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Man is trying to reduce his return rate on Amazon.

How to Reduce Your Return Rate on Amazon?

Being a seller on Amazon is all about making profits. But no matter what, you will face issues along the way. Returned products annoy every seller and might even make them mad. When products are returned to you, customers aren’t 100% happy with their purchase. This puts you at risk of losing your brand reputation or even account suspension.
Another thing that makes returns a nightmare for Amazon sellers is the cost. In the last few years, the cost of return deliveries (of course, paid by the seller) has grown by 75%. In 2020 alone, this cost was around 550 billion dollars. This is A LOT!
So as a seller on a platform with lots of rules and regulations, you should always watch your return rate closely and try your best to lower it. If left unattended, these rates can hurt your profit or, even worse: get you suspended. In this article, you will understand precisely the return rate, and then you’ll be presented with some practical ways to lower it.

Amazon seller sponsored product ads.

Comprehensive Guide About Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

Whether you have just started selling on Amazon and want to launch your first product or are an experienced seller introducing new products to the marketplace, Sponsored Products ads are the most effective way to present a new product to potential customers.
Amazon is a web of recurring visits by millions of users worldwide searching for products they want to buy. When an Amazon user searches, they think about an immediate or future purchase. But, in any case, they think about buying. And that makes reaching that potential customer at that exact moment an essential goal for any brand or product sales business.
When you think about your online advertising strategy, you want to meet your consumers where they are. And if you’re an e-commerce company, that place is likely Amazon.
That’s where Amazon advertising comes in. Amazon has several advertising programs to choose from, but the best one to start with is Amazon Sponsored Products. Follow this article to learn more about this excellent advertising method on Amazon.

Amazon sellers can create PPC campaigns for advertising.

What is Amazon PPC & How to Start Your First Campaign on It?

Amazon has an internal advertising system that Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a part of. In the PPC advertising method, sellers who use advertising will be charged when a user clicks on ads; in other advertising methods, a user may see the ad.
Amazon Advertising helps sellers generate brand sales, awareness, visitors to Amazon stores, and more. When sellers want to drive sales fast, advertising on Amazon is one of the best ways to build brand awareness.
In the following article, we will explain Amazon PPC in detail.

Selling Apple products on Amazon.

How to Get Approved to Sell Apple Products on Amazon?

Most Amazon sellers are well aware that you can’t just sell “anything” there. When you start your shop on this platform, there are specific categories you can sell with no limitation and make money.
But since Amazon is sensitive about customer experience and cares a lot about the user’s health and shopping journey, some categories are “gated” or restricted. Apple products are among the categories that you need approval for selling.
The good news is that selling Apple is not impossible. Why did Apple become restricted in the first place? What should one do to receive approval and start selling Apple Products on Amazon? In this article, we are going to try to answer these questions.

4 Tips to Calculate Amazon FBA Profit Accurately (and How to Increase it)

It is always great to sell more, right? Maybe not always. Your sales numbers might be going up and up, but, in terms of profit, you could still be losing money. That means the more you sell – the more you lose. This is why it is crucial to know the difference between raw sales and actual profits.
There are numerous costs associated with selling online that should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, sellers risk miscalculating their profits.

Getting ungated in Lego brand on Amazon.

How to Get Ungated in LEGO on Amazon?

You can find any product you think of on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you can just go on the platform and list any product you want as a seller. The eCommerce giant has done everything in its power to keep customers happy and protect them from fake or harmful products.
As a part of this strategy, Amazon has put restrictions on some of its categories to prevent people with bad intentions from committing fraud on the platform and potentially harming its consumer base. For example, LEGO is a restricted – or gated – product on Amazon, and those who want to sell LEGOs on this platform need to get Amazon’s approval. Keep reading this article to discover how you can get ungated in LEGO!

Differences between Amazon account suspension & deactivation.

What Are the Key Differences of Amazon Deactivated & Suspended Account

No matter where you live or what product you’re selling on Amazon, one day, you might wake up to a worrisome email from this platform informing you that your selling privileges have been revoked. Amazon account suspension (or deactivation) can happen to any person selling something on there, but the important thing is managing it and getting back into sales.
Don’t forget that Amazon is a significant marketplace with over 150.000 sellers. This means thousands of products are sold on a daily basis, and the platform needs to make sure each and every one of these products is safe for the customers and that nothing illegal is going on. So, when something suspicious is seen, or the feedbacks are mostly negative (and many other reasons), Amazon will suspend your account.
What is the difference between Amazon Account Deactivated vs. Suspended? Why even are accounts suspended? What should a seller do after getting suspended? In this article, we try to answer these questions.

A woman is showing best selling products on Amazon on her tablet.

Best Selling Items & Products on Amazon in 2023

Amazon is an excellent place for those who want to start their eCommerce business. With many options for sellers to decide which products they want to sell; it can seem a bit overwhelming. Selling on Amazon offers many benefits to sellers, such as generating more sales than they would through other channels, so it is highly recommended to know the top selling Amazon products to have maximum profits.
The products you sell determine your success rate. Therefore, wisely choosing them is a crucial part of your business. With the international expansion and low marketing costs, sellers can access Amazon’s massive customer base.
One way to select the right products is to research the popular and best-selling product niches or categories on Amazon that can generate the most profit. These are known as the best sellers. Follow this article to find out more about the top-selling Amazon products.

Amazon product listing optimization helps to improve products visibility on Amazon.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization Guide

Amazon’s algorithm is an efficient, iterative search methodology that reads, scans, and analyzes data. This search methodology determines the products ideal for the customer’s query and the most relevant to the customer’s search. Therefore, sellers will need Amazon listing optimization to rank products at the top based on customer search relevance.
If you want to learn more about Amazon FBA listing optimization and improve your Amazon listings, follow this article to learn how listing optimization on Amazon works.

Toys category is restricted on Amazon market place.

How to Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon?

While looking for Amazon online arbitrage deals, you may find great deals in the Toys category with unbelievable profit. But if you are familiar with Amazon’s rules and restrictions, you probably know that this is a gated category, meaning not everyone can sell toys on Amazon. If you are wondering why toys are gated on Amazon and how the process of Toys ungating works, follow this article.

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