Frequently Asked Questions about
Amazon Account Health

Various sources provide negative experiences for Amazon, as product reviews, customers’ feedbacks, and comments with FBA return. It seems that Amazon compiles the complaints from sending messages from the customers too.

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It means that Amazon temporarily deactivates your account and removes your listing.

While we work with you to address this issue, the fund will not be transferred to your account, but it will be held there. To avoid further impact on your account, you must ship any open orders.

            Why is this happening?

This will happen if you manipulate your sales and violate one or more of the below policies:

  • Misuse of Search and Browse
  • Misuse of Ratings, Feedback, or Reviews
  • Misuse of Sales Rank

How do I reactivate my account?

Here, we explain to you how to reactivate your account by following these steps:

  • Describe the main cause(s) of Search and Browse & Sales Rank violation
  • Describe how you want to resolve the policies violation
  • Describe how you want to avoid repeating this violation in future

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If you sell in large volume, bots treat you differently. Actually, if you check the feedbacks on September and before, it is mostly 4-5 stars, and it has a few negative feedbacks. But from then, suddenly all feedbacks become negative, that most of them are repetitive with bad typos and are written in broken English by different buyers. It seems that a competitor or a bot is trying to remove this account. Accordingly, the account owner is discussing with Amazon to fix this problem.

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The fishing expedition may produce this email. It’s weird how someone might have known that you have a seller metric account and wants to deactivate it.

It is disappointing that Amazon doesn’t have a PHONE NUMBER that third-party sellers can consult them about these kinds of problems that could affect their business.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to access the account of another person. He should make you an account manager before.

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It seems it is a Bot error. These mistakes could happen, as this kind of email is sent by algorithms.

Accordion Codadntent

The first problem: in general, Amazon grants the buyer a refund within 48hours as you didn’t authorize the return.

The second problem: if you have a Kinkos scan of the product and hand you the receipt, you could avoid this issue. Because you bought shipping from Amazon, it would have covered the claim. Now, to get back your account, you need to submit to Amazon a plan of action (POA).

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