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Running an online arbitrage business can be overwhelming sometimes: sourcing products, analyzing competition, managing inventory, and not to mention the constant need to change prices to stay competitive. Amid all these tasks, repricing can feel like the most time-consuming and mentally draining chore. If you've ever found yourself wishing for a tool that could take this burden off your shoulders, your search may end with BQool.
BQool is an excellent tool for Amazon sellers that offers a robust repricing central. This article will read BQool reviews and learn more about the features, benefits, and challenges this tool offers.

What Are the Usages of BQool for Amazon Sellers?

BQool is a comprehensive software suite for Amazon sellers that offers various tools for automating and streamlining their business. Here are some of the ways Amazon sellers can utilize BQool:

  • Repricing Listings: BQool’s most famous feature uses algorithmic adjustments to ensure your products are always competitively priced. It considers competitors’ prices, sales velocity, stock levels, and more to reprice your products.
  • Feedback Management: This tool helps Amazon sellers solicit positive reviews and quickly respond to negative ones. It also enables automated email campaigns to encourage product reviews and seller feedback.
  • Data and Competitor Analysis: BQool’s product research software gives insights into market trends and provides data on estimated sales, revenue, competition, etc.
  • Inventory Management: This solution helps Amazon sellers keep track of their inventory levels and sales data and set alerts for restocking.
  • Profit Tracking and Calculation: This feature provides real-time updates on your revenue, expenses, and profitability, considering all Amazon fees and other expenses.

Features of BQool

With so many different solutions and tools, navigating BQool’s various features may need clarification. Before checking out BQool reviews, let’s familiarize ourselves with its most prominent features:

The 5-Minute Repricing Tool

BQool Repricing Tool

According to BQool reviews, this is arguably BQool’s most notable feature that ensures your products are always competitively priced. You can customize the rules and strategies to adjust your prices based on competitors’ sales velocity, stock levels, etc. BQool’s repricer refreshes every 5-15 minutes, allowing you to take advantage of every chance to win the Buy Box. 

InventoryLab Synchronization 

InventoryLab is an inventory management software that allows sellers to streamline their sourcing and product management processes. BQool’s InventoryLab synchronization feature helps sellers eliminate duplicate actions and connect their accounts to automatically update the “cost per unit” from the InventoryLab every 12 hours. 

Price & Profit Calculator 

The embedded price and profit calculator refreshes the data with every new entry to give you the most updated fees. It lets you get close estimations of your profit margins and product ROI by considering Amazon fees, shipping costs, etc., so you can always make informed buying decisions. 

Insightful Listing Data 

BQool also allows you to monitor listing rank, offer; Buy Box win percentage, position, and fulfillment simultaneously. It also provides data on competitors handling time, expedited shipping status, and back-ordered status to help you make strategic decisions. 

Scheduled Repricing 

One feature praised in BQool reviews is the schedule repricer which gives you ultimate control over your pricing strategy by scheduling the repricing time. After setting up a schedule for a listing, it will automatically begin or stop repricing during a specific time of day. 

AI-Powered Repricer

BQool’s core focus lies in its AI-powered repricing tool, which optimizes product pricing for Amazon sellers. This AI-driven repricer follows a four-step process:

  1. Data collection 
  2. Price Optimization Algorithms
  3. Automatic price adjustment
  4. Continuous learning

By collecting data on similar items sold by other sellers and considering factors like shipping costs, seller ratings, and stock levels, the AI repricer determines the optimal price for each product. It automatically adjusts prices to maintain competitiveness while maximizing profitability. As more data is collected and market conditions change, the AI repricer continually improves its pricing predictions, making it highly effective in winning the Amazon Buy Box.

Rule-Based Repricing

The rule-based repricing options allow sellers to deploy strategies instantly, allowing them to react swiftly in the competitive Amazon marketplace. BQool’s rule-based repricer diligently monitors competitors and swiftly adjusts minimum and maximum prices to maintain competitiveness when rivals change or attempt to out-price. This unique dynamic approach contributes to the highly positive BQool reviews in the repricing tools landscape.

Conditional Repricer

Bqool Conditional Repricer

BQool’s Conditional Repricer provides a manual repricing approach based on pre-set conditions, allowing sellers to implement ‘If this, then that’ scenarios. For instance, if a specific item has no competing sellers, the repricer can be configured to increase its price by 25%. However, when other sellers offer the same item, the Price remains competitive. If competitors go out of stock, the repricer automatically increases the item’s price to meet the increased demand.

Another robust use case for the Conditional Repricer is for perishable items. Sellers can set the repricer to account for perishability and gradually reduce the price of these items until they are sold out.

BigCRM Help Desk & Feedback Solution 

The BigCRM tool helps Amazon sellers convert good customer experiences into positive reviews and provide faster and better customer support. It has buyer-seller messaging, email automation, feedback management, and review tracking features. 

Pros & Cons of BQool

Like any other tool, BQool has its strengths and weaknesses. Here is an overview of its pros and cons according to BQool reviews:


  • Comprehensive Suite of Tools: Offers a wide range of features and solutions for Amazon sellers that streamlines your operations and improves efficiency. 
  • Automation: With automated repricing, feedback management, inventory management, and profit tracking, BQool allows sellers to save a significant amount of time and effort. 
  • Customization: You can set repricing rules, create feedback solicitation templates, and more to align with your unique needs and goals. 
  • Rapid Repricing: BQool offers some of the fastest repricing times, with updates every 5-15 minutes depending on the plan. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: BQool’s platform is easy to navigate, and its dashboard gives you a clear view of critical metrics. 


  • Cost: BQool’s repricing plans are not free, and some sellers with lower volumes or tight margins may find it difficult to afford.
  • Learning Curve: Despite having a user-friendly interface, you still have to learn how to work with BQool’s tools to get the most out of their features.
  • Limited Marketplaces: BQool supports several major Amazon marketplaces like USA, CA, UK, etc., but not all.

BQool Pricing in 2024

We mentioned above that the BQool tool is not free, but how much does it cost exactly? According to BQool reviews, the tool is almost affordable, whether with a limited budget or significant capital. BQool offers both monthly and annual subscriptions for its BigCentral and Repricing Central. The plans include:

  • Repricing Central: Plans range from $25 per month to $300 per month (10% off with an annual subscription)
  • BigCentral: Plans range from $50 per month to $500 per month (10% off with an annual subscription)

BQool User Reviews

Now, it’s time to read some honest BQool reviews from their customers across the web to get a good sense of how effective it can be:

Brandon E.

“The repricing is amazingly fast, and the dashboard gives you a great overview of what’s working and what’s not. From the dashboard view, you can always know how many products have sold in the last week, month, or year, your best sellers, and your Buy Box percentage. I can’t think of another repricer with so many robust features for this price.”

Peter E.

“I like the ability to upload my costs and set minimum prices, so I never lose profit by an automatic reprice. This allows me to choose when to clear out at a low price. Importing is key for me because I have to have the ability to set up repricing for my expanding catalog quickly, and BQool enables me to do so.”

Holly J.

“We took the plunge with using a repricer in 2016 – something we swore we would never do. But as our number of items offered grew, we found the need for a repricer to be well worth the upfront cost. Now, when we add a new product, we head straight to BQool to add in our mins, max, and costs. It takes care of the rest for us, and much of the babysitting has been lifted from our shoulders.”

BQool vs. Competitors

You may have heard of other repricer tools in the market, such as SellerEngine, RepricerExpress, etc. Since choosing the best repricer can be pretty confusing and difficult, we will compare BQool with some competitors to give you a headstart:

ProductsAll-in-one suite of tools for Amazon sellers, including repricing, feedback management, inventory management, etc.Specializes in repricing and product research and also offers Amazon seller consultingFocused on repricing, with additional features like profit calculation
RepricingAutomated repricing with customizable rules, 5-15 minute repricing intervals depending on the planIntelligent repricing with the ability to set minimum and maximum price thresholdsAutomated repricing supports multiple marketplaces
ChannelsSupports multiple major Amazon marketplaces but not allSupports multiple Amazon marketplacesSupports Amazon and eBay
SupportEmail, live chat, and online resourcesEmail, phone support, and extensive online resourcesEmail, live chat, and extensive online resources
Competitor TrackingYesYesYes
Performance ReportsYesYesYes
Buy Box PredictorYesYesYes
Net Margin RepricingYesYesYes
1:1 Repricing WorkshopYesYesYes

Best Amazon Repricing Tools in 2024

Amazon Repricing Tools

When selecting a repricing tool; it’s crucial to consider your business needs, pricing, support, and ease of use to find the best fit for your business strategy. Now that we have read BQool reviews and are familiar with this tool, let’s get to know some other reliable repricer tools and best Amazon Chrome extensions:

SellerEngine Plus

SellerEngine Plus offers a comprehensive solution with customizable repricing strategies and efficient inventory management. The tool monitors competitors continuously and adjusts prices based on predefined repricing rules.


RepricerExpress is a user-friendly repricing tool designed for Amazon and eBay sellers. It automates pricing strategies to stay competitive, win the Buy Box, and increase sales. The tool supports multi-channel selling, enabling sellers to manage pricing strategies across Amazon and eBay platforms.

Informed. Co

Informed. Co is an advanced repricing tool that allows sellers to customize repricing strategies based on their business goals and market conditions. Informed. Co provides in-depth analytics and reporting on sales performance, repricing strategy, and insights on pricing products to win the Buy Box.

Final Thoughts

Repricing tools like BQool have the potential to revolutionize Amazon businesses by automating price adjustments and offering intelligent strategies aligned with business goals. By reading BQool reviews, we discover that this tool can help us save time and increase sales, improving our chances of winning the Buy Box.

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  10. The extensive seller tools and analytics provided by Amazon give you valuable insights into your sales performance, customer behavior, and market trends.

  11. The buy box algorithm on Amazon gives preference to FBA sellers, increasing their chances of winning the buy box and driving more sales.

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