Why My Amazon Seller Account Suspended & How to Fix It?

Boy's Amazon seller account got suspended.
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“What do I do if my Amazon seller account is suspended?” This is the question asked by many people when they receive the dreaded email in which the company notifies them of the suspension. So how should you proceed in this situation? Before making any decision, you need information. You must understand the reason for the suspension and know the solutions there are to correct it. In this article, we will tell you why these blockages happen. You will also learn how to react to solve the situation and feel calm. Follow our advice when you see this message (Amazon suspends my seller account) and successfully complete your verification process

What Happens When Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

With your Amazon seller account blocked, you no longer have any selling privileges. This usually happens when a seller violates Amazon’s policies, terms, or conditions while carrying out their selling activities.

If your account gets suspended, the shoppers won’t be able to view your Amazon product listings. So, basically, you have no presence on Amazon. But no need to worry because this is all reversible, and you can do certain things to have the suspension lifted. Amazon always notifies sellers when their accounts get suspended, so you can plan your appeal according to the type of suspension you are facing.

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Why is My Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

There are different reasons for experiencing an Amazon seller account suspended. When you sign up as a seller, Amazon sends you a welcome message. In this message, they congratulate you on having approved the account. 

Do not forget to read the store’s terms of use depending on the region in which you sell. Failure to comply with any of them may result in suspension. Many people ignore this information; we hope you are not one of those.

This (account suspension) does not happen with a minor first offense. Therefore, it is necessary that you read these terms of use carefully and immerse yourself very well in what you can and cannot do as a seller.

Poor performance is the main reason for Amazon's seller account suspention.

If you have received an email notifying you that your Amazon seller account is blocked, the message describes why the decision to suspend has been made. Read the email carefully and identify the reason. If you already ignored the terms of use the first time, don’t do the same with this message.

The most common reasons for seller account suspension include:

  • Multiple Amazon accounts with the same business name
  • Listing inconsistent with Amazon’s terms
  • Product reported as inauthentic item
  • Product reported as counterfeit
  • Ignore negative performance notifications
  • Customer complaints about product safety
  • Restricted images or content on the product detail page
  • Used product sold as new
  • Expired product
  • restricted product
  • High defective order rate
  • high negative feedback
  • Non-compliance with customer refunds

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How to Reactivate Suspended Amazon Seller Account

The first recommendation to recover a suspended Amazon account is that you pay close attention to the information that Amazon sends you. The platform can notify you of any failure in advance, so try to solve it before the company’s deadline.

When you have already been suspended, the first thing is to understand the reason. Analyze the email, company policies, and all the information you have on hand, such as previous notifications, to find out the cause. If you already have it clear (the Amazon seller account suspension reason), it’s time to write the reconsideration document.

There is no format for this writing, but it is necessary that you describe the reasons why Amazon suspended your account. Acknowledge that you were wrong and talk about the actions you are going to take to improve the situation that caused the suspension (action plan). 

If you provide immediate solutions to Amazon, your account will surely be active again soon, so plan your actions and describe them in this document.

How to Avoid Getting Suspended of Seller Accounts?

  • Seek advice:

90% of Amazon seller account suspensions happen due to users’ ignorance. When you seek advice from qualified, trained, and experienced profiles, they will guide you and prevent you from making mistakes that lead to the suspension of your Amazon account.

  • Read all terms of use:

This point is closely related to the previous section. You need to read Amazon’s terms of use to find out what you can and can’t do.

  • Sell ​​quality products:

This is essential since selling poor-quality products will lead to a series of problems and claims that will get your account suspended by Amazon.

  • Read all the information and emails that Amazon sends you:

Before suspending any account, Amazon notifies you so you can take action. Amazon’s first form of communication with sellers is via email, so you should check it frequently to see if it has sent you any warnings.

  • Get positive reviews:

Another of the main reasons for Amazon seller account blocked is the percentage of orders that have suffered bad reviews, claims for violation of the guarantee, or by customers who have requested a refund of the purchase amount. Try to keep this percentage always below 1%; otherwise, Amazon could suspend your account.

Different Types of Seller Account Restriction

There are only 2 types of restriction: you are or are not suspended.

However, there are several states within it:

There are 4 types of seller account restriction on Amazon.
  • Suspended: This means you can’t sell on Amazon. However, you can request reconsideration to change this status.
  • Deactivated: In this status, you can’t continue your selling activities. Here too, whether it’s a policy violation or a mistake on Amazon’s part, you need to communicate with Amazon and ensure to file a reconsideration request within 90 days.
  • Denied: This status appears when you have already submitted the reconsideration, but it has been rejected. However, it also has a solution.
  • Banned: This status is irrevocable; you cannot sell on Amazon, and there is no possible solution.

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Final Thoughts

One of the most worrying situations you may have experienced when using Amazon as a platform for buying and selling products is your Amazon seller account being suspended.

The rise of e-commerce has made many leading market companies consider their customers the most important thing. Amazon has always been concerned with guaranteeing its customers a high-quality service. So it tries to ensure those who offer products within its platform comply with the terms of use or established policies. This is why their level of demand is relatively high when suspending an account when all the requirements are unmet. Amazon has clear rules that, if violated, will lead to account suspension. But no need to worry; if you follow the solutions provided in this article, you will have no problem and can continue selling on Amazon without being suspended.


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