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Thousands of sellers are selling their products on Amazon right now. No matter what you sell, you definitely have competition if you use the Amazon platform. Imagine you are a small vendor in a small town in the US selling erasers. Your product has high demand (millions of employees and students use erasers daily) but are the buyers actually going to choose “your shop” over many other eraser shops? What makes them see and select you? This is where “Amazon Product Ranking” comes to play. This rank helps Amazon sellers get their product pages higher up and increase their sales, eventually making more money. Increasing your Amazon product organic rank doesn't require specialized marketing knowledge, but you should be familiar with the basics. This article is about Amazon product rank and how it can help sellers on the platform.

What is the Product Rank on Amazon?

Amazon product rank (also known as the organic rank of your product) is a number that indicates where your product stands in the search results. Your product may rank differently in different keywords. Like many online platforms, Amazon has its own search algorithm called A9. imagine you are a buyer and you are looking to buy an eraser from Amazon. The results are delivered through a two-step process when you search for them. First, the relevant products get pulled from the Amazon catalog, and then, according to relevancy, they will be ranked. You must have guessed that the rank could be crucial to your sales. But how can a seller increase their Amazon product rank

Why is Amazon Product Ranking Important?

If your product get a good rank on Amazon, your sales mount will be increased.

Amazon product rank helps potential buyers find your product page more quickly. Just like you would like your website to be seen by google searchers, you want your products to be shown faster to Amazon users. This needs optimization in the listings. If you fail to do this, your product pages will get bad rankings, resulting in less traffic. It might not be easy to become a best seller in many products, but some easier keywords are actually accessible. By working on your keyword optimization, including high-quality pictures and setting competitive prices (and a bunch of other things) you will be seen more, and as a result, you will sell more.

How to Improve Amazon Product Ranking?

Doing this might seem hard at first, but it certainly can be done. Amazon Product Ranking depends mainly on having sales and optimizing listings. This requires a little SEO skill. Here are some tips to improve your ranking:

  • Write the best possible title: potential buyers see the title first. This word (or these words) should be optimized to the best SEO practices. It also shouldn’t be far from the search terms.
  • Optimize your description: every product on Amazon has its description. To make it sound more exciting and to encourage buyers to add it to their cart, you should include key pain points and talk directly about the problem it is solving. Also, don’t forget to include keywords.
  • Try your best to include high-quality photos: product photography is the main attention grabber for almost all customers. Your product should have the chance to “show, not tell.” The main image should be the product in full, and others should demonstrate details. You can also include detailed videos.
  • Set competitive prices: sometimes, your prices can be the one factor that helps you stand out. If your product is priced higher than similar products (without reason), your ranks will suffer.
  • Encourage buyers to write reviews: good reviews are the secret to increased sales, and more sales mean higher Amazon product organic rank. Some sellers include a small note in their packages and ask their customers nicely to put a review.
  • Offer Prime options: many Amazon users are Prime members. Some of them apply the “Amazon Prime” filter while searching. When your products are Prime, you will be visible in their search. Also, you should consider that only FBA products can become prime. FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) orders aren’t able to be sold on Amazon prime. So send your products to Amazon so the platform can handle the sale.
  • Promote your listings: the more people visit your listings and product page, the higher your Amazon product rank. You can improve this rank by offering discounts, running ads, and doing everything you need to drive external traffic. 

If you are looking to increase your product rank on Amazon, you will probably find the “Amazon product listing optimization” article helpful. So make sure you take a look at it on the OABeans website.

Best Tools for Improving Amazon Product Rank 

Although product SEO can be done by anyone, some tools help sellers increase their rank. Here are some of the best:

  • Jungle Scout: this is an all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. As a seller, you can benefit from Junglescout’s listing builder, which helps you make better Amazon listings. With this tool, your products will rank higher within specific keywords.
  • Helium10: This is a good and handy platform for both beginner and advanced Amazon sellers to raise their profit margins. It has several subscription plans for SEO, product research, refunds, fraud protection, and… 
  • Merchantwords: this tool helps increase your traffic and make marketing campaigns easier. With its keyword data tools and services, this platform helps you grow your sales and increase your Amazon product rank.
  • SellerApp: to increase Amazon product organic rank, you need to manage marketing, sales, and operations. SellerApp helps you do just that. In a single platform, it helps you optimize listings and PPC campaigns and manage product intelligence and keyword analytics.

What is Amazon BSR? 

Products on Amazon are assigned a score based on their historical sales data. This score is called “Best Sellers Rank” or “BSR.” Sometimes it is referred to as “Sales Rank.” Amazon BSR is calculated by using the number of recent and historical sales relative to other products in the same category. This is important since Amazon has revealed that best seller rank is considered when determining the organic position of a product.

What is the Difference Between Amazon BSR & Organic Product Rank?

Many new Amazon sellers get confused about the difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking (or product rank). As we said before, the Amazon Product ranking is how well the product ranks in search (for a specific keyword). But your account BSR or Best Sellers Rank shows how well the product ranks based on sales history.

How Can I Use Amazon Best Sellers Rank to Estimate Sales?

You can use Amazon BSR to increase your sales.

One of the advantages of the BSR score is predicting how often a specific product sells on Amazon. This is very important since many sellers don’t know how they should predict and manage their sales. Consider your BSR and study the number closely. Now translate it to your own terms. See how many products you sell each month while you stay roughly around the same value. Now you know that if you keep this amount of effort, this is how much you will sell. To sell more, you need to try harder and probably use tools.

Don’t forget that you won’t have the same BSR month after month. Things will change, trends will update, and the buyers will need different products each season. So take a close look at your sales data and research trends.

What Tools Are Available to Calculate Sales from Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Here are some tools that can help you calculate sales based on the Best Sellers Rank:

  • Jungle Scout: their BSR calculator is a powerful tool that can estimate sales algorithms with high accuracy. This platform provides you with a simple form to fill and then tells you how many sales a particular product will make a month.
  • AMZScout: This is another powerful product research tool, and it’s easy to use. You simply should find the BSR of a product, copy it to the platform, and let the estimator calculate the sales for you.
  • TCK publishing: this tool is specific and professional (with only a 6% margin of error). It has a “sales per month” and “sales per day” feature that can tell you how many sales you need to hit per day (or per month) to achieve a specific BSR. 
  • Calculator Family: this is a tool for books and ebooks sellers. Just find the BSR number of the book (on the product description) and copy it to the tool. Calculator Factory will show you sales per month and daily sales needed to achieve the required rank.

What is a Good Best Sellers Rank on Amazon?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is ranked from #1 to #1.000.000 (one million). The less the number, the higher you rank. When your BSR is somewhere between 1 and 10, you are in the top ten sellers of that product. This means the potential buyer will probably buy from your listings (rather than your competitors). Don’t forget that this rank could mean different things in different categories. In a category like toys (with high sales numbers) 100.000 rank means more sales compared to a less-known category. Here is a list of categories with the highest sale rates, with the percentage of sellers who have products listed in them:

Home & Kitchen 32%
Beauty & Personal Care 23%
Toys & Games 20%
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 18%
Health, Household & Baby Care 17%
Sports & Outdoors 16%
Arts, Crafts & Sewing 15%
Books 15%
Kitchen & Dining 14%
Baby 14%

How Can I Locate My Product’s Best Seller Rank?

It’s possible to find an item’s BSR inside Amazon. Just go to the product detail page and scroll down. In the “product information section,” The score is right under “customer reviews”. You might find this score on soma mobile devices inside the product description section. Some browser extensions can help you here; these can also show you the history of BSR (how it has changed over time). This is very useful when you plan to analyze your sales. “Revseller” or “helium10” are among these extensions

OABeans Leads Product Rank

OABeans leads product rank

In OABeans, we provide Amazon sellers (and arbitrage sellers) with the best possible rank lists. In arbitrage lists, buyers pay special attention to the Amazon product rank. Since many of our customers want their sales to raise continuously, we care so much about providing them with the best possible ranks. Also, OABeans pricing services can help you optimize your prices based on the category and audience.

Final Thoughts 

Amazon product organic rank and BSR are important metrics but don’t forget that they are not competition grounds. These can help you get ahead in your own sales and make your own online shop more successful. If you are not familiar with rank concepts in Amazon, start today. 

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