How to Get Ungated in Topical Category on Amazon?

How to get ungated in topical on Amazon
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Amazon is one of the largest potential markets available. This eCommerce giant has made a concerted effort to make cosmetics and topical products a large part of its sales, seeing a tremendous increase in their popularity in the past few years. However, selling topical products on Amazon can often be a confusing experience for new sellers. Due to the nature of these products and the fact that they come in contact with the skin, Amazon takes steps to ensure the health and beauty products on its site adhere to safety standards for its consumers. Therefore, anyone wanting to sell these products must go through the topical ungating process.
If you're wondering how to get ungated in the topical products, you've come to the right place. Follow this article to find out how you can sell topical products on Amazon.

What is the Topical Category in Amazon? 

 “Topical” refers to anything that comes in direct contact with the skin. So, skincare products such as ointments, creams, serums, lotions, and even cosmetics are considered topical products, and you need to get ungated to sell them on Amazon.

What Does Ungating Mean on Amazon?

As a new seller, you may not be thoroughly familiar with the terms used regarding selling on Amazon, and things could confuse you. Ungating on Amazon is one of the terms that can be confusing for some new sellers, but its meaning is quite simple.Tips of getting ungated in topical on Amazon.

Amazon has 33 categories, and 23 of them are either entirely or partially open. This means there are 23 categories you can sell on Amazon, but what about the other ones? These other categories, including topicals, are restricted – or “gated” – on Amazon. The main reason Amazon has restricted these categories is to maintain its platform as an authentic one – where no counterfeited or fake products can be sold.

By imposing restrictions on some categories, Amazon reduces the risk of counterfeited products being sold and ensures you are a legitimate seller by topical ungating before taking further action.

Why is the Topical Category Restricted on Amazon?

So, we explained why some categories are gated on Amazon, but why is the topical category restricted? As we mentioned, topical means any product that goes on your skin. Gating/restricting topical products is a remarkable way of avoiding non-legitimate products and preventing some third-party vendors from selling used products on the platform.

These restrictions are also helpful to the customers because they can acquire topical products confidently without any doubt, as all the products are tested and approved. In addition, sellers who get ungating in topical products can benefit from being amongst the few accepted vendors.

How do you know if you are gated in the topical category?

Checking to see if you’re gated in any category on Amazon is relatively easy. All you need to do is try to add a product to your seller account and see if a label tells you you need to get approved.

To do this, log in to your Seller Central account, and under the Inventory tab, click “Add a Product.” Add a dummy listing by adding your product’s name or ASIN. If you’re gated, there will be a blue “Apply to Sell” button instead of the regular “Sell Yours” button.

You can apply to sell topical on Amazon easily.You can also check if you’re gated using the Amazon Seller app. Search for the product’s ASIN number on the app, and if there is a gray label saying “Requires Approval” on the product’s main search results page, you need to go through the topical ungating process.  

How to Get Ungated in the Topical Category on Amazon?

The application process for topical products doesn’t differ from other Amazon gated categories. There are two ways to go through the ungating process:

1) Going Through the Process by Yourself 

Before applying to get ungating in topical, make sure that you meet these requirements:

  • Professional seller account: you need to sign up for the Professional seller account instead of the Individual one. It comes with a monthly fee of $39.99, but it allows you to sell unlimited items on Amazon.
  • Good seller metrics: It’s better to sell a few items and have good seller metrics (low order defect rate, low cancel rate, and low late shipment rate). These metrics show Amazon that you are a legitimate seller before applying for topical ungating.
  • Ten units of the same product: You need to show Amazon the combined purchase of at least ten units of the same restricted product from a reputable wholesaler.
  • Invoice: Get an invoice from the wholesaler and ensure that it includes the exact details in your Seller Central account.
  • Product images: Make sure the images display all sides of the product or packaging and include the name and physical location of the business or manufacturer.
First you should request approval to get ungated on topical.

After gathering all the requirements, log in to your Seller Central account and choose “Add a Product” from the inventory tab. Search for the item you want to sell, click the Listing limitations Apply link, click the “Request Approval” button, and upload all the requirements before submitting your application.

2) Using Amazon Ungating Services

Alternatively, you can use ]ungating services. Companies that provide these services help sellers get approved more easily and quickly. OABeans is one of the most reliable companies that offer Amazon ungating service.

Instead of going through all that hassle yourself, you can choose your desired ungating package, provide us with some basic info, and wait for your approval email from Amazon.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Approved by These Tips?

You always have a second chance to do the process again, so if you don’t get approved the first time, don’t freak out just yet.

Contact the support team to see what’s wrong. Before doing that, its always a good idea to go through the process and review the documents again. Hopefully, the support will provide you with a solution.

How Long Does It Take to Get Ungated in Topical Category?

To get a faster response from Amazon, you should submit your application during business hours. You can expect a response within a few hours or a few days. You’ll receive an email congratulating you or saying you got rejected.

Final Thought

And that’s it for topical ungating on Amazon! It may seem frustrating, but it helps you reach a broader customer base with less competition. Some categories require a little more effort, like beauty products and skincare essentials (read how to get ungated in health and beauty on amazon), but it’s all worth it. All you need to do is follow the steps in this article or get help from professional companies providing Amazon ungating services to make this process as easy as possible.

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