How to Get Ungated in Vinyl on Amazon?

How to Get Ungated in Vinyl on Amazon?
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Understanding Amazon's rules about what you can and cannot sell on the marketplace can be challenging for new sellers. If you want to sell Vinyl records, which are becoming quite popular these days, you need to meet strict requirements set by Amazon. They impose these restrictions to protect buyers and ensure products meet high standards. But for people wanting to start their online arbitrage business on Amazon, it can feel like a big barrier.
This article will explain how to get ungated in vinyl on Amazon. Whether you've been selling for a while or you're just starting out, knowing this process is important. Let's start by understanding what it means to be ungated on Amazon and why it could be good for your business.

What is the Meaning of Getting Ungated on Amazon? 

Getting ungated on Amazon means getting permission to sell products in certain categories that are restricted. Amazon restricts these categories to ensure that products are high-quality and meet legal considerations and standards. When a category is gated, sellers have to go through an approval process. They usually need to provide specific documents like invoices, proof that the products are not counterfeit, and more details about their business. Some sellers decide to use Amazon ungating service because it is a complicated process. 

The point of getting ungated is to be able to sell more products and expand your portfolio. It might also mean being able to sell in more profitable categories on Amazon. You can read our guide about how to get ungated on Amazon to find out more about this process. 

Are Vinyl’s Gated on Amazon?

Vinyl on Amazon

Yes, vinyl is usually a restricted category on Amazon. This means sellers have to get ungated in vinyl before they can list and sell vinyl records. Amazon does this to make sure the records are high-quality and original, which keeps buyers safe and the marketplace trustworthy. However, there are also Amazon ungated categories that can be sold by all sellers without any restrictions. 

Is It Profitable to Sell Vinyl on Amazon?

Yes, it can be quite profitable to get ungated in vinyl and sell it on Amazon. The popularity of vinyl records has grown a lot in recent years, appealing to both collectors and new fans who like physical records more than digital ones. Here’s why selling vinyl could be a good way to make money:

  • Increasing Demand: The demand for vinyl records is growing steadily, leading to higher sales each year and expanding the market for sellers.
  • Premium Prices: Vinyl records often fetch higher prices due to their collectible nature, limited editions, and appeal to audiophiles. Rare releases, special pressings, and vintage records can be especially valuable.
  • Enthusiastic Audience: Vinyl enthusiasts are passionate about their collections and are willing to pay more for the right item, resulting in higher profit margins compared to other product categories.

However, profitability depends on factors such as sourcing vinyl at competitive prices, understanding market trends, and effectively managing logistics and customer satisfaction. Additionally, gaining approval to sell vinyl on Amazon can be challenging and may involve upfront costs. However, for those who can navigate these obstacles, selling vinyl can be a rewarding and profitable niche on Amazon.

How to Get Ungated to Sell Vinyl on Amazon?

Sell Vinyl on Amazon

To get ungated in vinyl on Amazon, you must follow an intricate process. If you want to sell DVDs on the marketplace, make sure you know how to get ungated on DVDs on Amazon. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the vinyl ungating process:

Step 1: Check Amazon’s Criteria

First, review Amazon’s requirements for the Vinyl category. This information is usually found in Seller Central under the ‘Inventory’ tab. Try to list a product in the Vinyl category to see the specific requirements. 

Step 2: Gather Documents

It’s best to check the requirements yourself in case there are any changes made by Amazon. However, the usual required documents include: 

  • Invoices: Get invoices from the last 90 days showing you bought vinyl records from trustworthy suppliers. They should meet Amazon’s criteria, including showing enough quantity (at least 10 units) and including your and the supplier’s name and address.
  • Authenticity Proof: Depending on Amazon’s rules, you might need to prove your items are authentic, which can sometimes be done with invoices from authorized manufacturers or distributors.

Step 3: Apply to Get Ungated in Vinyl

Log in to Seller Central and go to the section for adding new product categories. Request approval to list products in the Vinyl category:

  1. Fill out the application and attach the required documents.
  2. Answer any extra questions about your business operations, like how you source products and store them, which Amazon may use to judge your ability to keep up quality.

Step 4: Wait for Approval and Provide More Info if Needed

After applying, wait for Amazon to check your submission. This can take a few hours to a few weeks. Amazon might contact you for more info during this time.

If Amazon asks for more documents or details, respond quickly and thoroughly. You might need to provide clearer invoices, more proof of product authenticity, or explain your business processes in more detail.

Step 5: Get Approved and Keep Up Standards

Once approved, you can start selling vinyl on Amazon. But make sure you:

  • Keep an eye on inventory to meet Amazon’s quality standards.
  • Respond to customer feedback fast and keep them happy.

How Long Does It Take to Get Ungated in Vinyl?

The time it takes to get approved in vinyl on Amazon can vary, depending on different factors. These include how thorough and accurate your application is, how many applications Amazon is processing at the time, and any specific details about your business that need extra checking.

Usually, it takes anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to get approved. Most sellers say it takes around 1 to 2 weeks. Amazon tries to review applications quickly, but sometimes there are delays, especially if your application is missing important documents or if Amazon’s team is busy with lots of applications.

Final Thoughts

Overall, while it may seem overwhelming to get ungated in vinyl on Amazon, it is a crucial step for sellers aiming to enter the profitable vinyl market. By fully understanding and carefully adhering to Amazon’s guidelines, preparing all necessary documents, and submitting a comprehensive application, you can broaden your product range and potentially boost your sales and profits. Once approved, maintain these standards to make the most of your new selling opportunities. 

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