How to Remove Negative Reviews & Feedback on Amazon?

Remove negative feedback from Amazon.
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Amazon is a marketplace, and marketplaces care a lot about who they serve. Millions of people are buying from different Amazon shops every day (in many different countries), and Amazon has proven many times that those are the people whose opinions count. As a seller on Amazon, you have to deal with buyers' reviews and feedback daily.
This feedback can help you stand out and sell more or decrease your rank among other sellers. That is why you need to learn to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon. Of course, you can still deal with unsatisfied customers. Try to have a conversation and solve each problem with patience and care. This article will teach you how to remove Negative reviews on Amazon and manage your reviews section. If you are dealing with feedback challenges, read through the end

What is the Difference Between Amazon Seller Feedback & Product Review? 

Feedback is what your customers think about their buying experience from you (as a specific seller). Somehow it counts as a report card given to you by the buyers. Amazon has a simple 1 to the 5-star rating system for third-party sellers. 5 means the best purchase experience, and 1 means the worst. On the other hand, product reviews (as you can guess by the name) are comments about purchased items. They represent the quality and appearance of the product and have nothing to do with how you have sold, shipped and performed as a seller. The product reviews are shown on the product detail page on Amazon. Just like feedback reviews, the ratings for product reviews include 5 numbers.

How To Remove Negative Amazon Seller Feedback? 

There are several ways to remove Negative Feedback on Amazon. First, you need to read the feedback thoroughly and understand its core. Then, you can decide and do one of these:

Request a removal if it violates Amazon guidelines: 

This is one of the easiest ways to remove feedback. Check the text and see if it follows Amazon’s “feedback rules” or not. The ones violating the platform’s guidelines will be removed by request. You can send a request and get it deleted. What can you report? These:

  • When the seller feedback involves a product review: product reviews should be written on product pages, and there is no need to involve them in feedback comments.
  • When the text has promotional content: comments and links about websites or other merchants are not allowed.
  • Obscene or abusive language: Users cannot swear or use abusive language on the platform.
  • Personal information: Amazon banes feedback that involves information that can lead to identifying its users.
  • Involves an FBA problem: let’s remember that FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) products are packed, shipped and taken care of by Amazon. Since the seller is not responsible for any of these, any negative FBA seller feedback about these duties will be removed by Amazon.
Woman is trying to remove negative feedbacks from her Amazon page.

Here are the steps you need to take to request the comment’s removal:

  • Log into your Amazon seller account
  • Go to the “contact us” section and click on “customers and orders.”
  • Enter the order ID and click on next
  • Write the details and reason for your request. Amazon will review the feedback and remove it if needed.

Contact the buyer

Some feedback doesn’t qualify for removal, so what should you do now? You can reach out to the buyer and start a conversation with them. Amazon allows customers to remove their feedback, so if you resolve their problem and listen to them, you can ask them to remove their comments politely.

Here are some tips for doing this:

  • Save time: Amazon gives customers 60 days to remove their feedback, so don’t wait too long before you reach out to them.
  • Be understanding: if a customer is unsatisfied with you, it helps to make them feel understood. Say you are sorry, take the time to apologize, and calmly address the problem.
  • Don’t offer refunds or advantages: this is against Amazon’s rules, and if you attempt to bribe the customer in exchange for feedback removal, you can get your account suspended.
  • Try not to hurry them: the first message the buyer sees from you should be a sincere apology and your enthusiasm to solve the issue. If you ask them immediately for feedback removal, you might give them the idea that you don’t care for them and only care about your account.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Go to your feedback manager page
  • Scroll down to “view current feedback.”
  • Find the feedback and then select the “resolve” and then “contact customer” button
  • From the drop-down menu, select a subject and then type your message. You can add attachments to it, things like documents, receipts, etc.
  • Finally, select “send email” to send your message.
  • If the buyer responds, instruct them to log into their Amazon account and remove their feedback.

Leave a response on Amazon if you don’t succeed in removing the feedback:

No matter how hard you try, some customers don’t like to remove their feedback. This means that the comment will sit there for everyone to see. The best thing you can do in this situation is to leave a direct, sincere and logical response to it on Amazon’s site. This way, people will see what you have answered to the negative feedback and how you tried to resolve the problem.

To write a response:

  • Go to your seller feedback manager on Amazon
  • Scroll down and select “view current feedback.”
  • Find the comment and click “respond.”
  • Enter your answer and then click on “submit.”

It’s best to keep the response professional, short and honest. Maintain your image as a seller, and only provide the necessary details. Also, don’t apologize too much; it might sound cheeky or sarcastic and make things even worse.

How to Keep Your Seller Feedback Rating High? 

Keeping your seller feedback high helps you win the buy box and, more importantly, helps the customers trust you quickly. Of course, you can permanently Remove Negative Reviews on Amazon, but there are ways to stop customers from leaving them in the first place. Here are some essential things you should do to maintain your feedback rank: 

  • Reason with your customers: negative feedback can be stressful, but remember that buyers who leave them want to address an issue. So if you think about it, you can use the reviews to your own advantage. Try to converse with customers and solve their issues in a caring, honest way. This makes them trust you even more, and if you request feedback removal, they will probably agree.
  • Get specific about products: yes, the products! Some customers believe that their bad shopping experience is related to the lack of description on the product page, and the seller is responsible for not including enough details. They will write negative feedback reviews for you as a seller. Be painfully specific if you don’t want this to happen.
  • Proactively request reviews: if you are the one who asks the customer for reviews (politely, of course), more often than not, he/she will leave a positive one for you. This is a relatively simple way to increase your positive reviews and keep the seller feedback rating high.
  • Prioritize customer care: customers really care about how you treat them, and even if they are not 100% satisfied with the product, they will enjoy respect and good service. 33% of customers will buy from your competitors after just one bad experience with you. Treat each customer like they are your only customer and do your best to keep them satisfied, even if it means spending more time with them.

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Setting Alerts to Instantly Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

You don’t have to let negative reviews sit there on Amazon’s website for people to judge you. There are tools and software that send you notifications and alerts each time you get a review. Use these to start solving the problem as soon as possible:

  • DataHawk: by getting a subscription, you will make “DataHawk’s Review Alerting Tool ” responsible for letting you know each time you get feedback. You can even Schedule alerts based on custom rules and receive email notifications.
  • Feedback Express: this is one of the oldest tools for managing Amazon feedback. Working in the market for more than 12 years has helped thousands of sellers improve their review statistics and Buy Box win rate.
  • AMZFinder: this tool allows you to use it for free for an unlimited amount of time. It is available in 8 Amazon marketplaces (without additional cost) and lets you connect with your customers efficiently and ask them for their experience.

Final Thoughts 

The most important people you need to satisfy as a seller are not your marketing assistants, prep center workers, or even Amazon security and support investigators. They are your customers. A happy and satisfied customer means more positive feedback, an improved seller rank and finally, more sales and opportunities to make money. It’s good to know how to Remove Negative Reviews on Amazon, but more importantly, you need to know how to be a better seller. Study trends, learn customer care and be sure you won’t get as many negative reviews.

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