How to Make Passive Income on Amazon?

There are some ways for making passive income on Amazon.
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The primary way to make money on Amazon is to simply “sell.” After all, this is an online shopping platform, and Amazon sellers stay profitable as long as they sell OK. But you might have heard about people making money in a passive way. Everyone likes to have a reasonably easy revenue and count on it when things go south. This article guides anyone who wants to Make Passive Income on Amazon. If you are considering doing this, make sure to read through the end.

What Is Passive Income?

The main difference between active and passive income is that there is not much effort or labor in making passive money. Passive incomes come from a base you have established before and are making a profit even after weeks or months (or even years). Like when you record a youtube video and receive money from youtube every time, people view it. This type of income is an “unearned” one that is acquired automatically. Passive income is often associated with another source. Many people find it interesting to have a side hustle and make small but practical amounts of money. That is why it seems like a good idea to  Make Passive Income on Amazon. But How?

Can You Make Passive Income on Amazon? 

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To Earn Passive Income on Amazon, you should first look closely at the platform and know your limitations. It is possible to earn this income on Amazon since the platform is ready to take over order fulfillment for every seller and give them systems requiring minimum involvement. So if you think about it, this is precisely based on the meaning of the term: making money with the least amount of activity. But first, you must have a product to sell. First, find a unique product, reach out to a supplier, and then start the steps to list your products on Amazon. You can work on the product rank along the way. After becoming a seller, you can join the FBA program, fulfill your orders quickly, and finally  Make Passive Income on Amazon. By using FBA, almost everything will be handled by Amazon.

Tips for Making Passive Income on Amazon 

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Making passive money on Amazon is relatively easy, but after all, it is a kind of selling. So here are some tips for selling more professionally and making more money.

  • Know what you will be selling:

Don’t forget that even though FBA means handling things by Amazon, you still have to have a listing, AKA something to sell. Start by researching the market and find out what the demands are. This could be a bit challenging since you need to select a unique product that can generate profits. After finding out, you must source your product by finding a reliable supplier. The supplier price must be low enough for you to make a profit.

  • Don’t forget optimization:

After supplying the product, you should make the buyers (and the platform) notice it. So monitor your sales and keep an eye on the rank. Making Passive Income on Amazon depends on “how much” you sell, so use every tool available to manage your product rank.

  • Join FBA: 

Unless you join the FBA program, you won’t be able to achieve Passive Income on Amazon. By joining FBA, you can use various resources, from shipping logistics to customer service and return management.

  • Make yourself a great storefront:

 The better your storefront on Amazon is, the more attractive the product page is, and the more customers will notice you and purchase your products. To do this, you have to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. Fill out the application and wait for Amazon to approve your seller account. Now you will be given access to some tools that let you customize your storefront.

Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable in 2024? 

One of the easiest ways to make passive money on Amazon is to get your orders fulfilled by the platform. FBA or (Fulfilled By Amazon) is one of many services that makes Amazon sales easier for users. Using this will let Amazon take care of your storing, packing, and shipping products for you (this is in a way the meaning of passiveness: to stay away and watch the money be made)

Also, you won’t have to deal with customer support requests or returns. Amazon FBA sellers have pretty good revenue, but revenue isn’t the whole business story. Don’t forget that since covid; online shopping has become a habit for many people. While the competition has increased on the platform, so has the demand for buying online. But Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable? Statistics show that 63% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon. So becoming an FBA seller can be good if you plan to  Make Passive Income on Amazon. FBA sellers see relatively higher profit margins compared to traditional businesses. Amazon is still the dominant online shopping platform. FBA is very easy for sellers and helps them profit more. Let’s look at some numbers:

  • 65% of Amazon sellers have higher than 10% profit margins
  • 32% of Amazon sellers earn at least a 20% profit margin
  • 14% of Amazon sellers have seen lifetime profits of over $100,000

Despite what pessimists say, Amazon FBA Business is still a good field to get into in 2024. Amazon has thousands of sellers worldwide and includes millions of products. This means many new opportunities for people trying to start a business.

How Does OABeans Help You Have Passive Income? 

One of the essential steps in making passive income on Amazon is getting valuable leads. Finding good leads helps you sell more accurately and make more money. This is one of the many services we offer in OABeans. We help you find the best leads for your unique shop on Amazon by getting to know you and your business. Online arbitrage sourcing lists help you get leads and source your items daily. Since all you have to do is source the products and send them to Amazon, this method also enables you to save time while making passive income on the platform.

Final Thoughts 

Making passive money on Amazon may seem effortless initially, but don’t forget that to make money “anywhere,” you will need to establish a base. Here, this base is considered to be good leads, smooth FBA cooperation, and optimization. So before getting into Amazon FBA, evaluate your sources and think about what can hold you back. Do you have a supplier ready to give you big amounts of the product? Are you prepared to make time and list them on your seller profile? And things like this.

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