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There are some products that are not suitable to sell on Amazon market place.

Products That You Should Avoid Selling on Amazon

If you have just started selling on Amazon, you are probably thinking about your first product and have many ideas running through your head. Amazon has a vast range of categories and products, but this doesn’t mean you can sell anything you want on the platform. To avoid headaches and unnecessary effort, in this article, you will find some crucial suggestions and a list of products that you should avoid to sell on Amazon.

Before start selling hazmat products on Amazon, you should pay attention to some tips.

The Ultimate Guide for Selling Hazmat Products on Amazon

Amazon buyers have many options for purchasing their needs from the platform. You might have heard the sentence “you can buy anything from Amazon!”. This is true, but the sellers don’t have it this easy. Some products on Amazon are limited (gated), and you need to be approved as a seller to be able to sell them. Amazon watches over the sales of dangerous products, some gadgets, skincare and health products, etc. This article will talk about Selling Hazmat Products

Amazon vendor central vs. seller central

Amazon Seller Central vs. Vendor Central

As a seller on a platform as big as Amazon, you need a dashboard. This kind of dashboard will help you gather your data and have an overview of total sales. Also, having all the information collected in one place allows you to plan for your future.
On Amazon, it will be important that WHO is selling your products. This kind of sale could be different from having a physical shop. With Seller Central, you are selling directly to Amazon’s customers, but With Vendor Central, Amazon will buy your products and sell them to its customers.
But this isn’t the only difference between these two. This article will explain the essence of Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central, how they are different and which one you should select based on your business. If You are a seller on the platform and still don’t know what you should choose, read this through the end.

What is Amazon FBA Swiship?

Online shopping has been one giant step forward for the entire human race; unlike the old times when you had to search the markets and busy streets for your desired product, nowadays shopping has been made easy by online platforms. You can even window shop online!
One of the significant advantages of online markets is that you can track what’s happening to the product, both as the customer and the seller. As an Amazon seller, you can benefit significantly from a tracking service like this. This service allows you to analyze your work and keep the dissatisfaction low.
This article will discuss Amazon FBA Swiship, an option that helps you track your sent packages step by step. Swiship is easy to use and gives you peace of mind regarding packages. If you’re an Amazon seller with a high sales rate or don’t know how to solve shipment issues, make sure to read through the end.

Man is trying to reduce his return rate on Amazon.

How to Reduce Your Return Rate on Amazon?

Being a seller on Amazon is all about making profits. But no matter what, you will face issues along the way. Returned products annoy every seller and might even make them mad. When products are returned to you, customers aren’t 100% happy with their purchase. This puts you at risk of losing your brand reputation or even account suspension.
Another thing that makes returns a nightmare for Amazon sellers is the cost. In the last few years, the cost of return deliveries (of course, paid by the seller) has grown by 75%. In 2020 alone, this cost was around 550 billion dollars. This is A LOT!
So as a seller on a platform with lots of rules and regulations, you should always watch your return rate closely and try your best to lower it. If left unattended, these rates can hurt your profit or, even worse: get you suspended. In this article, you will understand precisely the return rate, and then you’ll be presented with some practical ways to lower it.

Amazon uses ASIN codes to identify and group products considered the same quickly.

What is Amazon ASIN Number?

The Amazon ASIN number is essential in managing the Amazon product catalog. Having the correct ASIN number not only makes it easier for buyers to find your products but also protects them from counterfeiting by being a unique number for your product.
Amazon uses ASIN codes to identify and group products considered the same quickly. The ASIN number can also be used to find products in the Amazon catalog faster, instead of browsing through hundreds of items.

Man is answering his Amazon customers.

How to Answer Questions on Amazon as a Seller?

Just like any other line of work, being an Amazon seller comes with its challenges. One of these challenges is to answer customer questions on your listings professionally and in a good manner. Since Amazon is a customer-centered company, it allows direct communication between the seller and buyer, which results in enhanced customer service.
Having open communications with the customers and making them happy is an important part of your job that is worth the time and effort because it can help add to your ranking and increase customer satisfaction. Responding appropriately to customers is a practice that needs training and gives you more chances of closing your sales.
This article shares the essential tips and tricks to answer customer questions on Amazon.

Amazon has allocated a page in your Seller Central account called Account Health.

Amazon Account Health Checkup

If you have paid attention to your account on Amazon Seller Central, you might probably see a page named “Account Health.” Account health is a topic that not many newbies on Amazon FBA are familiar with. All sellers need to know about the metrics which are checked for Account Health.
In continuation of this post, we are going to have an entire talk about “Account Health” and how to improve it. So, stay with us.

How to Sell on Amazon US from India?

Persuading sellers to sell internationally on Amazon is not an easy job. Rarely, people try to expand their online business outside their own countries. It is somehow intimidating to sell in any foreign country. Usually, sellers limit their sales to a great extent by selling only in their native country. We want to tell you that it is not as complex as it sounds.
You can expand your eCommerce business worldwide with the help of Amazon Global and Amazon FBA. This service facilitates overseas shipping and logistics, so you don’t need to worry about those complicated taxes. Actually, this common belief that is selling products offshore is difficult doesn’t make sense anymore. You can find how it can be done on Amazon in the following.

Retail arbitrage is legal in most of the countries

Is Retail Arbitrage Legal?

A question keeps the Amazon newbies’ minds occupied: Is retail arbitrage legal on Amazon? And if you will ban by doing retail arbitrage? It would be great to do your legal research on products and brands before selling them for retail arbitrage. This article will answer these questions and all other points related to the legality of retail arbitrage thoroughly. So follow us to the end.

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