How to Get Ungated in LEGO on Amazon?

Getting ungated in Lego brand on Amazon.
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You can find any product you think of on Amazon, but that doesn't mean you can just go on the platform and list any product you want as a seller. The eCommerce giant has done everything in its power to keep customers happy and protect them from fake or harmful products.
As a part of this strategy, Amazon has put restrictions on some of its categories to prevent people with bad intentions from committing fraud on the platform and potentially harming its consumer base. For example, LEGO is a restricted – or gated – product on Amazon, and those who want to sell LEGOs on this platform need to get Amazon's approval. Keep reading this article to discover how you can get ungated in LEGO!

What Does Ungating Mean?

To find out what ungating means, first, you need to learn more about the rules and restrictions on Amazon. As a new seller, you don’t have permission to sell anything you want on Amazon because, technically, you haven’t “proven” yourself yet. Therefore, you need to get familiar with the categories you have permission to sell.

Amazon has two categories: open and restricted (gated). You don’t need permission to sell open products, but selling gated products is a bit more complicated. You must get ungated first if you sell gated products like Legos on Amazon. So, getting ungated in LEGO means getting Amazon’s approval and lifting restrictions to sell this product. It sounds simple, but many sellers avoid this process because they believe it’s too much of a hassle. Fewer sellers are bothering to get ungated means less competition for you, so it’s a perfect opportunity to expand your business and gain more profits. Following is how to start Ungating on Amazon in the LEGO category.

Are Toys Gated on Amazon?

Even though the Toys & Games category is technically unrestricted, most name-brand toys fall into the restricted ‘Toys’ subcategory (read how to get ungated in toys on amazon). You might wonder why something as simple as toys get gated on Amazon, but there is a logical reason behind it. The main reason Amazon restricts toys is to ensure quality and timely delivery of products and protect its reputation by ensuring only legitimate, capable suppliers can sell these items. Therefore, sellers need to get ungated in LEGO and other toys to be able to sell them.

Toys are not legal on Amazon.

Toy restrictions get a little more aggressive in the year’s fourth quarter. During this time, Amazon imposes restrictions on the Toys & Games category regardless of the toy brand or seller’s experience. It is one of the only gated categories during the holiday season in November and December. Note that these restrictions only apply to sellers using FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and those who don’t meet the holiday season selling guidelines in the toys category. These guidelines are usually aimed at limiting the sale of counterfeit items.

Is It Profitable to Sell LEGOs on Amazon?

It’s a well-known fact that buying and reselling LEGOs (or selling your own used Lego sets) is a great idea for earning money. The LEGO company has retired the production of specific sets, which has increased demand for retired sets. Depending on the set’s popularity, its prize value may increase tremendously. So, the main reason you should consider getting ungated in LEGO is that it’s very profitable.

Plus, we all know that toys – including Legos – are among the most sought-out products, especially during the fourth quarter of the year and events like Amazon Prime Day. During these times, you can expect to see huge amounts of traffic and sales compared to other times of the year. So, if you’re getting ready for Amazon Q4, consider getting ungated in popular toy categories such as LEGOs.

How to Get Approved to Sell LEGO on Amazon?

There are two methods to get ungated in LEGO. You can either do it yourself or seek help from companies providing Amazon ungating services.

If you decide to do it by yourself, there are a few steps you should take:

  1. Register on Amazon Seller Central: The first step is registering as a seller on Amazon and choosing the Professional plan. This plan will cost you $39.99 monthly plus referral fees. You need to provide contact and banking information to sell on Amazon.
  2. Start selling: You can start by selling used items such as books and items that don’t need approval. Make sure to follow all the guidelines along the way. Do this for a few months to build up some good seller feedback and metrics and maintain performance.
  3. Request approval: Lastly, gather some documentation to request approval to get ungated in LEGO. You’ll need legitimate documentation from reputable LEGO distributors and a recent invoice for purchasing at least 10 of the same LEGO items from a LEGO distributor. Amazon will also consider the age of your account and your seller metrics.

On the other hand, if you decide it’s too much of a hassle, you can use Amazon ungating service. OABeans’ USA-based Ungating Department can help you get 100% ungated in any ASIN, category, or brand like Lego.

Instead of doing everything yourself, you should choose the ungating package you want, provide some basic information about your account, and sit back and relax, knowing that OABeans will handle ungating your account with record-breaking ease.

How Long Does It Take to Get Ungated in LEGO?

Depending on the time of year you send your ungating request, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get ungated. If you send your request during Q4, it will take longer because Amazon is busy.

It can also depend on the age of your account and your seller metrics. The older your account and the better your metrics are, the faster you will get ungated in LEGO.

Final Thoughts

Selling LEGOs is an excellent opportunity to increase profits and expand your business on Amazon. However, Amazon has imposed strict requirements and policies for selling these products to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Ensure you follow these rules and guidelines to avoid suspending or terminating your Amazon seller account.

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