How to Get Ungated in Health and Beauty on Amazon?

Tips to get ungated on beauty and health category.
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Selling on Amazon is excellent for people who want to make money at home. Amazon provides thousands of people with the opportunity to sell products and make money. But you can't just sell "anything" on this platform.
Amazon has a lot of rules and regulations for its sellers in product categories. Some of these categories are restricted, and you can't just enter them quickly as a newbie. At the end of the day, these restrictions benefit both the customer and the seller. Customers won't receive fake or damaged products (like in the beauty category), and the sellers don’t get sued and suspended. This article will talk about restricted products, especially in health and beauty. Also, we will describe ways to unlock them and get Ungated in Beauty and health product categories.

What Does Ungating Mean on Amazon?

To explain Getting Ungated in Beauty and Healthcare on Amazon, we should first tell you what “gated” and “ungated” mean in this context. As a new seller on Amazon, you don’t necessarily need permission or a license to sell your products in the “Open” categories. Unlike this, some categories require Amazon approval.

 These are “gated” categories. Some examples of gated categories are fine art, beauty products, jewelry, health and skin care, and… Why? Because these products are directly related to the customers’ well-being. This issue is sensitive, and Amazon knows that, so it cares a lot about who sells them and how they are sold.

The good news is you can “Ungate” these categories and start selling them. For example, Getting Ungated in Personal Care means you can provide the documents, follow some steps and persuade Amazon to approve you. After that, you can sell personal care brands and products. All FBA and Dropship Amazon sellers can try to ungate their desired categories.

Ungate health and beauty products on Amazon infographics.

Can I Sell Branded Beauty & Health Products on Amazon?

Cosmetics and beauty products fall under the gated category on Amazon. If you think about it, this is nothing but logical. Beauty, health, and skincare products are very sensitive since we use them on our bodies. Amazon cares a lot about the satisfaction of its customers. No seller wants to face a potential suing situation or a customer with skin rash due to a particular beauty product. Until you get ungated on beauty and health products, you can’t start to sell them on Amazon. Here are some examples of beauty, health, and skincare products:

You need to get ungated to be able to sell branded beauty & health products on Amazon.
  • Skin Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Makeup
  • Hair Care
  • Oral Care
  • Fragrance
  • Tools & Brushes
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Luxury Beauty
  • Salon & Spa
  • Professional Skin Care

Don’t forget that self-care and beauty products may not be restricted entirely, but their subcategories are. For example, you may be able to sell a hairbrush as a newbie, but you will have to get ungated to sell hair serums and oils.

How Do You Get Approved for Amazon Beauty & Health?

Amazon restricts its sellers’ selling ability to limit fake sales and bad experiences. To Get Ungated in Personal Care or cosmetics, you should prove to Amazon that your products provide a pleasant and positive experience for the customer. Ungating Amazon sales in these categories needs work and time. Let’s explain How.

First, you should know that this process is time-consuming and tricky. So, get as much help as you can. There are two ways to request approval: 

  • Doing the process yourself
  • Leaving the job to a professional team

To do the process yourself, you should:

You need to do some works to get ungated on health & beauty categories.
  • Open the Seller Central on Amazon
  • Choose “Add a Product” in the “Inventory”
  • Pick the item you want to sell
  • When the product appears in search results, click “Listing Limitation Apply.”
  • Select Request Approval

After this, the procedure starts. Amazon will require some documents, which you have to provide and send. These documents are not always easy to get, things as a GMP Good Manufacturing Practices certificate, a manufacturer invoice from the previous 180 days, or a COA Certificate of Analysis.
Don’t forget that these are not the only documents Amazon will ask from you. Some special items could require FDA Licenses (because they affect people’s physical health) and special legal documentation.
This also takes a lot of time. So, we strongly recommend you leave this job to a professional and reliable group with lots of experience. Using Amazon Ungating Service instead of doing the process yourself would be much more convenient, less stressful, and less time-consuming for you and your business.
In OABeans, we have created a team of experienced Amazon Sales specialists who can provide you with the Amazon Ungating Service you need. After helping you select the best package for your unique needs, we get some information and start the process of Getting Ungated in Health for you. For getting Amazon approval in any category, brand, or ASIN, count on OABeans!

How Long Does It Take to Get Ungated on Amazon?

There isn’t a definite deadline for this. To Get Amazon Approval for Beauty and health care products, your first step should be sending the complete documents (things like invoices) to prove your selling original. Amazon will get back to you in a few days or weeks. Keep in mind that these are the products that are in touch with people’s bodies, so its only natural that the platform is a little strict about them (read how to get ungated in topicals on Amazon)

Although some sellers report that they haven’t gotten their responses in a very long time, most requests are answered. If your request takes too long or is declined, your documents may be incomplete. This is another reason to let a professional do the job for you.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is a large platform with millions of products and thousands of sellers. This website also cares very much about what it sells and what experiences it gives to people. So, if your request is taking a little longer than usual, don’t fret. Focus on providing the invoices, complete contact information, and other documents Amazon requires. In OABeans, we give services like category ungating and brand ungating, so you can sell more products and make better money. This will be done in 7 to 14 days without the usual delays and stresses.


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