How to Get Approved to Sell Apple Products on Amazon?

Selling Apple products on Amazon.
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Most Amazon sellers are well aware that you can't just sell "anything" there. When you start your shop on this platform, there are specific categories you can sell with no limitation and make money.
But since Amazon is sensitive about customer experience and cares a lot about the user's health and shopping journey, some categories are "gated" or restricted. Apple products are among the categories that you need approval for selling.
The good news is that selling Apple is not impossible. Why did Apple become restricted in the first place? What should one do to receive approval and start selling Apple Products on Amazon? In this article, we are going to try to answer these questions.

Can Anyone Sell Apple Products on Amazon?

The short answer is no. Although, in the last few years, there were times when Selling Apple Products on Amazon got restricted entirely, you can learn how to get ungated on amazon and start selling Apple.

Amazon is constantly trying to make better shopping experiences for buyers. One of the ways the platform does this is by increasing the selection of the most wanted products. That was why in 2016, Amazon sent Apple sellers an email with a special message: from then on; they needed to get approved to sell. Later, as a part of an agreement with Amazon, Apple and Beats products were sold again. This time, with a more straightforward approval process.

To sell the Apple brand on Amazon, you should go through a process. It might be interesting to know that Amazon always hosted many small third-party sellers. Not all these sellers are honest and reliable, especially for users of gadgets and phones (like Apple). Many have had a history of trying to pass off counterfeits as legitimate Apple products. No one wants to pay for an original pair of headphones and receive used or fake ones. That was the main reason Selling Apple Products on Amazon got gated.

Why Amazon Restricts Apple Products for Sellers?

Let’s look at some history. Apple products are a big part of the online gadget trade. They are hugely popular. With a brand this popular and significant, the risk of lousy shopping experiences becomes higher.

As we said, many Apple sellers tried to sell fake at least once. In 2016, nearly 90% of Apple devices sold on Amazon weren’t 100% genuine. This becomes a devastating issue when you consider paying for iPod chargers and earphones, which usually cost more than other brands.

Only limited people can sell Apple products on Amazon market place.

In 2018, Apple made a deal with Amazon, making this platform an “Apple Authorized Reseller” again. This time, Amazon would get the devices and accessories directly from the Apple company (which means Apple is entirely OK with selling them) and then sells them on the platform.

This was good for Apple products fans since it was no different from buying from Apple. Sellers who used to sell Apple products had to be approved by January 4, 2018. Otherwise, their product listings would get taken down.

If Selling Apple Products on Amazon is essential to you as a seller, there are a few points you should know:

  • This agreement impacts the sellers engaged in retail or online arbitrage, not the private label products.
  • You should start an approval process to be able to sell Apple products.
  • Amazon will guarantee fair pricing, quality control, and sufficient inventory and promotes the integrity of the Apple brand. And since you will become an official seller, Amazon will monitor your sales closely before approving you.

How to Get Approval to Sell Apple Products on Amazon?

Based on the new deal between Amazon and Apple, Selling Apple Products on Amazon can be done by authorized sellers on this platform. Here are the steps you should take to get ungated in Apple products on Amazon:

  1. The first step is reaching out to Apple Legal and filling out a request form. You can see the form here: https://www.apple.com/legal/contact/rights-permissions.html
  2. After filling out the form, you must submit it and follow it up with a call to the main Cupertino number (408) 996-1010 and ask to be transferred to Apple Legal.
  3. Once you submit the form, apple might ask you for further information. The company will also provide you with ways to send this information.
  4. Now, you only have to wait. Apple will or will not respond. If you get approval from Apple, it should come with instructions for further steps.
  5. Send the approval to Amazon and start listing Apple products.

How to Sell Apple Products on Amazon?

Apple is a popular, pretty expensive product to sell. As a seller on the Amazon marketplace, you have three ways to sell it:

There are 3 ways to sell Apple products on Amazon.

1) Online or Retail Arbitrage: As said before, you must get approved to sell Apple as retail arbitrage. This includes contacting Apple legal and waiting for a response. This process takes time, and many people get tired of waiting and forget about it.

2) Wholesale: Selling Apple wholesale can be similar to Arbitrage, but there is a difference. In Retail Arbitrage, you buy items from a physical or online shop and resell them for a higher price. But unlike that, wholesalers buy in bulk “directly from the brand” and then List the product for sale on the brand’s existing Amazon listing. Selling Apple products, wholesale also ensures the customer that the product is genuine and comes directly from the company.

2) Private Label: Selling private labels (instead of manufacturer’s items) is more accessible. But the selling rules still apply. You are not the direct seller; you rebrand and package the product. You get the product from the main supplier (Apple company). FBA could be your best option for selling private labels on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an online Arbitrage Apple seller on Amazon could be a long, frustrating process. But if you insist on Selling Apple Products on Amazon, it sure is worth the try. if you want to make money but don’t have the time and resources for apple, try selling digital products on amazon.

Amazon (and Apple) want to ensure that the final product delivered to the customer is not fake, so they have regulations regarding who is listing the products. Sure, the more you sell expensive products, the more you make money. But in categories like Apple products, there might be more to consider.


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