Best Amazon Price Trackers in 2024

Best Amazon price trackers list in 2024
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If you are an Amazon seller, you’ve probably heard of “price wars” on Amazon. As the name suggests, there is intense competition between Amazon sellers who try to outprice their competitors by slashing prices to attract more customers and get a more significant market share. So, in a price war, sellers repeatedly reduce their prices to win the Buy Box due to the misconception that the Buy Box spot will go to the seller with the lowest prices. In such a situation, sellers turn to Amazon price tracker tools for help to avoid falling behind competitors.
A price tracker tool is an Amazon seller tool or software that tracks the product prices in the marketplace, including Amazon.com, and notifies users when an item’s price increases or drops. This tool can provide critical data needed to make important pricing decisions, so it’s a necessary part of every Amazon seller’s toolkit.
Now, let’s learn more about Amazon price tracker software’s features and get to know the top five tools in 2023!

What is Price Tracker & How Does It Work?

These applications let you know how the price of any item on Amazon has evolved in recent months. Some even go beyond the eCommerce giant and work on other marketplaces. Price tracker apps and software allow you to

  • Know if the item you want is now expensive or cheap.
  • Find out at what time of year you can lower the price.
  • Avoid one of the most common scams on Black Friday, which consists of raising the prices weeks before the promotions.
  • Find cheaper alternatives (only with some price-tracking apps).
  • Save a lot of time and money.

But how does a price tracker tool work? The operation of these tools is very similar. There are applications or extensions that connect to Amazon and track the price of the product you are looking for among all the sellers in the marketplace.

This way, they can find the cheapest point of sale and tell you how the product’s price has evolved. There are even some that work as price comparators. It’s that simple and that useful. Using Amazon price tracker tools is one of the best ways to save on purchases at any time of the year, especially on Black Friday or Christmas.

Remarkable Features of Amazon Price Trackers

Knowing about advantages of price trackers will help you make a more informed decision

So, what is it that makes price tracker tools so great? Here, you will find out about the best features of these tools. Knowing about these features will help you make a more informed decision: 

  • Updated prices – This type of tool allows you to work with precise data thanks to the fact that all the pricing information is up-to-date and in real time.
  • Reduction of uncertainty around the pricing strategy based on the valuable information obtained by the software.
  • They allow you to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competition (competitive advantage) due to a greater knowledge of your competitors’ prices and strategies.
  • Work with daily updated data and save time without manually controlling prices. Opportunities
  • Uncover hidden business opportunities thanks to more excellent market knowledge.

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Now that you know everything about the features and advantages of using price tracker tools, it’s time to introduce the best tools you can use to increase your profits. 

1) CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is one of the largest Amazon price tracker tools

CamelCamelCamel is one of the largest Amazon price tracker tools on the internet. With this tool, you can track prices in these countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom in all the categories that you have available in each Amazon marketplace, with discounts that reach up to 75%. With this tool, you can:

  • Establish alerts for price drops and product availability
  • View price history charts
  • Search for any product on Amazon
  • Use browser extensions to streamline the process
  • Register to configure your personalized options
  • Import your wish list from your Amazon account to CamelCamelCamel
  • Set Twitter Alerts

2) Keepa

Keepa is an Amazon price tracker app helping you find all the product prices you need.

Keepa is an Amazon price tracker app that helps you find all the product prices you need. This site has an extension and a mobile application to view the offers from your cell phone or PC.  It is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Windows Edge browsers, as well as Android and iOS devices.

Other functions of Keepa are monitoring the price of a product and consulting its price history using a graph. You can also know the range of sales that certain items have had. This tool will allow you to discover if the current price or the “offers” advertised on the items of your interest are a sale or in what months of the year their prices tend to drop.

3) Honey

Honey is a free browser extension that searches the web for coupon codes

Honey is a free browser extension that searches the web for coupon codes and tests them, automatically selecting the code that saves you the most money. You can also earn rewards on certain purchases through the app’s Honey Gold rewards program or use Honey’s Droplist tool to track price changes for individual items on sites like Amazon.com.

Similar to apps like Wikibuy, Honey is one of the Amazon price tracker tools that automate the deal-finding process by looking at the items in your cart and searching the web for relevant coupon codes. Honey automatically tests any code it finds until it finds one that works. If several codes work, it chooses the one that offers you the greatest discount. This streamlines the process, saving you the hassle of manually searching coupon sites and trying out codes individually.

4) Earny

Earny collects inbox receipts to track items you've already purchased on Amazon.

This app is set up to track specific products. Then, it alerts you when the price drops. It’s about knowing the best times to buy. Earny collects inbox receipts to track items you’ve already purchased on Amazon. The app then sets up a personal database of all your purchases. Once Earny finds a discount, it will notify you of the offer.

In addition, the application also includes price protection. This means that it will refund the difference in the price of an item you bought before. Note that for each sale, Earny will claim a 25% fee and give back the remaining refund to you.

Earny can track discounts from brands like BestBuy, Costco, Target, Nike, Target, Home Depot, and more. The app has a web extension and can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Final Thoughts

Price tracking can be a tough job without the right tools. While this is not a complete list of Amazon price tracker tools, it is a great start. Just pick the one that’s right for your specific marketing challenges. Although it might be a relatively long learning curve to use a new tool, the growth of your business will thank you in the long run.

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