Source Mogul Reviews in 2024

Source Mogul Reviews in 2024
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Are you struggling to find good products to sell on Amazon? If yes, then you're not alone. Sourcing products that you can buy with a discount and sell for a good price on Amazon is very difficult – it's like trying to find a small and specific piece of data in a huge amount of information online.
However, tools like SourceMogul aim to make this process simpler, less time-consuming, and more automated. SourceMogul makes sourcing products easier and more enjoyable. It uses data to help you make smart buying decisions. Let's take a closer look at SourceMogul reviews and find out if this tool can change the way Amazon sellers source products.

What is Source Mogul?

SourceMogul is a specialized software created specifically for Amazon sellers involved in online arbitrage. It aims to simplify and enhance the process of discovering profitable products to sell on Amazon. Its main functions include automated product scanning, analyzing profitability, evaluating sales rank and demand, monitoring price history and market trends, and aiding in inventory management.

SourceMogul automatically scans online retail websites to identify available products and compares them with their Amazon listings. It then calculates potential profits by considering purchase prices, Amazon fees, shipping costs, and taxes. Additionally, it offers insights into product sales rank on Amazon, aiding sellers in understanding demand. 

Pros & Cons of Source Mogul

When considering a tool such as SourceMogul, it’s important to weigh both its advantages and drawbacks using SourceMogul reviews. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths and limitations:


  • Time-Saving: SourceMogul automates product discovery, reducing the time needed for manual research.
  • Detailed Data Analysis: Provides comprehensive insights on profitability, sales rank, price history, and market trends, aiding informed decision-making.
  • Diverse Retail Coverage: Scans numerous online retailers, granting access to a wide product range.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Designed to be intuitive, catering to both novices and experienced sellers.
  • Tailored Searches: Allows users to set specific criteria for targeted product searches, aligning with individual business needs.
  • Inventory Management: Helps track inventory, optimizing stock levels.


  • Subscription Cost: Operates on a subscription model, which might be expensive for smaller or starting sellers, according to some SourceMogul reviews.
  • Information Overload for Beginners: New users might find the detailed data overwhelming.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, mastering all features involves a learning process.

What Are the Usages of SourceMogul?

SourceMogul Dashboard

Reading SourceMogul reviews shows us that SourceMogul is a versatile tool tailored for Amazon sellers, offering multiple benefits to enhance their business operations. Its primary usages include: 

  • Product Research and Discovery: It helps sellers find profitable products by scanning various online retailers, comparing prices, and identifying items that can be bought at a lower cost for resale on Amazon.
  • Profitability Analysis: Calculates potential profits considering expenses like purchase price, Amazon fees, shipping, and taxes, aiding in assessing ROI.
  • Sales Rank Tracking: Monitors and reports Amazon sales ranks, crucial for estimating a product’s popularity and potential success.
  • Inventory Management: Some versions aid in tracking stock levels, sales performance, and reorder timings.
  • Risk Reduction and Time Efficiency: Minimizes investment risks by offering detailed data and saves time through automated scanning and analysis.
  • Competitive Analysis: Provides insights into product comparisons and Amazon’s competitive landscape.

Features of Source Mogul

According to SourceMogul reviews, this tool offers a rich array of features to support your journey as an OA Amazon seller:

Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Sourcing

SourceMogul leads with AI-driven capabilities for Amazon online arbitrage, assisting users in strategic product selection for reselling. 

Extensive Product Database and Price Assurance

Boasting an 80 million-product database that is continuously updated, this tool aids users in discovering top-selling items for the Amazon marketplace. 

Personalized Discount Integration

Users can incorporate personal coupons, discounts, gift cards, and cashback into the system, reflecting retail or wholesale prices after discounts.

Amazon Fee Calculation

Features an Amazon Fees Calculator for individual products, allowing users to assess return on investment (ROI) efficiently.

Comprehensive Product Information

SourceMogul’s extensive database includes historical sales rank, pricing alterations, BuyBox history, seller count, reviews, product dimensions, fee breakdowns, HAZMAT details, listing restrictions, brand gating, and more. 

Chrome Extension Integration

The SourceMogul Chrome extension allows users to extract information from nearly any retailer or wholesaler website for comparison and analysis.

Pricing of Source Mogul [January 2024 Update]

Pricing of Source Mogul

Although SourceMogul reviews say that the subscription costs for this tool may be high for a beginner, its features are worth the expense. SourceMogul comes with a free fully functional 7-day trial and two subscription plans: 

  • Monthly Subscription: $97 per month 
  • Annual Subscription: $1074 per year 

How to Use Source Mogul?

After reading SourceMogul reviews, you can decide whether it’s the right tool for you. To get started with SourceMogul, you need to create an account first, and then connect it with your Amazon Seller account. This connection allows SourceMogul to check your eligibility to sell products and access Amazon data for your searches. Having a Professional account on Amazon is essential for SourceMogul’s functionality.

Running a Search

To initiate a search in SourceMogul, navigate to the Search Tab and select between “Search By Supplier” or “Search By Amazon Category.” You can explore an entire Amazon category or conduct a reverse search across various stores in their database.

Choosing “Search By Supplier” enables you to find stores by name or explore available options. Stores with a lightning symbol have recently updated data, leading to faster searches. 

Filtering the Results

The software is user-friendly and intuitive. Once the search is completed, head to the “Results” section to view the outcomes. SourceMogul stands out in its filtering capabilities, allowing you to adjust filters based on ROI, profit, and product ranking in their category.

Analyzing the Results

To quickly assess your search results, review specific elements such as matching product titles and images, consistent pricing, drops in the Keepa rank graph, and the number of sellers competing for the buy box.

Using the Wish List

Source Mogul Wish List

Utilize the “Wish List” to store selected items for future reference. Run the restriction checker and store availability checker within the Wish List to verify the items’ current stock status and your eligibility to sell these items. 

Checking for stock availability and selling eligibility streamlines your focus, preventing wasted effort on out-of-stock items or products with selling restrictions. 

Best Alternatives for Source Mogul

Although SourceMogul reviews show us that this tool is a popular choice among Amazon sellers, there are several alternative tools with unique capabilities. They include software tools and sourcing lists, which can also be very beneficial when used alongside software.  

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is a robust online arbitrage tool tailored for Amazon sellers, renowned for its comprehensive features and in-depth data analysis capabilities. Tactical Arbitrage’s key features include:

  • Extensive store coverage (over 1,000 online stores) 
  • Advanced Search 
  • Wholesale and private label plans
  • Cashback and discount integration
  • Inventory management


AMZScout primarily focuses on Amazon product research, catering to both beginners and experienced sellers. Key features of AMZScout include:

  • Product research tool
  • Chrome extension
  • Sales estimation
  • Profit calculation

OABeans’ Sourcing Lists

OABeans’ Sourcing Lists

OABeans is one of the best online arbitrage tools for Amazon sellers that offers curated deals daily for online arbitrage sellers. OABeans has three subscription plans made for beginners and professional sellers; so you can choose the suitable plan based on your level of experience. OABeans’ key features include: 

  • IP complaint check 
  • No hazmat, fragile or oversize
  • Price history check
  • Premium quality deals with up to 75% ROI 

Final Thoughts

In the competitive world of Amazon online arbitrage, having the right tools is crucial. By reading SourceMogul reviews, we find out that it stands out as a valuable tool for online arbitrage sellers, streamlining sourcing and boosting profitability. 

To succeed on Amazon, it’s vital to match your business strategy with the tool that aligns best with your needs. One of the best ways to automate the sourcing process is to purchase sourcing lists to receive handpicked deals, then check them yourself using tools like SourceMogul to ensure profitability and alignment with your goals. Whatever method you choose, keep learning and equipping yourself with the right tools to thrive in the marketplace. 

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  1. SourceMogul has been quite impressive so far. It finds high-quality products, even with tight restricted filters. Other scanning sites I’ve used often provide many mismatches and find nothing when I set more restricted filters. With my first scan on SourceMogul, I found a fantastic potential product! It’s super user-friendly, and I love the store selection it offers 🙂

  2. I’ve tried other online arbitrage tools that attempt to address all the problems but only do so half-heartedly. SourceMogul focuses on one thing: helping you find sourcing deals, and it does that exceptionally well.

  3. I recently explored the Source Mogul program, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my Amazon selling journey. This program provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources that have greatly enhanced the way I source and manage my products.

  4. I’ve used a lot of online arbitrage software, and this one has far fewer mismatches. It finds items I haven’t seen before from stores I hadn’t even heard of.

  5. Reselling on Amazon allows you to build your own brand and establish a loyal customer base, providing opportunities for repeat business and long-term success.

  6. By engaging in retail arbitrage, you can expand your sourcing opportunities beyond online platforms and tap into the vast product selection available offline.

  7. By reselling on Amazon, you can turn your passion for finding great deals into a profitable business venture.

  8. The beauty of reselling on Amazon is that you can start with minimal investment and gradually scale your business as you gain experience and confidence.

  9. With Amazon’s advertising tools, retail arbitrage sellers can increase the visibility of their products and reach a wider audience.

  10. Amazon retail arbitrage is an exciting and profitable way to find discounted products in physical retail stores and resell them for a profit on Amazon.

  11. The advanced inventory management tools provided by Amazon FBA help sellers optimize their inventory levels, reducing storage costs and maximizing profitability.

  12. The Amazon platform offers resellers a range of promotional tools, such as coupons and deals, to drive sales and attract buyers.

  13. The scalability of reselling on Amazon allows you to start small and gradually grow your business, reinvesting profits to expand your product range and sales volume.

  14. The supportive reselling community on Amazon offers resources, tips, and insights to help you navigate the world of reselling and maximize your profits.

  15. With Amazon’s seamless payment and secure transaction system, you can conduct retail arbitrage transactions with confidence and peace of mind.

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