What Is Amazon’s Honeymoon Period & When Does It Start?

Amazon honeymoon
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Amazon honeymoon period has been the topic of arguments and discussions between online arbitrage sellers. The frequently asked questions are about the time of this phenomenon, when it starts and how long it lasts, why it happens, and how the sellers can benefit from it. Some sellers who have experienced the period of honeymoon, are looking for a second chance. We try to answer all of the important questions regarding the honeymoon. But first, let’s see what the Amazon honeymoon period is.

What Is the Amazon Honeymoon Period?

There’s no document or test about Amazon honeymoon because Amazon didn’t create it intentionally. Amazon honeymoon period is derived from Amazon search algorithm for product listing and its principals are Amazon’s secrets.

Amazon’s algorithms help shoppers find the best and relevant search results to boost sales. Sellers can promote their business by adding keywords to the item’s title, descriptions, uploading better images, getting reviews, and so on. The product sale history plays an important role in search ranking. It means if your product is sold better, it is shown to the customers in the higher rank. But what about the new products that are launched recently?

New products have no sales history so Amazon cannot identify the sales potential and rank them according to the conversion rate. So, Amazon uses a new solution to rank the new products. It ranks them based on the keywords, images, descriptions, and so on after launching to ensure the new products get enough exposure in front of the customers.

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When Does Honeymoon Period Start? How Long Does Honeymoon Last?

Amazon starts searching after your products reach Amazon’s warehouses or your listing goes live and ready for sale. So, you should optimize your listing before your items reach Amazon and are ready for sale. The experiments show that Amazon’s search algorithm needs about 4 weeks to find out the sales potential and analyze conversion rate and sale history. After the period of honeymoon, your product is normally and based on sales history. That’s why we suggest the sellers get ready beforehand to the benefit of the honeymoon period. This preparation includes working on the keywords, improving image, requesting a review, and sending enough products so you don’t run out of inventory.

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How to Get Second Honeymoon Period Chance?

A few sellers don’t know anything about the Amazon honeymoon period while they are launching their listing. So, they want to find another chance to promote their items better. A second honeymoon is possible, but it’s not a true “second” honeymoon. You need to relaunch or restart the product listing.

If you change or restart your entire listing (title, image, keyword, description) completely, Amazon’s algorithm needs to rank your listing again. But it’s a double-edged sword, your listing will lose all of its history and ranking. Another way is relaunching. It means you create a new ASIN for your product and start everything again.

Notice that relaunching or restating can not be a good way for successful listings because it throws away all the good reviews and ranks. But if your products are not successful and you want to start everything from scratch, relaunching helps you to throw all the bad history and reviews away and get the benefits of the honeymoon period too.

Final Thoughts

Our experiments show that the Amazon honeymoon period isn’t just a rumor and it’s a solution that Amazon uses to rank the new listings. Sellers can get the benefits of this period if they improve their knowledge and get ready for it. Although the second honeymoon period chance can help the sellers with the negative reviews, we don’t suggest it to the sellers with the successful listing. Because it throws all the positive reviews and sale rank away. If you wanna know more about online arbitrage deals and other related topics, follow our blog.

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