firsthand to make an informed decision between SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro. 

OABeans Leads Lists and Sourcing Software: A Winning Combination 

OABeans Company leads lists for Amazon Sellers

Whether you choose BuyBotPro or SellerAmp depends on your individual preferences and business needs. However, there is another tool you can add to the combination to increase efficiency and profitability: OABeans’ sourcing lists. 

These lists include profitable online arbitrage leads, handpicked and curated by experts to reduce the time required for sellers to do manual research. By purchasing OABeans sourcing lists, you’ll receive a list of 4-10 leads per day with all the necessary information and metrics required to ensure profitability. 

Although the leads are already researched and picked carefully by experts, you can use BuyBotPro or SellerAmp to check out their vital metrics, calculate fees and profitability, and figure out how many units to order. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we explored two powerful tools: SellerAmp vs Buy Bot Pro. BuyBotPro is great for quick and data-driven decisions with detailed profitability analysis and competition assessment. SellerAmp provides broader market insights and versatile product research capabilities.

By combining these tools with sourcing lists, sellers can improve their workflows, make better decisions, and adapt quickly to market changes. This ensures ongoing profitability and growth.

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  1. The FBA program streamlines inventory management, ensuring you have the right products in stock at the right time to meet customer demand.

  2. The competitive nature of retail arbitrage keeps sellers motivated to continuously search for profitable products and refine their sourcing strategies.

  3. Retail arbitrage allows you to take advantage of seasonal trends, clearance sales, and promotional offers in retail stores, maximizing your profit potential during peak buying periods.

  4. The FBA program provides excellent support for sellers, including resources, webinars, and a dedicated seller community to help you succeed.

  5. Amazon’s strong brand reputation and customer trust make it an ideal platform for resellers, attracting buyers who value quality and reliable service.

  6. The Amazon FBA business model provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage Amazon’s infrastructure and reach to grow their businesses.

  7. By leveraging Amazon’s reputation and customer trust, online arbitrage sellers can quickly establish credibility and attract buyers who value quality products and reliable service.

  8. With Amazon’s vast customer base and global reach, retail arbitrage provides a wide market to sell your sourced products and reach customers worldwide.

  9. I love the flexibility and freedom that comes with reselling on Amazon. It allows me to be my own boss and work on my own terms.

  10. By using Amazon FBA, sellers can benefit from Amazon’s robust product listing optimization tools, increasing the visibility and discoverability of their products.

  11. The customer feedback system on Amazon provides valuable insights for resellers, helping them build a positive reputation and attract more buyers.

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