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The Magic of Amazon Q4 Profits: Reality or Myth?"

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Gökhan Abra

Global Amazon and Internatıonal Business Expert, Multi-Stream Business Strategist and the OABeans lead for the OA Coaching Program

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Join us as we delve deep into the nuances of Q4, the most significant quarter for Amazon sellers worldwide. As we navigate through the busiest shopping period of the year, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools to maximize your success. Specifically designed for online arbitrage sellers, this webinar will shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of Q4 selling strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or new to the platform, there’s always something new to learn about Q4. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!


  1. Introduction: The Hype Around Q4
  2. Key Dates and Strategies
  3. Preparation Tactics for Q4
  4. Pitfalls and Precautions
  5. Beyond Q4: The Bigger Picture
  6. Product Research in Q4
  7. Q&A Session

Discover the tactics to optimize your Amazon business for Q4 and understand the significance of this quarter in the broader e-commerce landscape. Let’s journey through the maze of Q4 together and uncover the strategies to ensure you’re not just surviving but thriving!

Who is Gökhan Abra?

He began his university journey at Ankara University studying engineering and then pursued marketing in the UK, specifically in London.

After a decade in the corporate world followed by another decade running his own company with foreign partners, he recognized shifts in global trade. Consequently, he abandoned traditional business models and chose to engage with the AMAZON Marketplaces, adopting multiple income stream business models.

He holds an MBA in business administration from METU (Middle East Technical University) and completed a master’s program in fashion and luxury lifestyle management at the European School of Economics in Milan, Italy.

He also founded the fashion brand Bluesmelly for his wife to showcase on the international stage. @bluesmelly

Gökhan ABRA, now trading full-time on Amazon via his USA UTAH-based companies, specializes in arbitrage (OA & RA) and the Wholesale business model.

Gokhan Abra has made a name for himself as a Business Coach and Amazon Seller in many countries, expanding his reach to the USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Africa, India, and the Philippines.

He mentors students from numerous countries across four continents.

From UTAH, through his US-based company, he offers Private Label (PL) consulting services. These are for individuals and businesses alike who aim to establish and operate profitably in the Amazon ecosystem.

With years of experience in E-commerce, Gokhan Abra’s proficiency in the Amazon Business realm has made him a sought-after consultant and trainer in the industry.

gokan abra

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