FBA Wizard Reviews in 2024

FBA Wizard Reviews in 2024
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If you're looking to make some quick cash online without a big budget, online arbitrage is a fantastic option. But let's face it, sifting through countless websites to find good deals can be a real headache.
That's where FBA Wizard comes in. FBA Wizard tirelessly scans web retailers' pages day and night, finding the best deals for you. It takes the hassle out of the process, making online arbitrage a breeze.
Out of all the tools out there, FBA Wizard has become a favorite for many. In this review, we'll break down why many users think it's the top choice for online arbitrage sellers. Whether you're a pro or just starting, keep reading as we explore the ins and outs of FBA Wizard reviews to see if it's worth investing in.

What is FBA Wizard?

FBA Wizard Pro is a tool designed to streamline the daily tasks of online arbitrage, private label, and wholesale sellers. Simply put, it simplifies the process of discovering profitable product opportunities by highlighting the best matches according to your criteria, such as categories, margin, and expected return on investment (ROI). This software is functional in the US, UK, Canada, and across Europe.

With FBA Wizard Pro, you can automatically search through more than 600 websites categorized by country to identify the most lucrative product opportunities. The software offers a wide range of filters to choose from, but among them, ROI and expected margins stand out as particularly valuable. For online arbitrage, where determining potential profits and calculating margins can be time-consuming, FBA Wizard proves to be a time-saving solution.

Another noteworthy feature is FBA Wizard’s ability to research product opportunities based on specific categories from the retailers it scans, adding an extra layer of precision to your search.

Pros & Cons of FBA Wizard

According to FBA Wizard reviews, this tool proves to be a reliable choice, particularly for sellers in the UK and Europe, due to its affordability, VA-friendly approach, and excellent support. However, users should be aware of its limitations and the need for potential improvements in the training aspect. Here are the pros and cons of FBA Wizard: 


  • Geographical Suitability: FBA Wizard shines, especially if you’re selling in the UK and Europe, making it particularly advantageous for sellers in these regions.
  • Affordable Pricing: Cost-effectiveness is a strong suit of FBA Wizard, offering valuable features without breaking the bank.
  • VA-Friendly: The software is VA (Virtual Assistant)-friendly, allowing you to leverage virtual assistance without extensive training requirements.
  • Enhanced Features: FBA Wizard comes with impressive additional features that go beyond the basics, adding value to your online arbitrage, private label, or wholesale selling endeavors.
  • Superior Support: Enjoy a higher level of customer support compared to competitors, ensuring a smoother experience and quicker problem resolution.


  • Limitations: FBA Wizard does have some limitations, which may impact its versatility for certain users or specific business models.
  • Training Improvements Needed: While the training provided is good, there is room for improvement, suggesting that users might need to invest additional effort in getting acquainted with all the functionalities.

Usages & Features of FBA Wizard

One of the best ways to find out which features FBA Wizard offers and whether they are actually beneficial is to check out FBA Wizard reviews. According to them, this tool provides 8 types of scans, including: 

Amazon Scan

The highly coveted Amazon Scan feature automates the search for lucrative arbitrage opportunities tailored for selling on Amazon and maximizing profits.

The software meticulously scans through a curated list of 600 major retailers. Within each category, it identifies products available at a lower cost on these external websites compared to their prices on Amazon. This functionality streamlines the process of pinpointing potential profitable items, offering users a valuable advantage.

Private Label Scan

Private labeling on Amazon is expansive, representing a significant portion of Amazon’s revenue and serving as a lucrative opportunity for achieving high profit margins and brand recognition.

FBA Wizard empowers sellers to unearth successful product ideas by applying specific criteria. This feature enables users to uncover potential opportunities that align with their strategic objectives and market preferences.

Wholesale Scan

The Wholesale Scans feature makes dealing with wholesale suppliers incredibly easy. Just upload a pricing spreadsheet from your supplier, and the feature does the rest. It checks how much those products are selling for on Amazon or eBay and tells you when there is a chance to make a profit. This feature alone can help you run a whole business smoothly – from buying products to sending them to Amazon FBA. 

Euro Scan 

As mentioned earlier in the FBA Wizard reviews, this tool is especially effective in Europe, although it works well in other regions too. The Euro Scan feature actively identifies potential arbitrage opportunities between Amazon’s UK marketplace and its counterparts in Europe, including Italy, France, and Spain. This means you can discover products selling at lower prices in the UK and capitalize on profits by selling them in other European marketplaces, all without any extra effort on your part. It’s a seamless way to expand your business across different European markets.

eBay Scan 

With the eBay Scan feature, you can easily explore all the retailers in the FBA Wizard database to uncover product opportunities that are fetching higher prices on eBay. This functionality streamlines the process of identifying items that could yield more profit when sold on the eBay platform, offering users a convenient way to maximize their earnings.

eBay Wholesale 

Much like the Amazon wholesale feature, FBA Wizard can assess the prices of products available at wholesale rates, gauging how well they are selling on eBay. This functionality enables a seamless process of evaluating wholesale purchases and strategically selling them on eBay for profitable returns. According to FBA Wizard reviews, it’s a practical tool for navigating the dynamics of both wholesale acquisition and resale.

Reverse Scan 

Unlike scanning individual retailers, this feature lets you search for products within specific categories and automatically sift through over 4000 retailers for potential arbitrage opportunities.

For example, if you’re interested in products in the ‘health and fitness’ category, FBA Wizard will explore numerous retailers to find products that match the filters you’ve set within the Amazon category. You have the flexibility to set standard filters to refine your search and discover the most relevant opportunities. It’s a powerful feature for efficiently uncovering potential products in your preferred categories.

Best Alternatives of FBA Wizard

Alternatives of FBA Wizard

While FBA Wizard stands out as a popular choice among Amazon sellers (as FBA Wizard reviews show), there are several alternative tools that provide similar functionalities. Here are five noteworthy options:

While FBA Wizard stands out as a popular choice among Amazon sellers (as FBA Wizard reviews show), there are several alternative tools that provide similar functionalities. Here are five noteworthy options:

1. Tactical Arbitrage

Overview: A robust online arbitrage tool, Tactical Arbitrage scans over 1000 third-party sites to identify profitable reselling opportunities on Amazon.

Features: Offering advanced search options, bulk product analysis, and ROI/profit margin calculations, Tactical Arbitrage also caters to wholesale and private label research.

Suitable For: Both beginners and experienced sellers benefit from its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.

2. AMZScout

Overview: Known for its extensive suite of tools, AMZScout focuses on Amazon market research and product discovery.

Features: With an extensive product database, product tracker, and sales estimator, AMZScout also provides a Chrome extension for convenient data analytics and product trend tracking on Amazon’s site.

Suitable For: Ideal for sellers seeking deep market insights and trend analysis for product sourcing.

3. Viral Launch

Overview: Viral Launch offers specialized tools for Amazon sellers, emphasizing product discovery and market intelligence.

Features: Key features include product research, along with market trend analysis and competitive intelligence.

Suitable For: Particularly useful for sellers launching new products or optimizing existing listings.

4. Keepa

Overview: Keepa is renowned for its comprehensive price tracking and history charts covering a wide range of products on Amazon.

Features: Providing price drop alerts, price history graphs, and deal discovery, Keepa seamlessly integrates with Amazon for real-time data.

Suitable For: Excellent for sellers needing to track pricing trends and timing for buying or selling products.

5. SellerAmp

Overview: A newer tool, SellerAmp offers features for product research, sourcing, and profitability analysis.

Features: Capabilities include scanning and analyzing products, tracking sales, and profit margins. SellerAmp also provides a mobile app for on-the-go product sourcing.

Suitable For: Both new and experienced sellers benefit from its mobile-friendly solution with robust analytics.

OABeans Sourcing Lists + FBA Wizard: A Winning Combination

OABeans Sourcing Lists and FBA Wizard Combination

For Amazon sellers, teaming up OABeans’ sourcing lists and FBA Wizard offers incredible benefits. Sourcing lists, which already have profitable and recommended products listed, save sellers a lot of time which would have to be spent searching manually or using sourcing software. With FBA Wizard, OABeans’ curated lists get analyzed quickly, making it easy for sellers to decide which products to go for.

Additionally, OABeans’ online arbitrage leads give detailed info on metrics like sales rank and profits. FBA Wizard can then double-check these leads with real-time data, making sure sellers make well-informed decisions. By using both sourcing lists and FBA Wizard, Amazon sellers can make their online operations smoother, smarter, and more profitable.


By reading FBA Wizard reviews, we find out it is a helpful tool for both new and experienced sellers, making product sourcing easier with features like efficient scanning and profit calculations. As e-commerce keeps evolving, tools like FBA Wizard and smart use of sourcing lists will shape successful Amazon businesses. Whether you’re starting or growing, using these tools can make your Amazon journey more efficient and profitable. 

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  1. By engaging in online arbitrage, you can constantly hunt for profitable deals and create a consistent revenue stream for your Amazon business.

  2. The scalability of retail arbitrage on Amazon allows sellers to expand their product range and explore new niches to maximize their profit potential.

  3. Online arbitrage on Amazon allows you to tap into the power of customer reviews and ratings, building trust and credibility for the products you resell.

  4. Amazon’s advanced search and filtering tools make online arbitrage efficient and streamlined, helping you find the best deals quickly.

  5. One of the biggest advantages of Amazon FBA is the Prime eligibility. It gives my products a competitive edge and attracts more customers.

  6. Retail arbitrage on Amazon allows you to capitalize on seasonal sales, promotions, and clearance events in physical stores, maximizing your profit potential.

  7. The scalability of Amazon FBA is impressive. Whether you’re a small seller or a large enterprise, the infrastructure can handle your growing business needs.

  8. The competitive nature of Amazon’s marketplace motivates me to constantly improve my online arbitrage skills. It pushes me to find better deals and optimize my pricing strategy.

  9. With Amazon’s data-driven insights, you can identify emerging market trends and capitalize on new opportunities for your reselling business.

  10. Amazon’s Buy Box algorithm ensures fair competition among sellers, giving everyone a chance to succeed in the reselling space.

  11. Amazon’s automated repricing tools can assist you in optimizing your pricing strategy in online arbitrage, ensuring competitiveness in the marketplace.

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