The Happy Hustler vs. OABeans

OABeans vs. The Happy Hustler
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The Happy Hustler vs. OABeans: Every Detail Compared

Among companies offering online arbitrage leads lists, OABeans and Happy Hustlers stand out with distinct approaches to support sellers.   Finding the best fit for your business requires evaluating different options, which is where a comparison becomes essential. Let’s compare OABeans and Happy Hustler to get a better idea of each company’s services and offerings. 

Overview of The Happy Hustler

The Happy Hustler is a company that offers OA sourcing lists to assist Amazon sellers in identifying profitable products for online arbitrage. They provide a curated list of daily leads, which include detailed information about items that have the potential to yield high returns on investment. This service aims to simplify the often time-consuming and stressful process of product sourcing, allowing sellers to focus more on selling and less on research.

The core offering of the Happy Hustler is their Amazon Online Arbitrage Leads List. Subscribers to this list receive 20 new leads each day from Monday to Friday, ensuring a steady stream of opportunities to explore. Each lead is carefully selected based on specific criteria, such as a minimum ROI of 30%, a minimum profit of $5 per item, and an estimated 25 sales per month. These leads cover a variety of categories, including Groceries, Toys & Games, and Beauty & Personal Care, providing a broad spectrum of options for sellers.

In addition to the daily leads, the Happy Hustler provides valuable resources such as ungating guides, which help sellers gain access to restricted categories and brands. This can be particularly beneficial for new sellers who are still building their business and looking to expand their inventory options. By limiting each lead to 50 subscribers, the Happy Hustler also ensures that the market for these products does not become oversaturated, thereby maintaining the profitability of the items they recommend.

Comparing The Happy Hustler and OABeans

 When choosing between OABeans and Happy Hustler to help streamline your Amazon selling business, it’s essential to compare the features and benefits offered by each provider. Both services offer Amazon online arbitrage leads lists designed to simplify the process of finding profitable products, but they each have unique features and approaches. The following tables provide a detailed comparison of The Happy Hustler and OABeans to help you determine which service best suits your needs:

General InformationThe Happy HustlersOABeans
Variety of Offered Lead Lists for Different Needs1 PlanUngated Plan, Pro Sellers Plan, Semi-Exclusive Plan
Sources of Leads: How Many Different Retail Websites?Not mentioned1200+ in US
360+ in UK100+ in CA
Focus on Specific Product Categories?NoNo
Lead Delivery Method (Immediate Access via Panel vs. Scheduled Emails)PanelPanel (You can view previous leads up to 60 days after your purchase)
Subscription Pricing124.99/monthMonthly Plan: from $88 to $298
Quarterly Plan: from $66 to $238 per month
Availability of Trials or Money-Back GuaranteesNothing3-Day Money Back Guarantee
FeaturesThe Happy HustlersOABeans
Number of Leads Provided Weekly10040+
Min ROI (%)30%30%
Min Profit (USD)$5$4.5 – $5.5
Average Monthly Sales of Leads25100
Number of Seats5010-25
Price History CheckNot mentioned30-day and 90-day check
IP Complaint CheckNot mentionedYes
Competitive Analysis Not mentionedYes
Not Sold by Amazon CheckedNot mentionedYes
Exclusion of Problematic Products (e.g., Hazmat, Fragile)Not mentionedYes
Additional Analytical Tools (e.g., FBA Calculator)NothingFree FBA Calculator
Support & CommunityThe Happy HustlersOABeans
Quality of Customer SupportNo response after a week. We’re still waiting.Less than 24 hours
Ease of Use and Interface DesignEasySuper Easy
Website Traffic as an Indicator of Popularity11K/month56K/month

OABeans & The Happy Hustler Pricing [June 2024]

This table highlights the different pricing models and services offered by OABeans and Happy Hustlers, allowing you to compare their offerings and choose the one that best fits your needs:

OABeans Pricing
For Sellers
Fayot (Ungated Only)$118/month
Pinto (Higher Profits)$138/month
Adzuki (Semi-Exclusive)$298/month
For Sellers
For Sellers
Happy Hustlers Pricing
Online Arbitrage Leads List$124.99/month


Choosing the right arbitrage service is crucial for the success of your business. To truly find the best fit, we recommend testing services from multiple leads list providers. This approach allows you to directly compare and determine which service meets your specific needs most effectively. At OABeans, we understand the importance of this decision-making process, which is why we offer a three-day money-back guarantee. This policy is designed to give you the opportunity to experience what we offer and see how our unique features can align with your business goals. We invite you to explore OABeans and consider how our service might be the right choice for your online arbitrage needs.

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