BuyBot Pro Reviews in 2024

BuyBot Pro reviews in 2024
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BuyBot Pro is an automated deals analysis software mostly used by Amazon sellers who do online and retail arbitrage. Its main use is the one simple thing that every Amazon seller needs to do, yet many people find it hard to do among other business requirements: find the best deals and most profitable products to sell. Yet BuyBot Pro has many other features that can be useful for an online arbitrage business. This article reviews these software features and what they can mean for your OA business.

What is BuyBot Pro?

BuyBot Pro claims to be “The Most Advanced Online Arbitrage Analysis Tool In The Industry” and by many means it is. It has an advanced, very progressed automated system that helps you understand if the purchase of a product is wise or not. BuyBot Pro analyses data like historical sales, market competition, pricing trends, and associated Amazon fees. There are other features in this software too: things like a profit calculator, BSR checker, competition analyzer, IP radar, VAT calculator, etc.

Pros & Cons of BuyBot Pro

How about getting a subscription from BuyBot Pro? Here are some realistic pros and cons to know before going for it:

It’s holistic: everything you need in an OA tool, you will find here. From IP check and profit calculator to deals analysis and all kinds of checks for your purchase. So no need to get multiple subscriptions.
Can be used for all kinds of Amazon Business: unlike many other tools that include only OA, BuyBot Pro can be used for Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage, and Wholesale.
Can be used anywhere: you can use BuyBot Pro and Analyse any product on ANY retail website FROM the retailer product page.

More expensive than other tools: BuyBot Pro is one of the more expensive tools between OA tools and others like them. But it can be explainable due to its features and wholistic experience.
BuyBot Go not included in subscriptions: when you buy any of the membership plans, the mobile version of the software named “BuyBot Go” is not included in them and you should get it separately.

What Are the Usages of BuyBot Pro?

BuyBot Pro can be used for both newbies and experienced sellers who have a lot of tasks and no time for reviewing products and searching for deals. This tool combines unique and automated features to make your work easier and provide useful info about the products you will buy.
Also, if you need to know exactly how much profit you can earn with a product or in a period, you can enter data like ASIN, buy and sell price, quantity, and other things to get the number. This helps you later in decision-making and planning for your business. Now we will talk about other features of this software.

Features of BuyBot Pro

Here are some features of BuyBot Pro that will help anyone in the business to expand their work and make more profit:


With the BuyBot Pro Chrome extension, all you have to do is go to the product page highlight the title description, and select “BuyBotPro Amazon Deal Analyzer” and the tool will do the rest for you.


The tool gives you the profit you will make after fees, costs, and tax deductions.


BuyBot Pro gives you the percentage of BSR your product is (Top 1%, 3%, 5%, etc), which means how fast it will sell.


One of the most useful features of the tool is that it analyzes your competition in FBA.


It’s important that what you sell doesn’t face IP complaints. BuyBot Pro makes sure this doesn’t happen.


If you have a CSV or XLSX wholesale price list, BuyBot Pro does an automatic analysis on them and tells you which products are profitable.


This feature is very useful since it can determine if a product can be sold, or is legal on Amazon marketplace.


How many of a specific product should you buy? This feature helps you decide about that.


One of the things that confuses Amazon sellers is the fees. This feature tells you exactly what your fees and costs are.


This one enters your purchased deals into your buy sheet (so you don’t have to).


You can tell BuyBot Pro which ROI, BSR, and amount of profit you are looking for in a deal, and then get suggestions based on that.


This calculator gives you the final profit after fees.


This one lets you see how many of a product have been sold in a period like 30, 60, or 90 days. It also predicts the upcoming days up to 90 days.


You can watch over your competitors (Specifically top 10 sellers) and see their stock levels and pricing strategies.


Ungating gated products is an ongoing challenge for Amazon sellers. This tool can apply for “auto-updating” and do this job for you, saving so much time and effort.

Many, many other features contribute to the details of your OA business. This wide spectrum of tools and helpers is one of the main reasons people select BuyBot Pro as their main Amazon sales tool.

Pricing of BuyBot Pro [February 2024 Update]

BuyBot Pro Pricing in 2024 February

How to Use BuyBot Pro?

Once you get the handle of it, using BuyBot Pro can be pretty easy. Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Install the BuyBot Pro on your computer and enter your account. Now it is active.
  2. Go to the product page that you are considering buying. Now hover your mouse and highlight the title description.
  3. Right-click and select “BuyBot Pro Amazon Deal Analyzer”.
  4. Now among the marketplaces, select the one you want to analyze.
  5. Now a sidebar on the right-hand will appear and all the data and information will be in it. You need to find the product.
  6. Click on the BuyBot Pro text to analyze the deal. Enter the price from the retailer’s website (final price).
  7. Press “Analyze”
  8. Now you will have all the information needed to make an informed choice on the product.

Best Alternatives for BuyBot Pro

Although BuyBot Pro is one of the best deal analyzers in today’s market, some other tools are powerful and any OA business owner can rely on.

Tactical Arbitrage

This is an easy-to-use yet very valuable tool with great customer care. It gives you a wide range of retailers, refines search results, and is great for booksellers since it has a specific section for book deals. Read Tactical Arbitrage vs. BuyBot Pro to learn about the difference between these two tools.


The RevSeller provides you with an on-page, real-time calculator that customizes the products and deals you like best, and it’s more affordable compared to BuyBot Pro. Read Revseller Reviews and find out all about this tool’s features.

Source Mogul

this tool is all about finding the best products and discovering the most profitable deals all across the retailers on the internet. It also helps with product comparisons and understanding Amazon’s competitive landscape. Read Source Mogul Reviews here.

Unlock the potential of BuyBot Pro with OABeans

OABeans is a powerful tool that helps with getting sourcing lists and updated, customized product suggestions. By getting daily lists, you will always have an insight into what you should buy and how much it will profit your business. OABeans also has a FBA calculator which helps a lot if you are new to the business.
Lastly, we have to say that by combining these two, you can make your OA journey easier and make more profit as you go forward with your business.

Final Thoughts: Is BuyBot Pro Really Worth It?

This is a question that can only be answered by you, the business owner. BuyBot Pro has everything you might need in your Amazon business, whatever kind it is. But the prices might not be for everyone, especially newcomers. So the best strategy is to determine what exactly you need. If you are in a state of growth, you will need to know what your customers are doing. If you still can’t get a hold of profits, the calculator might help you.
Then, after realizing your needs, decide which subscription is best for you.

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  1. Fantastic software! I’ve been using it for a while now, and it’s excellent for many reasons. It has features like the IP claim warning button, which alerts you to brands with IP issues, and one-click auto-ungating of categories directly on Amazon listings. The fee calculator is great, and there are plenty of other valuable features that really benefit my business.

  2. Saves an incredible amount of time and effort when sourcing – it’s a vital part of my business. The customer service team is exceptional too. Highly recommended!!!

  3. Incredible software with the best profit calculator I’ve used. It includes VAT calculations, something I’ve not seen other software handle as effectively. Plus, it has a Keepa chart, sales forecast, buy box percentage win, and many more features.

  4. Excellent software and extremely useful. The time it saves makes the monthly subscription well worth it. Load up a listing, and everything you need is conveniently in one place.

  5. Amazon retail arbitrage allows you to leverage the difference in pricing between physical retail stores and online platforms like Amazon. It’s a smart way to capitalize on market inefficiencies.

  6. Amazon’s sponsored advertising programs, such as Sponsored Products, can help boost the visibility of your listings and drive targeted traffic to your products.

  7. Amazon’s secure payment system and reliable customer service provide peace of mind for online arbitrage sellers, ensuring smooth transactions and buyer satisfaction.

  8. Amazon’s seller tools and analytics empower you to track sales, monitor inventory, and optimize your listings for maximum visibility and profitability.

  9. Reselling on Amazon allows you to tap into the Prime membership base, making your products more attractive to millions of loyal Prime members.

  10. Reselling on Amazon allows sellers to constantly adapt and pivot their business based on market demand and consumer preferences.

  11. The Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business model offers a hassle-free way for sellers to store, pack, and ship their products, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

  12. With Amazon’s seller support resources and comprehensive seller central dashboard, online arbitrage sellers have access to valuable information and insights to optimize their business performance.

  13. Reselling on Amazon is a fantastic opportunity to turn your passion for sourcing and selling into a profitable business venture.

  14. Selling through Amazon FBA provides a level playing field for small and large businesses alike, as all sellers benefit from the same fulfillment services.

  15. Amazon online arbitrage offers a low-risk and high-reward business opportunity, where you can leverage the power of e-commerce to create a profitable venture.

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