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The first question that comes to the mind of persons who start Amazon FBA is whether the Amazon FBA income is well enough? What can I do as a new seller to ensure that they are profitable? Is it worth putting my effort into this area? In the following, we will tell the Amazon bestsellers’ income and the average salary of Amazon sellers. This explanation will help you to make your final decision to enter the Amazon selling area or not.

Average Income of Amazon Sellers in 2024

By online revenue in the world, the largest eCommerce retailer belongs to Amazon.

Amazon.com dominates the online retail space together with its large marketplace. Amazon, in the third-party sellers, generated approximately 80.5 billion dollars in 2020. This increase is about 50 percent over the previous year. Generally, the income of a seller is related to many factors. One of the most important factors is the area that the person is active and selling his/her product. For example, the income in the book section, one of the bestsellers of Amazon, is not comparable with an unknown area with a few customers. But in the following, we provide you a general stats without considering the influential factors on the amount of income:

Monthly SalesPercent of Sellers
Under $50017%
$501 – $1,0009%
$1,001 – $5,00020%
$5,001 – $10,00013%
$10,001 – $25,00012%
$25,001 – $50,00010%
$50,001 – $100,0005%
$100,001 – $250,0005%
More than $250,0006%

About 20 percent of the sellers earn between $1,001 and $5,000, while 17 percent of Amazon sellers earn less than $500 monthly.

Amazon FBA Income which is the highest in a month and is more than $250,000, is achieved by less than 6 percent of the sellers.

How Much Money Do Amazon Top Sellers Make?

Feedback has ranked the sellers in a list based on the past 12 months, indicating sales volume. These stats are for Amazon top sellers from around the globe in 2024.

Coins that Amazon sellers make

The first place in this list is registered for a German seller who gained about $300,000. When we look at the list, we will see Amazon sellers from other countries. The next place belongs to India, which sells for $175,726. The UK stands in the next step with $171,349 in total sales. You would see France in the fourth spot with an exclusive deal of $117,224.  A seller from the United States who sells $111,488 reaches the fifth position. If you go through the table, you will find a Japanese in sixth place that sells for $86,521. With a wholesale of $86,096, another German sits in the seventh step. Two other British people stay in the following position with overall earnings of $79,522 & $70,474 in order. And at last, a German person who could make $68,835 in a year occupied the tenth position. 


#Marketplace12 MonthsPos %
1Amazon Germany299,14796
2Amazon India175,72699
3Amazon UK171,34996
4Amazon France117,22491
5Amazon US111,48893
6Amazon Japan86,52197
7Amazon Germany82,09696
8Amazon UK79,52294
9Amazon UK70,47493
10Amazon Germany68,83599

Is Amazon FBA Profitable in 2024?

Amazon FBA has become popular recently. During the pandemic, the number of online shopping has grown significantly. Besides, the competitors also have increased, and everyone who has a business has started to sell on Amazon. Consequently, people ask themselves if it is still worth starting the Amazon FBA business. A few factors must be considered to determine if Amazon FBA is still lucrative, although the market is oversaturated. These primary factors are:

🤔 Do You Think is Amazon FBA Still Profitable?

Amazon FBA Costs

The service Amazon is not for free. Using Amazon’s warehouses to store your products has a cost based on the size and type of your products. Additionally, Amazon has extra charges like long-term storage fees for items held for more than a year. FBA disposal order fees, FBA removal order fees, and FBA label service are other expenditures you need to consider.

Hassle-free Business

You can have more accessible online reselling by using Amazon FBA. The items are shipped efficiently, and you don’t require to deal with different delivery services. You can have access to lower shipping rates and higher quality.

Chance of Winning More Customers

Your products should comply with Amazon requirements for prime shipping when you are using Amazon FBA. This increases your chance to win the Buy Box and helps you attract more customers to your items.

Which Categories Have More ROI (Returning of Invest) in Amazon?

Some persons may work in the same category simultaneously, but one makes more money than the others. So, it is impossible to say that a person who works in a specific area definitely earns more based on the activity area.

Categories with the most ROI on Amazon.

Being lucrative is essential when selling on Amazon, but it is also vital to be open-minded to catch the best possible opportunity.

The profitability of different categories is different from each other, but mainly you can find profitable subcategories within every category.

Some of the categories are top ones among the sellers, like Sport & Outdoors and Home& Kitchen. But you should know that not all subcategories are profitable as the competition increases drastically, direct competition from Amazon, price wars, Increased PPC costs, etc.

Generally, you can earn more profit from less popular categories than popular categories, like Handmade vs. Home& Kitchen. In the Home&Kitchen category, only 4% of sellers make 51%-100% net profit, while 9% of sellers have the same gain in Handmade.

In the below table you can find general stats of the amount of profit in various categories:    

RankProduct CategoryAverage Profit Margin
2Video Games26%
8Pet Supplies23%
9Beauty & Personal Care23%
10Kitchen & Dining23%
11Luggage & Travel Gear22%
12Office Products22%
13Sports & Outdoors22%
14Health, Household & Baby Care22%
15Arts, Crafts, & Sewing22%
17Tools & Home Improvement21%
18Toys & Games21%
19Garden & Outdoor21%
20Grocery & Gourmet Food21%
21Cell Phones & Accessories21%
22Automotive Parts & Accessories21%
23Industrial & Scientific21%
25Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry20%
27Musical Instruments17%
28Collectibles & Fine Art14%

Everything you should know about Amazon open categories

Do you want to have passive income on Amazon?

Many people are using Amazon as a means of making extra money. This platform can be helpful for employees and business owners since it allows them to make passive money. Each product you list is a potential benefit, and using FBA, all you have to do is send your inventory to Amazon Centres and leave the rest to the platform. Online arbitrage lists and leads help you find the most profitable products and make the most out of your Amazon FBA business.

Final Thought

When you read this article, you will know how much Amazon sellers make and the average Amazon FBA income.

About one-fifth of the sellers, as majorities, make between $1000 and $5000. It is even possible to obtain more than $250,000, which is possible for less than 4% of sellers.

The sellers who don’t choose the proper categories may earn less than $500. Besides, there are some doubts about the profitability of Amazan FBA. Hassle-free business, Amazon FBA costs, and the chance of winning more customers are the factors that show the possibility of becoming lucrative by Amazon FBA. In addition, you will get familiar with the Amazon categories, which have more Returning of Invest (ROI). In General, categories like books, video games, handmade, and computers have a profit rate of more than 25% on average, and they’re the best choice for Amazon FBA business.

Are there any questions in your mind that we didn’t answer? Comment it for us to give you the answer & if you wanna know more about online arbitrage deals, and sourcing lists, follow our blog.

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