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Amazon arbitrage seller scanner apps can boost your sales with new opportunities.
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Arbitrage is the traditional way of taking advantage of differences in various marketplaces. Nowadays, many people sell their products on Amazon by using Retail Arbitrage. If you would like to make money and beat your competitors on Amazon with Retail Arbitrage, follow this post to learn how to do this. Generally, Amazon arbitrage seller scanner apps can boost your sales with new opportunities. You also reach millions of potential customers every day. In this post, you will learn more about Amazon seller scanner Apps and how to choose among them.

What is Amazon Retail Arbitrage?

It is one of the business models you can use to sell on Amazon. It has a simple concept. Retail Arbitrage is the act of buying discounted products at a low price from retail and mortar stores and reselling them at a higher price on Amazon. You can make a good profit from this price differentiation.

Finding profitable products is essential to the success of your retail business. So, if you want to keep everything going smoothly, it would be great to use suitable tools.


What is an Amazon Seller Scanner App?

An Amazon seller scanner app is a tool for retail arbitrage sellers to scan the product barcode and get helpful information on that product.

These tools let the sellers see how the product in real-time performs based on its metrics and give them its price history data, approximate profit, and eligibility to sell that item.

Best Amazon Seller Scanner Apps

Third-party sellers who use Retail Arbitrage for their business can download an Amazon seller scanner app on their smartphones.

These apps can help sellers know their competitors and maximize their returns in the quickest and most efficient possible way. Besides, these scanner apps provide important product data such as current price, sales rank history, and the number of sellers by scanning the product’s barcode. With all of this information, sellers can decide whether this particular product is suitable for selling on Amazon.

ScanPower & ScoutIQ are the best Amazon seller scanner apps.

The most fantastic Amazon seller scanner apps are listed below.

1) Amazon Seller App

Even if you don’t use Retail Arbitrage on Amazon, the Amazon seller app is the essential app you will need. As it is free, you can install and use it without worrying.

Amazon seller app is one of the best scanner apps.

·        How to Use the Amazon Seller Scanner App?

After downloading and installing the Amazon Seller app, you can scan a product barcode in the physical stores. Here are the steps:

  1. Peel the top layer of the sticker.
  2. Start the Amazon mobile app.
  3. Select the search bar in the app.
  4. Choose “Scan It.”
  5. Place your smartphone camera in front of the code.
  6. Center the code on the screen. Scanning will finish after a few seconds. You will have access to a page containing information about the product.

·        How to Scan Products with Amazon Seller Scanner App?

You can quickly scan through products when you are in a local store. Having a smartphone is the main requirement. Then, you must download an Amazon barcode scanner app and activate its barcode scanning feature. Launch scanning the product barcode on the packaging. The Amazon scanning app will give you the data within seconds. It will give you an overview of the product’s current price on Amazon. The number of sellers, average price, potential profit, price change, and if Amazon sells the same item are available.

·        Is Amazon Seller App Legit?

Actually, it is a full suite of tools and is free of charge. The merchants can manage their business on Amazon with the help of the Amazon Seller app. It is legal and reliable, but you need to have an Amazon seller account.

2) ScanPower

It provides live pricing data on Amazon for sellers. You can even reach your desired products by typing a keyword and looking for that. This app allows you to send data to your desktop and reflect on it when you are out of the home. It is also available in a web browser form named ScanPower Scout. The subscription fee is $49 for a basic monthly plan for 2 account users.


  • Find profitable products using a barcode, ASIN, ISBN, or UPC
  • Ability to create 2D barcodes with ScanPower Boxt
  • Shows whether or not Amazon sells a product
  • ScanPower allows sellers to immediately create an Amazon listing and print the FBA label in one step.
  • ScanPower Evaluate calculates the net payout of each product
  • Keep track of your cost of goods sold (COGS) and return on investment (ROI)


  • Missing back button on the search pages causing duplicating scan
  • Does not work with an Amazon Individual account
  • Quite expensive

 3) Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is one of the best Amazon seller scanner apps.

This app is connected to Amazon’s API, and you access live lookup, it has the most up-to-date results. It has many features such as scanning barcodes, manual search, sales rank, restricted item notification, and your Amazon profit. Profit Bandit calculates profit based on 15 factors, including Amazon fees, weight, taxes, cost of goods, and shipping. You can get 20 products for free. The subscription fee is $9.99.


  • Affordable app
  • Shows availability of Amazon Buy Box
  • Indicate product weight
  • Can calculate net profit and ROI
  • Shows the estimated profits


  • Doesn’t link to Keepa
  • Needs a reliable internet connection
  • Lack of database scanning mode

4) Scoutly

It was formerly known as FBAScan. If your internet connection is not strong enough while seeking products to sell, Scoutly is very helpful and convenient. It works offline. Besides, Scoutly is the only app with a complete Amazon pricing database on your phone. It is available in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Its monthly plan starts from $9.95.


  • Integrates Keepa charts
  • Set up product-specific profit triggers by Amazon
  • Can be used even when offline
  • Shows average sales rank


  • A 30-day free trial is available only in the Professional plan
  • Has a tendency to crash during scans
  • Downloading the databases will take up phone space


The best app for Amazon sellers who focus on selling books is ScoutIQ.

The best app for Amazon sellers who focus on selling books is ScoutIQ. It is also possible to scan other categories, but it is ideal for scanning books. Working without an internet connection is one of its benefits. It means you can download the Amazon products database and scan products quickly. You must pay $14 monthly for just live mode only.


  • The feature eSCORE measures how often a book has sold in the past 6 months.
  • Can also find the historical demand for a book.
  • Set “accept or reject” triggers with sound notifications.
  • Integrating with book buyback websites, it gets an immediate quote.


  • The database takes a while to download
  • It can be a little clunky

6) Scoutify2

With the help of this app, you can scan products’ barcodes using camera phones. It provides you with the following information: product potential profit, price on Amazon, ranking, and more. In addition, it is possible to connect this app with Amazon prices tracking software like Camel Camel Came and Keepa. It costs $49 monthly.


  • Calculate net profit and ROI
  • Scanning is much faster than the Amazon Seller app
  • Indicate net profit and ROI


  • Only available with an Inventory Lab subscription

7) Keepa

Keepa can scan barcodes and understand a detailed product’s price history along with multiple data points, including review count, product rating, and new offers. A premium subscription costs $15 per month.

Initially, Keepa was a web price tracking tool. Later on, it introduced an app version for the convenience of third-party sellers. They can scan barcodes and understand a detailed product’s price history along with multiple data points, including review count, product rating, and new offers. A premium subscription costs $15 per month.


  • Search for deals on Amazon
  • See historical data since the product entered the market
  • With a paid subscription, it provides detailed sales history charts
  • View the best selling products on Amazon


  • Customer experience will be smoother if it improves its functions.

8) Neatopricer

It is known as a multiple-purpose Amazon seller tool. Initially, it provides lightning-fast Amazon price comparisons for Amazon sellers. It can work offline by downloading a database that contains more than 18 million items from Amazon.

So even if you don’t have access to wi-fi or signal, by using Neatoprice, you can still do your Retail Arbitrage. It helps you scan products and reaches the price details and sales info. You have access to 14 days trial and must pay $50 for a monthly subscription for one license.


  • Large font mode for tired eyes
  • Use PDA (Portable Data Assistant)
  • Provides lightning fast Amazon price comparisons
  • Live and offline database lookups
  • Hide pricing info (for employees)


  • Local database is not 100% accurate (not as accurate as live)
  • Relatively expensive
  • You need to download local DB every week (or daily)


Final Thoughts

The necessity of more apps for sellers’ convenience is more apparent as the Amazon marketplace expands. Retail Arbitrage is one of the popular selling models, although it requires doing the legwork. Finding lucrative products through the aisles of Walmart or Target is taxing physically and mentally. So, it is critical to arm yourself with the right app while sourcing items for your Retail Arbitrage business on Amazon. You can start using each app for free for a limited time and discover how it works.

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  2. One of the challenges of Amazon online arbitrage is staying organized and keeping track of inventory, expenses, and profits.

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  4. With Amazon’s customer-centric approach, online arbitrage sellers can benefit from a positive buying experience, leading to repeat business and loyal customers.

  5. The thrill of finding discounted items and turning them into profitable sales through retail arbitrage on Amazon is both financially rewarding and personally satisfying.

  6. The Amazon platform provides a secure and reliable selling environment, protecting both resellers and buyers.

  7. By leveraging Amazon’s vast customer base and global reach, retail arbitrage on Amazon allows you to tap into a massive market of potential buyers.

  8. By engaging in online arbitrage, you can continually discover new product opportunities and adapt to changing market dynamics.

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