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The process from product research to listing products on Amazon consists of many work steps and strategic decisions, which are difficult to make without the correct information and online arbitrage tools. The right tools usually speed up processes and simplify your life as an FBA seller. Amazon doesn't inherently provide enough real-time metrics to make crucial decisions based on accurate data. In this article will introduce the essential tools for online arbitrage that you can use to handle every step of your Amazon business professionally.

Benefits of Using Online Arbitrage Tools

The best online arbitrage tools offer almost unlimited possibilities for sellers who use this business model on Amazon. Regardless of the size of the seller’s company, specific tools can be beneficial when listing the products on Amazon and processing the orders. Even if you are already a successful seller on Amazon, many tools offer assistance in the form of automation for the many tasks that need to be completed.

Online Arbitrage tools offer many benefits, including 

  • Transparency – You can see the profits at a glance and filter out non-profitable items.
  • Automation – Amazon tools automate e-mails, forward shipment information to shipping service providers, price adjustments, and other processes.
  • Research – Amazon online arbitrage software, allows you to do keyword and product research effectively. 
  • Alert Functions – These tools inform you about the best price, changes in fees, etc.

Different Types of Online Arbitrage Tools

As a seller on Amazon, it’s better to get all the help and automotive tools there are out there. here are different types of OA tools, that can help you in your journey:

Sourcing List Tools

Sourcing list providers are among the most practical and useful ones. They give you data-driven, up-to-date product lists to source your inventory from. For example, OABeans is a website that provides its users with daily lists, purchase links, and prices. with these arbitrage leads, you can make informed buying decisions.


just like sourcing websites, these also provide leads for your online arbitrage purchases. a software can be good for sellers who travel a lot, or have a portable inventory.

Chrome extensions

with automated processes and functional data, Chrome extensions go through the websites, see your decisions, and help make them better by giving product descriptions, price tracking, and in simple words: making things easier for you.

Repricing tools

Repricres gather data from other shops and automatically change the price of any given product, based on data. this helps your prices stay competitive in the market.

Profit calculators

Have been selling for a while and still don’t know how much you’re making? just give the sales data to these tools, and receive a detailed report on your profit and costs.

Free vs. Paid Online Arbitrage Tools

Since some of the best tools for online arbitrage are free and some require payment, we’ll need to know the difference between them first and act accordingly. A free online arbitrage software offers it’s services for free, but they are usually slower or don’t offer a lot of valuable data. In comparison, paid tools are more complicated, offer more functions, and provide more professional data. 

That said, let’s review the best online arbitrage tools for Amazon: 

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage tools
Features and PricingPros and Cons
A massive database of supported websites and countriesAdvanced matching algorithmAllows you to run the scan in two ways: cached or live Powerful product search page

Pricing: $50-$95 per month
+ Reduces the time it takes to search for products+ Great customer service and support 

– The plans can be pretty expensive – You can’t get product searches in some inferior plans offered

Tactical Arbitrage is an Amazon arbitrage software that supports you in your Amazon business. The program finds products that you can sell profitably on Amazon. It searches Amazon, retail, and wholesale sites.

Here is code to make your Tactical Arbitrage purchase easier:

TAOABEANS10: a free 10-day trial


Features and PricingPros and Cons
Users can compare the analyzed data of over 20 million productsWebsite scanner for finding last-minute deals Graphical representation of the pricing policies 

Pricing: $97 per month
+ Saves you a lot of time and effort + Stores historical data based on your usage + Includes brand restrictions checker and stock checker
– Does not do live searches – There may be mismatches here and there

SourceMogul is another online arbitrage software that allows sellers to find products to resell on Amazon and earn profits using the price difference between markets. It’s known as a pocket-friendly option and allows you to search by retailer or Amazon category.

OABeans FBA Calculator

OABeans FBA calculator
Features and PricingPros and Cons
Free FBA revenue calculator for both beginners and veterans Provides data about FBA cost, Amazon referral fees, storage fees, landed cost, total profit, and total profit margin 

Pricing: Free! 
+ Easy to use + Completely free + It is an Excel file that you can use offline any time you want
– Users have not mentioned any negative points.

OABeans is one of the service providers that offer various online arbitrage tools. One of these tools is the free Amazon FBA calculator that you can download and use offline whenever you want. All you have to do is enter your email address and download the calculator Excel file from your inbox, and you’re good to go! 


Features and PricingPros and Cons
Net profit, ROI, and margin estimates current sales rank 90-day average statsFBA fee, margin, and ROI calculator 

Pricing: $99.99 per year
+ Offers a 30-day free trial + Works across all laptops and desktops+ User-friendly cancellation process

– Only works on Google Chrome – Can’t be used on phones and tablets 

Revseller is a Google Chrome extension that helps you make better decisions about the products you want to buy. It allows you to see valuable data such as profitability calculations and other product-related information at a glance. You can check out the complete Revseller reviews here. 


Features and PricingPros and Cons
You get cash-back rewards for shopping through Swagbucks. The “Discover” section is great for deal hunting. Chrome extension “SwagButton”, alerts you if the site you’re visiting offers cashback.

Pricing: $ per month
+ 18 ways to earn money and gift cards + Up to 10% cash back for shopping through Swagbucks + $5 sign-up bonus

– Points add up slowly – slow customer service 

Swagbucks is a website that offers a Chrome extension called SwagButton. Using this extension; you will know if the sites you are visiting offer cashback. 


GoAura tool for Amazon sellers.
Features and PricingPros and Cons
Instant repricing Bulk import/exportAutomatically set your Minimum/Maximum pricesImport costs from inventory

Pricing: $97 per month
+ 14-day free trial + Transparent pricing + Clean, fast, and responsive dashboard 
– Some AI features are not launched yet – Only covers Amazon US, CA, and MX 

Aura is an Amazon repricer that automatically adjusts your product prices on your behalf. It follows a set of guidelines established by you and frees your time for product research. 

Features and PricingPros and Cons
Compare cashback rates on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Allows you to obtain discounts in the form of cashback.

Pricing: Free!
+ Easy-to-use + Referral program gets you $25 per referral + Some stores offer up to 20% cash back 
– Can easily overspend – Only receive cash back 4 times a year 


Rakuten is another of online arbitrage tool with a downloadable browser extension. You shop at your favorite stores (over 3500 to choose from), and Rakuten pays you through PayPal or a check once every quarter. 

Jungle Scout

Features and PricingPros and Cons
Research and track products Find suppliers for products Perform keyword research create and optimize listings.

Pricing: $29-$129 per month
+ Presents actual data on current products + Alerts changes with competitors+ Provides daily sales snapshots
– Too many features cause cluttering – Their fee structure is very confusing 

Jungle Scout is one of the best online arbitrage software for product research. Its functions for comparing alternative manufacturers for products and other tools that support you in product research are particularly exciting.

Helium 10

Helium 10 tool for Amazon sellers.
Features and PricingPros and Cons
Campaign management and customizable branding Order management Reporting/analytics Inventory tracking 

Pricing: Starts from $39 per month
+ An all-in-one platform + Offers a free plan + Offers some of the best optimization, reverse ASIN, and product validation tools
– Does not have a supplier base – Has a steep learning curve 

Helium 10 is one of the most used Amazon online arbitrage tools. Over 20 innovative functions make Helium 10 an all-rounder that sellers can fully rely on for many processes. 

Seller Assistant Deals

Seller assistant deals is a marketplace, where buyers and sellers can trade deals among themselves. It’s like a market where the products are OA deals, and you can buy from researchers and even sell your researched deals. this website is great both for newbies and experienced sellers.


This one is a service for profit analytics, and can greatly help your calculating and money management. SellerBoard has different tools for management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock, PPC optimizer, and listing change alerts. by using it, you will stay on top of your account management game.


Features and PricingPros and Cons
Provides real-time pricesReveals hidden prices (US only) 

Pricing: Free! 
+ Remains invisible until it finds a deal + Is 100% free 

– Is only compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome

InvisibleHand is a browser extension that is always looking for cheaper deals on products you are looking for. It works by analyzing your search, finding similar products with the same query, and alerting you about the cheapest deals. 


Features and PricingPros and Cons
Keepa Deals (find discounted deals) Keepa Data (a dashboard for researching products) Keepa Track (monitor price changes) Offers a Chrome extension. 

Pricing: Freemium ($20/month for full access)
+ Provides all the pricing details of a given product+ The graphs appear right under the item’s picture 
– Not completely free – Hard to navigate at first

Keepa is a simple price-tracking tool that helps sellers keep track of current prices. It evaluates price developments over longer periods. Keepa can be used as a free browser extension. 

Seller Assistant App / IP-Alert

Features and PricingPros and Cons
On-page FBA and FBM calculator Sales and profit estimator Break-even point and targeted ROIExport to Google Sheets 

Pricing: $15 per month
+ Offers a 14-day free trial + Saves you time for product analysis + Autosave history of listing visits 
– Does not offer search by image 

Seller Assistant app is a Chrome extension that allows Amazon sellers to search for profitable products. It also offers an FBA calculator, advanced IP alerts, a stock checker, a quick view, etc. You can check out the complete Seller Assistant reviews here. 

Find the best Deals with OABeans

OABeans is an online arbitrage sourcing website that provides real-time deals, updated prices, and viable sources for buying products. The lists are tailored to your needs and won’t require you to manually change them later. Here are a few things OABeans does to help you get the most reliable leads:

  • We check the sourcing site’s hosts and ensure it’s not newly registered; it’s based in the US, and customers can trust it. 
  • We read comments and reviews about each website to ensure none of our sourcing lists are scammers. 
  • We search for the supplier’s name on FaceBook. This helps us review the comments, monitor the brand’s activity, and see whether it’s updated and actively selling and communicating with its customers. Each of our sourcing sites should have free shipping. So, we ensure that the ones on our database have free shipping options.
  • We want our customers to find sourcing websites here that they can’t get by searching. Our lists provide new, convenient websites that are specifically suggested for you. These manual-made lists help you get the stocks you need with a higher chance and with more affordable prices.
  • Our lists are checked and validated (shown with green color), helping arbitragers see where they are sourcing.
  • We care a lot about custom reports. We read reviews about our suppliers and double-check them if they receive negative comments. If bad reviews arise, we delete the site from our list.
OABeans has profitable online arbitrage deals offer.

Final Thoughts

The wide variety of Amazon online arbitrage tools can be overwhelming for newbies. Ultimately, however, this is a great advantage because you get very high-quality functions for all areas at reasonable prices. By testing selected tools, you can quickly discover which suite and individual solutions you don’t want to do without in your Amazon tool kit.

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