Amazon Renewed 2024 Guide

Amazon Renewed 2023 Guide
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The process of selling pre-owned items online – or “re-commerce” – has become the newest trend among sellers. Even Amazon has provided the opportunity for sellers to take advantage of this trend and sell products in various categories such as “open-box”, “pre-owned”, and “refurbished”. This practice not only benefits sellers by enabling them to earn big profits by selling refurbished items but is also a great way to find incredible deals on merchandise for buyers. In this Amazon Renewed guide, you’ll learn how this program works and how you can start selling pre-owned or refurbished items on the Amazon marketplace.

What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is a program that allows third-party sellers to sell pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box products. All products must be professionally cleaned, inspected, and tested by an Amazon-qualified supplier or specialized third-party refurbisher before being repackaged to look brand new and listed on the marketplace. The products must also be backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee so that the buyers are protected in case of the item malfunctioning. 

It’s worth noting in this Amazon Renewed guide that you don’t necessarily have to list your used items as Renewed. It’s already allowed to sell used items on amazon as long as they meet the guidelines. The difference is that Amazon Renewed standards are stricter, so the item has to be inspected and certified to work like new. This way, buyers can place more confidence in their purchase. 

What Can I Sell on Amazon Renewed?

Due to Amazon’s high standards, some products may not qualify for listing as Renewed. However, you can sell various products, including computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras, gaming equipment, home and kitchen appliances, smartwatches, etc. Of course, these products must come with all components and accessories, just like a brand-new item. 

So, how can we start selling with the Amazon Renewed program? Let’s find out! 

1) Create an Amazon Seller Account 

If you don’t already have an account on seller central, you need to make one. After deciding your selling strategy, go to the Amazon website and create a seller account. You must choose a seller plan (Professional or Individual) and provide some information such as a business email address, a credit card, a government ID, tax information, a phone number, and a bank account. If you manufacture your products and have a brand, you can also consider joining Amazon Brand Registry. 

To continue your Amazon journey, you should first learn how to use amazon seller central.

2) Meet the Criteria for Amazon Renewed 

You must meet certain criteria to get approved for selling Renewed items

You must meet certain criteria to get approved for selling Renewed items. For example, you must supply invoices for at least $50,000 worth of qualifying refurbished purchases in the last 90 days before the application date. During the same period, you must also have an Order Defect Rate (ODR) of 0.8% or less. We’ll talk about the additional requirements in a bit. 

3) Apply for Amazon Renewed and Start Selling! 

After creating your Amazon seller account and gathering all the requirements, you can submit your application through the program website or by emailing Amazon at [email protected] and providing the necessary documentation.  Amazon will let you know if you get approved within 10 business days. After getting approved, you can add your Renewed products to existing listings or make new ones for them. 

What Are the Requirements to Join Amazon Renewed?

The next thing we will discuss in this Amazon Renewed guide is the requirements for joining the Renewed program. Sellers must meet the criteria to list their Renewed products on Amazon: 

  • A seller account with an Order Defect Rate of 0.8% or less in the past 60 days 
  • Supply invoices for all purchase orders totaling $50,000 (or more for some brands like Apple) from qualifying refurbished purchases within the last 90 days before the application date 
  • Proof of experience selling refurbished items, including sales volume, type of items sold, etc. 
  • Inspected, cleaned, and repaired products (if it’s a refurbished item) and tested by a manufacturer or third-party refurbisher
  • A minimum of 10 images of a sample unit and its packaging. The images must contain the following: 
  • The box in which the product will be shipped 
  • The product’s box (brown/white), which will go inside the shipping box 
  • The items inside the product box (with packaging) 
  • Product pictures from top to bottom 
  • Meet the Amazon Renewed Quality policy 
  • Additional documentation regarding the product inspection process (for some brands)

What are Amazon Renewed Products?

Most eligible products for the Amazon Renewed program are from the electronics category, but there are also home appliances, tools, and other items

Most eligible products for the Amazon Renewed program are from the electronics category, but there are also home appliances, tools, and other items, including: 

  • Air conditioners 
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Embroidery machines 
  • Graphing and scientific calculators 
  • Outdoor blowers and vacuums 
  • Pneumatic tools 
  • Refrigerators 
  • Sound and recording equipment 

Amazon Renewed Product Categories

If your item can be placed in any of the following categories, you can list it on Amazon Renewed: 


Products removed from their original packaging but not used by the buyer. This category usually includes unused returns or products that were used as demos in unboxing videos. 


Products that were used and showed signs of usage. It includes returned products that have been lightly used. 


Products that were used and returned due to a fault in them. These items must be repaired before being sold.

Pros & Cons of Amazon Renewed Program 

Another important aspect that we must discuss in this Amazon Renewed guide is the pros and cons of this program. Weighing the potential benefits and challenges can help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you:  


  • Less competition due to higher standards of entry and being an “exclusive” program 
  • Allows you to reach a whole different demographic of consumers and convert them into loyal customers 
  • Your products get backed by Amazon with a 90-day guarantee, which means Amazon will cover return costs for dissatisfied buyers during those 90 days
  • Easy order fulfillment with the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program, which allows you to send your products to fulfillment centers and let Amazon employees handle picking, packing, and shipping them


  • It may not be the right choice for your brand, especially if you sell luxury items 
  • Renewed products appear in the search results alongside new products, which means you have to ensure that customers can differentiate between the two. 
  • If the discount on Renewed products is too steep, arbitrage sellers may buy and resell them at a higher price on another marketplace, such as eBay.

What is the Difference Between Used, Refurbished & Pre-Owned Items?

During this Amazon Renewed guide, we came across the words “used”, “refurbished,” and “pre-owned,”; but what do they mean? “Refurbished” usually points to items that were returned, inspected, fixed, and repackaged for sale. These items were returned due to a fault but have since been repaired and repackaged. 

Items that are “pre-owned” are second-hand and do not come directly from the manufacturer. However, they might be new and unused, as the buyer might have never opened or used their packaging. Used items, on the other hand, are products that were used by the previous owner, in less-than-optimal condition, and may have damage. 

When it comes to deciding between selling on the Renewed program or selling used items as a regular seller, the former is more recommended. This is because Amazon guarantees all Renewed purchases, and it gives you the possibility to win the buy box. 

Final Thoughts

In this Amazon Renewed guide, we discussed selling via the Renewed program, which is great for sellers with items that can be sorted as open-box, pre-owned, or refurbished. We know you can sell used items in various conditions as a regular seller, but that doesn’t give you the opportunity to win the buy box. Amazon Renewed products are also backed and guaranteed by Amazon, so customers can be more confident in their purchase decision. 

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