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Amazon Brand Registry Complete Guide

Many manufacturers and distributors of products on Amazon need to register a brand to obtain greater market control. By getting approved for the Amazon brand registry program, you get more benefits on the platform.
Registering your brand on Amazon is essential to protect it from other sellers trying to list your products on the marketplace. On the one hand, it will allow you to remove product counterfeits and block inaccurate content about them. On the other hand, it will help you convey more trust and credibility to buyers who use the platform.
If you are wondering how to apply for a brand registry on Amazon, keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know before applying.

Amazon's return policy.

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Return Policy

No matter which side of the Amazon platform you work on (seller or buyer), there will be bumps in the road. One of the bumps is when you have to return a purchase (or manage one that has been returned to you). Amazon has provided the option for buyers to return what they have bought, but there are rules. Returns can be managed in your seller central profile, and getting the handle on it won’t be that hard. This article is about Amazon’s Return Policy for Sellers. So if you have a shop on the platform, your answers are probably here.

There are some ways for making passive income on Amazon.

How to Make Passive Income on Amazon?

The primary way to make money on Amazon is to simply “sell.” After all, this is an online shopping platform, and Amazon sellers stay profitable as long as they sell OK. But you might have heard about people making money in a passive way. Everyone likes to have a reasonably easy revenue and count on it when things go south. This article guides anyone who wants to Make Passive Income on Amazon. If you are considering doing this, make sure to read through the end.

Amazon massage central using guide.

Amazon Message Center Guide

Some people are still unaware that Amazon released a feature that enables direct communication between sellers and buyers. This feature is handy for both parties because it bridges the gap between them. Buyers can ask product-related questions, seek support, or resolve product issues. Sellers can, in turn, get valuable feedback from their buyers and thank them for the business. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this system, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out how you can check messages on Amazon and use the Amazon message center.

Start selling on Amazon fresh.

How to Start Selling on Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh is a platform for selling fresh groceries and different kinds of food. But groceries are one of the restricted categories on Amazon, meaning you need to get approved in order to sell them. If you produce fresh groceries or food, Amazon can be a good platform for making money. If you think about it, this makes sense. Amazon sets rules and regulations for grocery vendors to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy. This article is about the steps you need to take for selling food and beverage. If you are new to this category and want to Sell on Amazon Fresh, read this guide.

Prevent getting phishing emails.

How to Stop Amazon Phishing Emails & Scammers?

If you are a seller on Amazon, you have probably received many emails from the platform. A seller’s inbox could be full of Amazon’s notifications, alerts, and approvals. Take a closer look: are all of these emails from Amazon itself? Do you open every one of them? Some fraudsters make fake emails and send them to Amazon users (sellers and buyers) as bonuses or notifications. Phishing is a real issue these days and may cost many people their valuable data or money. This article will discuss Amazon Phishing Emails and how we can avoid them. It would be helpful, primarily if you work directly with the platform.

Shipping products to Amazon FBA

How to Ship to Amazon FBA?

Amazon’s FBA service offers many advantages over in-house logistics. However, sending your products to Amazon to store and ship them via the “Fulfillment by Amazon” service is still necessary. This step is highly regulated, and it is crucial that you carefully follow Amazon’s guidelines when you ship to Amazon FBA. You will be charged additional fees if your products arrive at Amazon’s distribution center mislabeled or with incorrect packaging.
So, how do we ship products to Amazon FBA? In this article, we explain everything you need to know.

Improving Amazon product ranking.

Ultimate Guide About Amazon Product Rank

Thousands of sellers are selling their products on Amazon right now. No matter what you sell, you definitely have competition if you use the Amazon platform. Imagine you are a small vendor in a small town in the US selling erasers. Your product has high demand (millions of employees and students use erasers daily) but are the buyers actually going to choose “your shop” over many other eraser shops? What makes them see and select you? This is where “Amazon Product Ranking” comes to play. This rank helps Amazon sellers get their product pages higher up and increase their sales, eventually making more money. Increasing your Amazon product organic rank doesn’t require specialized marketing knowledge, but you should be familiar with the basics. This article is about Amazon product rank and how it can help sellers on the platform.

There are some products that are not suitable to sell on Amazon market place.

Products That You Should Avoid Selling on Amazon

If you have just started selling on Amazon, you are probably thinking about your first product and have many ideas running through your head. Amazon has a vast range of categories and products, but this doesn’t mean you can sell anything you want on the platform. To avoid headaches and unnecessary effort, in this article, you will find some crucial suggestions and a list of products that you should avoid to sell on Amazon.

Tips for increasing sales in black Friday on online arbitrage.

Online Arbitrage Tips for Black Friday

We all know that shopping in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday can be pretty chaotic, so many people rather stay at home and shop online. Similar to brick-and-mortar retail stores, many online eCommerce websites offer lucrative discounts for customers. If you’re an online arbitrage seller looking for easy ways to source products around this time of year, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn our online arbitrage tips for Black Friday!

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