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Running an eCommerce business is hard these days. No matter which marketplace you sell on, the competition is high, and it’s hard to make your products stand out in the eyes of the customers. Amazon is no exception – with over 5 million sellers in 12 global marketplaces, selling on this platform is more competitive than ever. And the time-consuming tasks you must perform daily to keep your business up and running are not going to get easier or take less time! So, what can sellers do to streamline their business processes and take care of the more important aspects of their business? The answer is Amazon automation!
Keep reading this article to find out how Amazon automation works and which software can help you do it!

What is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation is a broad term that can have different meanings depending on what you need. In general, automation means automating repetitive tasks, such as order fulfillment, with the help of Amazon itself or third-party service Providers. So, Amazon business automation can refer to any of the methods below: 

  • Amazon FBA automation allows you to send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and let Amazon employees do repetitive tasks such as picking, packing, shipping customer orders, and taking care of customer service on your behalf.
  • Third-party fulfillment can be either non-Amazon third parties that handle fulfillment or third-party service providers (also called Amazon automation stores) that manage your Amazon storefront and product listings. 
  • Third-party software tools are applications that automate various Amazon activities, such as accounting, inventory management, PPC advertising, etc.

Why is Amazon Automation So Important?

If you are like most other Amazon sellers, you probably have a limited budget and time. Automation can free up your time and help you focus on growing and scaling your business instead of routine and repetitive tasks. However, there is no one-size-fits-all automation solution for all Amazon sellers. FBA is a great option for newbies because it takes the “grunt work” out of starting a business and can better position you with potential customers. 

On the other hand, third-party logistics (3PL) can be a better option for some sellers, especially those who – for some reason – require physical access to their products in storage. In addition, 3PL can be the preferred option for high-volume sellers that have a brand identity that isn’t wholly dependent on being an Amazon seller. 

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Different Ways of Automating Your FBA Business

From what we have learned so far; we can say that Amazon automation is very beneficial for sellers – it frees up their time and allows them to focus on growing their business. As mentioned earlier in the article, there is a third method of automation that requires hiring help or using software/services to handle certain tasks. Here are some different ways you can automate your Amazon business: 

  • Use software to automate tasks such as PPC campaigns management, sales and profit tracking, or sending review requests.
  • Make a contract with an agency to have them manage your Amazon business for you and take care of order management, sales growth, and account health
  • Hire a virtual assistant to take care of time-consuming tasks such as customer service, returns, and product research 
  • Hire professionals for handling complex tasks like overseas shipping or accounting
  • Get help from freelancers to optimize your listings, take product images, or manage PPC ad campaigns

Best Amazon Automation Software

If you want to invest in Amazon automation, purchasing a set of tools and software to automate certain tasks can be a great starting point. It’s recommended to implement one tool at a time and take time to get used to it rather than completely overhaul your processes. Here are some of the best automation software for Amazon: 

1) Mailchimp 

Automating processes such as email marketing is crucial for any eCommerce business. Mailchimp is a popular platform that can do this for you by allowing you to conduct A/B testing and create automated email campaigns using templates. At first, you have to run a few tests to determine what works best for your campaign, but after that, Mailchimp can run the campaigns for you. 

2) Sellbrite

This is a great automation tool for small businesses. Its interface is simple and intuitive. It doesn’t have a lot of advanced options, but can help you automate many basic functions. For example, it can update inventory data using a syncing process to prevent going out of stock. 

3) RepricerExpress 

Having a repricing strategy is crucial for Amazon sellers. Price is a big contributing factor to customers’ buying decisions, and you must keep on top of price fluctuations to stay competitive in the marketplace. RepricerExpress is a tool that can automate repricing by allowing Amazon sellers to create customized pricing plans and set up guidelines so that a listing can fluctuate between maximum and minimum price settings. 

What is an Amazon Automation Store?

As we already mentioned, you also have the option to hire a person or an agency to run your Amazon business for you. This is sometimes referred to as an Amazon automation store. An automation store provides additional turnkey services beyond fulfillment. It can build and run your Amazon business and take care of listing optimization, order tracking, and inventory management. 

Essentially, you will hire a professional team to run and scale your business and maybe even ready it for sale. By doing this, you won’t have to bother with product mix, supply chain management, pricing, or marketing. However, you do need to make a significant investment. 

How to Use Amazon Automation?

Order fulfillment is only one aspect of your business, and there are many repetitive tasks you must automate to free up your time. Here’s where technology will come to your aid: automation software can take care of various tasks, such as: 

  • Inventory management – While Amazon FBA can help with managing your inventory, it doesn’t tell you when stock levels are low or when you need to reorder. With inventory management software, you won’t have to look at your reports every day. 
  • Bookkeeping – If you don’t like staring at a spreadsheet while trying to figure out the numbers, bookkeeping software can be a great help. 
  • Product listings optimization – Many software can automate listings optimization by doing keyword research and testing to get your products ranked higher. 
  • Brand protection – Product monitoring tools can protect your listings from hijackers, price changes, listing changes, buy box loss, etc. 
  • Profit and loss – Some tools can calculate net profit for you. 
  • Feedback and product review management – Review tools can help you quickly manage the review process and build unique seller feedback campaigns. 
  • Automate email campaigns – Email marketing tools can help you create emails, make sure your target audience receives them, and track which emails are more effective than others. 
  • PPC management – These tools can manage PPC bids to help ensure your ads get the most visibility and the best price. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what marketplace you use for running your eCommerce business, automation is something you should think about. Every business – including running an Amazon store – has some repetitive, routine tasks that you don’t necessarily have to do yourself. In this article, we introduced different methods and software for automating your Amazon business. With Amazon business automation, you can now focus on growing and scaling your business. 

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