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More and more people turn to Amazon as the best marketplace to buy almost any product. They don't care that the brand is unknown. They care about the 'reviews': if customers praise it, the price is reasonable, and the descriptions and photos of the product are convincing, they buy it. Amazon's power is so great that it has created a new business model: flipping on Amazon.
Its concept is simple: you buy a product from a marketplace (e.g., local stores, garage sales, online marketplaces such as eBay, and even Amazon itself), and you resell the product at a higher price on Amazon. If you’re interested, keep reading to learn more about how to start an Amazon flipping business.

What is Amazon Flipping?

In a nutshell, Amazon flipping means selling a product on Amazon at a higher price than what you purchased it for. It’s an easy way to make profits, and many marketplaces and stores sell products at different prices where you can source products. With some wit and strategy, you can turn the price difference across marketplaces into opportunities. Here, the critical factor is identifying the right products and finding items that are easy to sell. 

Now, you may wonder if Amazon flipping is the same as retail or online arbitrage. Arbitrage – whether online or retail – is essentially the same as flipping. Retail arbitrage is when you buy items from local stores and retail shops to flip on Amazon for a profit. It involves visiting large retail outlets to look for clearance items, diminished stock, or liquidation, comparing the store’s prices to Amazon, and purchasing products you can sell for a profit. Online arbitrage is the same process, except through retail store websites and online marketplaces like eBay. This is more straightforward and less time-consuming compared to retail arbitrage

Why Should You Use Amazon to Flip Products?

So, why do we say flipping on Amazon instead of other marketplaces? First of all, Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace. You probably already know this, but did you also know that Amazon has over 200 million Prime subscribers worldwide, with 147 million in the US alone? Starting a business on Amazon gives you access to this enormous customer base. Secondly, this platform’s fulfillment method is FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which saves you a lot of hassle. If you choose the FBA method, all you have to do is ship your inventory to an Amazon warehouse or fulfillment center. Amazon will be responsible for delivering and shipping your products to customers, handling customer service, and managing returns. This frees up a lot of time you can invest in product research, listing optimization, and marketing. 

Of course, Amazon’s FBA services are not free, but they remove many complications and simplify flipping on Amazon for you. This way, you won’t have to hire new workers or buy a warehouse to store your products. 

Does Amazon Flipping Still Work?

The practice of buying and reselling items for a profit has been around for many years, and it has taken various shapes over time. You can look for products in brick-and-mortar stores if you’re not a fan of working with the computer or the internet (retail arbitrage), and you can do the same thing from home if you want to work in your pajamas. These methods can be profitable if you create the right strategy and find the right products. 

What’s more, Amazon is not going anywhere. It is only getting more successful yearly – the numbers will tell you everything! So, in short, Amazon flipping still works and will continue to work for the foreseeable future. 

How Much Can You Make Flipping on Amazon?

Most Amazon sellers make up to $25,000 annually. Of course, you can’t make all this money from day one, but with the right products, a winning strategy, and Amazon Advertising, you can put your products in front of more buyers and increase your revenue. Just read the story of Ty Blunt, a 26-year-old entrepreneur who makes over a million dollars a year by flipping on Amazon. 

How Can I Find Products to Flip on Amazon? 

Man is looking for products to flip on Amazon.

What is good or bad always depends on the context and is usually very subjective. However, Amazon also has some objective criteria that can be used to evaluate a product to determine if it is suitable for Amazon flipping: 

  • High search volume – The product should have a high search volume. A high search volume occurs when prospective buyers in the Amazon search bar frequently search for the product.
  • Little competition – A good product is characterized by relatively little competition. Some niches are already so flooded and occupied by “top dogs” that it doesn’t make sense to enter them as newcomers. The competition can be reduced by offering a truly unique product that does not yet exist on the market or is offered by a few sellers. This is an opportunity to stand out from the competition.
  • Not seasonal – To achieve consistently high sales throughout the year, at least at the beginning, it is advisable to try to find a product that is bought regardless of the season. Products such as Christmas tree decorations are therefore not recommended for beginners.
  • Low weight – The product’s weight shouldn’t bring up problems when shipping to or storing in Amazon warehouses. Small and light products have an advantage when flipping on Amazon, as they take up less space and can even be shipped by air if necessary.
  • Combinability – It is also good if a product can be combined, i.e., it can become part of an entire product portfolio that appeals to the same buyers over and over again. This lets you draw buyers’ attention to your other products or sell complementary ones.
  • Free from infringements – Of course, the product should not violate the rights of others, such as design or patent rights, and it should comply with all of Amazon’s rules and restrictions. Otherwise, you risk your account getting suspended by Amazon.
  • High-profit margin – Finally, it is also essential that the product has a sufficiently high-profit margin.

All OABeans sourcing lists are made with all the above considerations in Mind. We make sure to provide you with product suggestions that can be profitable all year round and are among the top sellers on Amazon.

With that in mind, let’s find out where you can source products to flip on Amazon:

1) Other Websites 

This method – also called online arbitrage – is much easier and less time-consuming than the other methods. It involves searching for products across online websites and marketplaces to resell on Amazon. Prices can be very different between various marketplaces so that profits can be much higher here. It’s a simple way to flip on Amazon and does not require traveling. 

2) Amazon Itself 

While this sounds like the most convenient method because you buy and sell on the same platform, it’s also risky. Flipping an item on the same marketplace, you bought it from makes it more challenging to make a profit – if a customer sees the same listing you found, they will know that they can purchase the product at a lower price so they won’t buy it from you.

3) Local Stores

Buying items from local stores to flip them on Amazon.

This is one of the best places to source products for Amazon flipping because sometimes you can find gems in your local stores that can get you huge profits on Amazon. The downside is that you have to pay gas money and visit various stores to search for products, which is more time-consuming than doing the whole process online. 

4) Garage Sales 

This is more complex than the other options because you have to find garage sales to attend, and it requires more traveling. However, it offers the benefit of potentially finding rare items that customers can’t easily find on the Amazon marketplace, which gives you a competitive advantage when flipping on Amazon.

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Best Items to Flip on Amazon

To help you unleash your creativity, here are some of the best items you can flip on Amazon. There is no silver bullet to finding the perfect product. Regardless, some items are more successful than others:

1) Vintage Clothes 

We live in a time when buying second-hand clothes is very much in demand, so why not use them to our advantage? People are more conscious of their carbon footprints nowadays, which means they buy used clothes instead of throwing them out and buying new ones. However, if you want to flip vintage clothes on Amazon, you must understand fashion well. This way, you can develop innovative ideas like focusing on out-of-season couture clothing that can make you huge profits! 

2) Limited Edition Trainers 

Famous shoe brands such as Nike often release limited edition trainers that cause insufficient supply due to the high demand. Because of the limited supply, customers and shoe collectors who couldn’t get their hands on one of these products are willing to pay more. Plus, limited edition trainers can sell for much more (even after a few years) because they become rarer and trends come back into fashion. If you are interested in shoe trends or footwear fashion, this is an excellent option for you – as long as you can buy the trainers at a retail price before flipping on Amazon. 

3) Clearance Items 

Clearance items from a website or retailer are usually highly discounted, which gives you a bigger profit margin. These items are usually put into clearance because of a stock surplus or because they haven’t sold well at the original price. The key here is finding products that are so in demand that they are worth the money you spend. You can also look for limited edition products, popular brands, or seasonal items. 

4) Sports Equipment 

Just like vintage clothes, this is a popular category because of the newest trends among consumers that compel them to have a healthy lifestyle. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are even more eager to stay fit and healthy. Because of this, selling items like treadmills and exercise bikes on Amazon is very profitable. Second-hand sports equipment can also be profitable because some customers want to try them but don’t want to invest in brand-new equipment because they don’t know if they will enjoy it. 

5) Baby Products

Baby products are one of the most popular categories among Amazon sellers due to the constant demand from parents and grandparents. This is a great opportunity for sellers who want to flip items, both because of the constant demand and because the idea of a second-hand or “pre-loved” item appeals to parents who want to save money. If you want to sell in this category, look for items like clothes, strollers, toys, swings, and high chairs to make great profits. 

Final Thoughts

Amazon is a great marketplace with a huge customer base, and it has provided the opportunity to sell on its platform using various business models for those looking to make money quickly and relatively easily. One of the most popular methods is flipping on Amazon, which means buying an item and selling it for a higher price on Amazon. Using the tips provided in this article, you can start your own flipping business on Amazon and make sure it succeeds with a little bit of time and effort! 

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  9. Amazon’s fulfillment services, such as FBA, streamline the logistics of online arbitrage. It handles storage, packaging, and shipping, freeing up my time to source more products.

  10. The ability to source products from various retail platforms and online stores for online arbitrage gives you access to a diverse range of products and potential profit sources.

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