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To become successful in the Online Arbitrage business, Amazon sellers will require a list of profitable leads. They can explore manually, research using software, or purchase these OA deals, but the last option (buying an online arbitrage sourcing list) is hassle-free and easier, especially for newbie sellers. In the following article, we’re going to explain about OABeans online arbitrage sourcing lists and their features.

What Is an Online Arbitrage Sourcing List?

An online arbitrage sourcing list is usually an excel or google sheet which includes the source of some products. Sellers can buy these items from the source site and resell them in a marketplace like Amazon at a higher price for a profit.

How Does OABeans Prepare Online Arbitrage Sourcing Deals List?

Unlike other OA list providers, at OABeans, we find deals manually and semi-manual.
Our team searches retail websites manually to find lucrative deals.
Or, in a semi-manual way, they search by using specific software for the items that don’t exist on Amazon or those that exist on Amazon, but their prices are lower on the other websites. After that, they also check the results manually to find the mismatches, scams, etc.
After checking the deals to meet our criteria, we will list the potential products for arbitraging in a Google sheet to be accessible easier.
We have multiple criteria, and the sheet contains various information, which we’ll explain in the following.

What Are the Criteria of OABeans to find OA Deals?

We consider many factors to provide lucrative leads.
The most important criteria are minimum ROI, minimum Profit, and Best Sellers Rank for each lead. As we have multiple OA lists, each list has its own minimums. You can see the numbers on our pricing page.
The other critical factor is checking IP complaints. We also don’t propose hazmat, fragile or oversize products. Offering the items with many variations is our last intention.
Analysis of the products price during the past 90-days and 30-days is another must-done for us to find OA deals.
Keepa provides three diagrams:
• Price Diagram
• Rank Diagram
• Review and rating Diagram
In addition to the price diagram, we also analyze the rank diagram and review & rating diagram, which are crucial to choosing profitable items. These diagrams should have normal behavior so that the product could be a potential lead for arbitrage.
For example, look at the below image:

This product has a good rank and also good monthly sales. But there is some problem with this lead! If you carefully see the rank chart, you’ll find out that the rank is good but drops very down in some time frames. It may be because of Amazon’s entrance and exit for selling this product.

Other charts that we analyze are the Rating and Review diagrams. Some products have been listed on Amazon for about 3000 days, but they have received only 8 reviews or no rating.

Good-selling products have an ascending review chart, and we consider these points while finding OA deals.

Besides, we check out the chance of winning the Buy Box for each deal. If the item is Buy Box eligible, it will have a Buy Box badge in the leads sheet.

We don’t list the private label products in our online arbitrage sourcing list.

As you know, the number of sellers in any product is essential. When so many sellers have access to the same OA deals, those deals will be saturated. To prevent sellers have this problem and not facing out of stock for a product, at OABeans, we limited the seats of each list. Depending on the list, only 5 to 25 people access the same deals.

The summation of these points makes OABeans’s leads unique and trustworthy in the market.

Step by Step Guide to Use OABeans’ Online Arbitrage Deals Sheet

In this part, we’ll explain how you can use our OA sheet and what information includes in that.

Let’s use the below sheet, as an example:

Pinto List Sheet

Open the above link and then read the below explanations.

The first column shows the number of deals for the Pinto plan, which is between 7 and 10. Sellers can find the title of products in the second column. The third column is the Source URL where the desired product is located, and the forth column is Amazon URL for the same product.

The next column is ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), a unique identifier with a 10-character alphanumeric assigned by Amazon.com and its partners for product identification within the Amazon organization.

The category of each product among 36 Amazon product categories displays in the next column.

The cost column shows the current net price of the product you want to buy from a website. This number may even change in the next few minutes; this price is for the time that sheet is completed. What is indicated in the next column is the selling price which is a momentary price of a product on Amazon and fluctuates continuously.

You can see the net profit of each product in the next column. Apart from the purchase price, there are some Amazon costs such as fulfillment fee, packaging, shipping fee, monthly storage fee, and referral fee (which is vary from 6% to 45%) that should deduct from the selling price to reach the net profit.

In the tenth column, the ROI of each product is written. ROI is Net Profit/ Source Price.

In the Badge column, two options are available: 30-day and 90-day. Some tools like Keepa demonstrate price charts for each product in these periods and check the price fluctuation.

For example, the below image is the price history of the first lead in the sheet:

The lead has a $26.99 selling price. We inspect the price fluctuation chart of this item in the past 90 days. If we consider the lowest price in this period and it meets our criteria, this lead gets a 90-day badge. And the same for the 30-day badge.

It is interesting to note that the Percentage of Best Sellers Rank calculates by dividing the current rank of a product by the total number of available products in each category. The percentage of the obtained number indicates the % BSR of the product.

As you can see current BSR presents the best seller rank of the product at the moment, and the 90-Day BSR is the average rank for the last ninety days.

The Buy Box eligibility represents the probability of winning Buy Box if the product is sold at or below this. Amazon shows the Buy Box eligibility for each seller in their Amazon panel because it depends not only on the selling price but also on some factors for each seller.

But what we consider in this column means if someone has won the Buy Box with the selling price in our sheet or not.

In the monthly sales column, the estimation of the monthly sales of a product provided by Tactical tools is expressed. This number depends on the product’s current rank, but the analysis is not accurate and could be a pessimistic estimate.

The number of FBA competitors for each product is mentioned in the competitor column. A bigger number means higher competition; by contrast, a smaller number increases the chance of selling the product.

At last, any tips about the lead are written in the note column. For example, if free shipping is available for a product, or if the product source has a package offer for buyers, we’ll write it down there.

Interesting Facts About OA Leads That You Don’t Know!

Final Thought

One of the easiest methods to source products for Amazon FBA business or Amazon online arbitrage is to purchase an online arbitrage sourcing list. OABeans, the leader in OA deals service providers, claims to have the best leads and unique competitive features. In this article, we tried to explain these features.

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