How to Answer Questions on Amazon as a Seller?

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Just like any other line of work, being an Amazon seller comes with its challenges. One of these challenges is to answer customer questions on your listings professionally and in a good manner. Since Amazon is a customer-centered company, it allows direct communication between the seller and buyer, which results in enhanced customer service. Having open communications with the customers and making them happy is an important part of your job that is worth the time and effort because it can help add to your ranking and increase customer satisfaction. Responding appropriately to customers is a practice that needs training and gives you more chances of closing your sales. This article shares the essential tips and tricks to answer customer questions on Amazon.

How to Answer Customers’ Questions on Amazon?

If you want to answer a customer question, you need to pass this way:

1. click the “See all questions & answers.”

2. See the “Unanswered questions” in the right column.

3. choose the question you want to answer

Don’t forget that not only the listing owner but also other customers, who think they are experts about the product, can answer the questions.

Amazon marks questions the seller or manufacturer answers for the buyers to distinguish it. So, whether you’re selling your own product or the online arbitrage deals, try to answer the questions honestly and precisely.

Of course, there are types and types of customers, but that road does not lead to any destination. We must offer the best possible experience at all times, interact more easily and simply with all of them and provide answers to their demands. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Personalize the interaction with each customer. They are all different and unique, and you must respond to each one personally and differently. We must be able to adapt to each profile. And for this, we first must know them well and have all the information available to make decisions that improve this response.
  • Learn about the best practices in the market. It’s another good starting point. By knowing what other providers have implemented and their results, we can answer customer questions easily and find the best response for our type of activity and company.
  • Trust true specialists in customer experience. The knowledge and expertise in this discipline are, if possible, more significant than any other. No matter how much history a Contact Center has, it will never be comparable to that of a provider of solutions and services dealing with dozens of projects over many years. It is advisable to seek advice.
  • Manage customer expectations. It is simple to state and complicated to carry out, but it is possible. Once the first stage of knowing the client has been overcome, it must be possible to direct their expectations towards a place that interests the supplier. 

What Type of Questions Do Customers Ask?

Amazon sellers can identify 3 types of questions:

Different types of Amazon customers questions.
  • Operational questions

related to the purchase: shipping, costs, warranty, stock, payment methods, etc.

  • Technical questions

related to the product: characteristics, measurements, functionalities, etc.

  • Proposition questions

Questions where the user conditionally proposes something: e.g. – if I buy it now, can I pick it up later?

If you want to be successful in your Amazon FBA business or FBM business, you shouldn’t ignore the customers’ questions.

To answer customer questions and convert them into a sale, we have different tools such as the answer, the call to action, and above all, spending enough time to understand your client’s needs. 

Here we show you an example case and possible answers to help you sell more.

Example Case – Product: Trousers

Q: Do you have size 36 or XL in stock? I have sent a message to your page.

A: We currently have size 36 in stock; we can offer you other models.

In this case, we find an operational question where the client asks about the stock of the product in a certain size. To prevent the conversation from ending with the answer, we recommend motivating the customer to buy with a call to action to be one step closer to making the sale.

Sony headphone seller answered over 1000 questions of customers.

You can add a call to action to attract the person who asks and motivate them to make the purchase.

If you have the trousers in stock, the correct answer could be the following:

  • [greeting] Hi Matias. [answer to the question] yes, we have size 36 in stock. [call to action] if you buy now, we’ll send you the delivery tomorrow. [farewell] Have a good day!

If you do not have the product that the person requests, you can offer an alternative that is as close as possible to the desired product:

  • [greeting] hello Matias. [answer to the question] We don’t have size 36 in stock. [offer alternative] However, we can offer you these pants that are just as sought after as the brand you are looking for. [insert product link with the same benefits] [farewell] Have a good day!

Is It Important to Answer All Customers’ Questions?

Customers ask questions on your product listing if something is unclear or they need more details about the product. These questions help them decide between buying the product or not, so if you answer customer questions professionally and promptly, you are increasing the chances of selling your product.

An Amazon seller is answering his customer's questions.

According to Amazon, these questions allow you to connect with your customers and have an open discussion about the products. This is helpful in the long run because not only you can make long-lasting bonds with the customer who asked the question, but other customers who might have the same questions can find their answers easily without the hassle of posting and waiting for you to answer.

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Important Tips for Answering Customers’ Questions

  • Structure responses to respond clearly and efficiently. [Greeting – response – proposal – farewell].
  • Always provide an answer to your client, even if the information already appears in the listing.
  • Offer alternatives if you don’t have the product they are looking for.
  • Avoid giving extra information – Answer only what the user needs to know. In case there is a specific opportunity, expand the information.
  • If the customer did not clearly express their needs, ask them for more information. 
  • Motivate them to make the purchase [Call to action].


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