How to Scale Amazon FBA Business with Online Arbitrage Virtual Assistant?

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When we talk about online arbitrage virtual assistants, the first thing that comes to our mind is someone who looks for profitable deals. But it’s not all that a VA does. To scale your FBA business, you need to find a responsible virtual assistant. Here we discuss the most important steps to find a virtual assistant. In addition, if you want to be a VA, we help you to know how to be a successful virtual assistant and what skills you need to learn.

What is Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant?

In Amazon FBA business terms, a virtual assistant (or VA) is someone who helps you remotely in your Amazon business. You can hire a virtual assistant full-time, part-time, and based on tasks. Up to your business size, you can have a team of VAs or hire one virtual assistant. A virtual assistant doesn’t only search for profitable deals, but also, he/she can do admin tasks or provide customer service.

Everyone with a scaled business can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Your time is precious and shouldn’t be spent on monotonous tasks. 

What Does an Online Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant can do any repetitive admin task on behalf of you – even if it’s just a few hours a week- and you can free up your time to focus on more important productive stuff. Think how much you can improve your business with a few hours extra every week.

These are the most important tasks that every VA can do:

  • Searching Profitable Deals

This is one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks in the FBA business. finding profitable deals is the basis of the online arbitrage business so it’s better to find someone who knows something about online arbitrage or is eager to be trained.

  • Customer service

In Amazon FBA you rely on Amazon to handle your customer service 99% but if Amazon isn’t responsible for your customer support, you need someone to follow up on customers’ complaints or dealing with refunds.

  • Admin tasks

Admin tasks include tasks like order processing or tracking shipment to prep centers. They are very monotonous and a VA can do them.

  • Content tasks

To write special and attractive product content you need a copywriter. A copywriter knows how to use keywords properly and write natural and appealing content to customers.

In addition, the first thing that every customer notices is the photo of a product. A good photographer can convince potential customers to buy your product.

How Could You Hire a Virtual Assistant On Amazon?

Once you’ve decided to scale your business with a virtual assistant, you need to know where you can find the best VAs. You have three main options:

  • Virtual Assistant Agencies

A VA agency has a large database of experienced virtual assistants. Hiring a VA from an agency guarantees the quality of your VA.

  • Different Freelance Platforms

Different platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and … allow you to post your job content and choose the VA that fits your requirements. You can check the candidates’ skills, minimum wage, or the available hours to choose the best one. Many people choose VA from another country (like the Philippines) to pay less salary.

  • Direct Hiring

You have always this opportunity to find your VA in social media, Facebook Amazon groups, or face to face.

OABeans Custom Service

Another way to have a VA is to use OABeans custom service. Just tell us what you expect from a virtual assistant (such as product research, admin tasks, etc.), and you’ll have an exclusive VA!

What Programs Do Virtual Assistants Use?

If you ask your VA to focus on finding profitable deals, she/he may need a few tools that are very famous in the Amazon world.

Woman thinking about online arbitrage tools

Here is a shortlist:

Tactical Arbitrage

Any VA needs to know how to work with this software. Tactical arbitrage finds the potentially profitable deals and the VA should check them for possible errors manually. On the other hand, any FBA business has its profit margin and priority, so the VA should check the products based on the requirements manually.


RevSeller is a Chrome plugin helps the VA to calculate ROI, net profit, and …. On the product Amazon page. At first glimpse, she/he can find if the product fits the needs or not.


If the product is profitable currently it means it has been profitable for a long time? of course not! If a virtual assistant wants to be sure that a product was profitable for a good time, needs to check Keepa’s graphs. By the price history graphs, VA can recognize the profitability time very quickly.

Read More: Checking Price History in Online Arbitrage


How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant?

Remote jobs receive more attention these years due to pandemics and changing lifestyles. So, every day many remote jobs are posted on different freelancer platforms, Facebook groups, or even social media.

 The first step is creating your CV. Many professional VAs have started with no experience so don’t worry about former experience. But you need to dedicate time and love learning and show your passion to the employer.

Head to Amazon Facebook groups or freelancer platforms like Upwork and send your CV to anyone who looks for a virtual assistant.

Don’t forget that your employer (usually) can’t see you so communication skills are really important here.

Before starting any task, assure that you understood it clearly. If you are in doubt about anything, ask about it before starting.

Discipline is very important in remote jobs; keep track of the time and discuss the estimated time you need with the employer.

Finally, don’t be scared of new challenges. But keep in your mind that exaggerating about your skills maybe isn’t attractive for the employer. So, honesty is always the best policy.

What Skills Do You Need to be a Virtual Assistant?

Some skills are general and any VA (or maybe any employee) needs and isn’t specialized to online arbitrage virtual assistant. But a few are specifically important for an FBA virtual assistant.

General Skills Are:

  1. Communication Skills (Oral And Writing)
  2. Self-Motivation
  3.  Discipline
  4. Love For Learning
  5. Being Responsible

But a few skills are specifically important for Amazon FBA virtual assistants. You need:

  • Computer Skills

All tasks are done using computers. You need how to use the internet in addition to Word and Excel. If you need to use more advanced software you are usually trained by the employer.

  • Word Processing Skills

As you need to “type” many things here, you need to type quickly enough and very accurately.

  • Effective Decision Making

If you are looking for profitable deals, you need to think quickly and make decisions correctly. Because it is you that list the items.

Final Thought

Once your business has scaled enough, you need to focus on more productive tasks and outsource repetitive ones. There are different ways to find the best VA but you should dedicate time to train and manage your team. Also, there are several skills that virtual assistants need to have to be successful. If you wanna know about online arbitrage sourcing list & deals, follow the OABeans other articles.

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