What is Amazon FBA Swiship?

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Online shopping has been one giant step forward for the entire human race; unlike the old times when you had to search the markets and busy streets for your desired product, nowadays shopping has been made easy by online platforms. You can even window shop online!
One of the significant advantages of online markets is that you can track what's happening to the product, both as the customer and the seller. As an Amazon seller, you can benefit significantly from a tracking service like this. This service allows you to analyze your work and keep the dissatisfaction low.
This article will discuss Amazon FBA Swiship, an option that helps you track your sent packages step by step. Swiship is easy to use and gives you peace of mind regarding packages. If you're an Amazon seller with a high sales rate or don't know how to solve shipment issues, make sure to read through the end.

What is Amazon FBA Swiship?

Tracking packages is not a new concept in online platforms. Some websites send messages and inform you on every step of your package’s journey. Some send emails, and some provide you with a map. The FBA Swiship has been around for decades, but it is executed thanks to the same old barcode system you have seen in grocery stores. But what exactly is this service?

Every Amazon FBA Business needs to track its sent packages. Amazon Swiship is an optional service that most delivery companies have. Using Swiship, each package will be marked with a unique number (and code) that allows it to be tracked during the delivery process. The good thing about this service is that it benefits both the customer and the seller: letting them in on the package’s journey.

With the tracking code of Amazon FBA swiship, you can easily track products.

Using Amazon FBA Swiship, you secure every misunderstanding or issue between you and the buyer. Due to its inexpensive initiation, you will also prevent potential financial losses (sometimes, the packages get lost along the way). Also, if the package isn’t delivered because of a fault in the delivery company, the company informs you immediately, and your insurance will cover the loss. This insurance, of course, should be bought for the package beforehand, but it will be worth it.

How Can I Track My FBA Orders on Amazon?

After initiating the service, a tracking number will be provided to you automatically via email. This number will usually include a link. This link leads you to the service delivery page, which informs you of the location. The code will be scanned in every step, and the location will be denoted. As the seller or the buyer, the first thing you receive might be a notification telling you, “A tracking number has been assigned to the package.” After this, you should follow these steps to track your package:

  1. Open the tracking tool (the website sent to you) and enter the ID.
  2. After a few seconds, the information will be displayed in front of you. You can see your package’s location and estimate how long it will take to arrive at the destination.

Some tools even allow you to share this information on social media.

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For tracking your package, enter the tracking ID in swiship website.

How to get the code in the first place? As a seller, you should provide your customer’s email address during fulfillment order creation (the information, including name, email, and address, won’t be used for any other purpose). After the order is sent, the code will be in the shipped section of the order detail page.

Is Swiship Owned by Amazon?

In 2020, Amazon UK introduced Swiship for tracking multi-channel fulfillment orders. Covid-19 has caused a blast in online orders all across the world. People were online shopping like crazy. So the need for a serious tracking tool was obvious. Swiship is a trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc. In 2020, Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) sellers and their customers got to track their packages in real-time and receive updates on their shipped packages. Swiship was created to provide tracking service for all MCF orders, regardless of their carrier.

As an Amazon seller or generally a person in a retail business, peace of mind is a precious asset for your business. Having an Amazon Swiship tracking number gives you that peace of mind. Whether a small shop selling plants you grow in your garage, or a big gadget seller with thousands of customers, getting Amazon FBA Swiship tracking is a valuable option for your business’s well-being.

Final Thoughts

To become a better seller on Amazon (and, of course, make more money), you should try your best to perfect every step of your customer’s journey. You probably won’t be able to make a fairytale shopping experience, but buyers recognize a hardworking salesperson quickly. Swiship is one of the services that will help you as a seller in many ways and ensure your package’s safety on the journey. Everyone will win.


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